Sunday, January 4, 2009

Free Garnier!!

Walgreens has Garnier Fructis shampoos, stylers and conditioners on sale for $2.99. There is a $2 off coupon in the easysaver book, and if you combine that with $1 off coupons, you get them free. Rite Aid also has them free after single check rebate rebate and coupon. You can only do it once, though. CVS has them free after ECB and coupon. Limit 1.

Reynold's wrap 20 sq ft is on sale with the in-ad coupon at Walgreens for 99 cents. Here's the deal...get the $1 Reynold's wrap coupon out, and get it free. The coupon says not valid on 25 sq ft, not 20. ;)

I have heard that if you buy the SlimQuick energy shots at $4 at Walgreens, you get a $4 register reward. Don't hold me to it though. If this works, for you I would like me at

Maloxx or Benefiber at WG is 2/$10 and you get a $5 rr when you buy 2. Use 2 of the $2 coupons out on any of those and get them 2/$1 after rr. GasX, Theraflu, Triaminic,and Excedrin are included, so any of those with coupons will be a great deal.

Remember you can only get 1 rr on the same promo per order, so if you were going to buy 2 Maloxx, and 2 Triaminic, for example, you need to do seperate transactions.

Buy 4 Kelloggs cereals (4/$10), get $3 rr...I found $1 printables at,, and I hope they are still up. There were also $1 off coupons in mid-December in the Redplum insert. That would be $3 for 4 boxes of cereal.

There have been $3 printables for Ben and Jerry's pints. Try this:
Go to: If it says "Sorry! You have already printed this coupon the number of times allowed", use the option to send offers to a friend. Enter your email address and click the link in the email. You may have to copy/paste the link I provided. These are just over $3 at Kroger and Walmart.

Check your Walmarts for gift sets on clearance. The Tag gift set went nicely with the Tag coupons. Look on the bottom of the gift set. If the first set of #'s in the bar code match the first set of #'s on the bar code on the coupon, it will work. This goes for the Gillette ones with Gillette coupons, the Venus ones with Venus coupons, etc.

Kmart will have double coupons up to $1 this coming week. I'm not sure how long it lasts. Limit 25 coupons per day.

Colgate toothpaste is free after ecbs and coupons if you have the $1.50 coupons. You will need 2. Limit 3 deals.

Sadly, I'm not shopping today, so let me know of any fantastic deals you may get printed!!
Have a great shopping day!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I'm sorry I have been MIA. The holidays really took a toll on me. I also think I was a little too ambitious trying to blog every day. I am going to aim for twice a week, and try to do a few more in between. If you subscribe, you should get notifications when there's a new one up.

Be sure and check out everyone's after Christmas clearance! Now's the time to stock up on paper and decorations for next year!

The thing I really want to tell you today is get a Sunday paper! Lots of them if you can manage it. There will be FIVE coupon inserts. HUGE. This is a great weekend to break down and buy extra if you have to.

I haven't really checked out the sale ads for this coming week yet,
so as soon as I do, I will be back to post the deals.

Have a great shopping day!