Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free Estee Lauder 10 day foundation sample

Get a free 10-day supply of your ideal liquid foundation shade.

When it comes to your foundation, at Estée Lauder, we get it right every time. There’s a shade for every skintone, a formula for every skin need. And each foundation is created with our world-leading skincare expertise. Let our iMatch™ System help you find the foundation that’s definitely you.

To guarantee a perfect fit, visit your nearest Estée Lauder Counter in October and receive a 10-day supply of your ideal liquid foundation in your shade. Free, no purchase necessary.

Find a store near you at

*Offer good while supplies last. One to a customer, please.

Great American Free Cookie Giveaway

FREE Cookie Giveaway!

The Reading is SWEET: 2010 National Book Drive kicks off on October 1st with a FREE Original Chocolate Chip Cookie* giveaway from 10AM-2PM. Just visit one of our participating stores for your free cookie.

And, throughout October, you can receive a FREE Cookie of Your Choice by donating a new or gently read book at your local Great American Cookies store**. All books collected at each store will be offered as a donation to a local branch of the public library or a local charity.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Food Lion trip today

I love this BOGOF sale!!! I had a great time!

Here are some of the deals I got: (remember BOGOF rings each one up at 1/2 price)

First, I wanted to use my 2 $5/5 Kraft coupons, so I got:

4 Philly Cream cheese (the soft ones) .94 each =$3.76
2 Kraft cheese slices-$1.19 each= $2.38
4 bags shredded cheese $1.39 each= $5.56
Total: $11.70, used 2 $5 coupons, making all if it $1.70 :)

I also bought 5 Kraft macaroni and cheeses for .38 each. I had a coupon to get a free Capri Sun wyb a 5 pack, so I decided to try it with buying 5 seperate ones, since that was what was in a 5 pack and it worked. There is a deal to get $5 off of your order wyb 5 items: Capri Sun, Jif, Smuckers, etc. So I used the Capri sun toward that deal.

(If you have a $1 off Jif and Smuckers you can also use those coupons, but I didn't have it in my box)

I got 2 Jif ($2 each) 2 Smuckers jelly ($2 each) and 1 Capri-sun ($2.07/free with coupon) The total there was $8, got $5 off, so $3 for all of it

Planters Flavor Grove nuts are BOGOF, making them $1.74 each, and I used .75 coupons.

2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch (my 6 year old's favorite) $3.70 for both (BOGOF), used a $1/2 coupon, so $2.70 for both or $1.35 each.

Ritz Crackers 3 for $5.76 (BOGOF), and there was a tear pad to get $2 off of 3, so $3.76 for 3 or $1.25 each.

Kraft Miracle Whip $3.98/2 (BOGOF), used a $1/2 coupon, so $2.98 for both or $1.49 each

Cream of Wheat Cinnabon $3.79 (not BOGOF) Used $2 printed coupon I had. $1.79

Food Lion snack mix $2 (not BOGOF), used $1.10 FL coupon from tearpad $.90

3 Taco Bell dinner kits (BOGOF) $4.47, used (3) $ .75 coupons (on product)= $2.22/3 or .74 each

2 Ronzoni penne (BOGOF) $1.40/2, used $1/2 coupon= .40/2 or .20 each

2 Ronzoni spaghetti $1.12/2 (BOGOF) used $1/2 coupon = .12/2 or .06 each

Nilla Wafers BOGOF $1.59. Used a $1.00 off wyb Nilla and Jello gellatin or pudding. It was .99, so I'll just count it as free pudding. :)

2 Ore Ida fries $4.50/2, used a $1.00/2 Food Lion coupon, so $3.50/2 or $1.75 each

Kingsford Charcoal (our grill is gas, but we use this at picnics sometimes) $3.49 (BOGOF) Used $2.50 coupon, so .99

Perdue popcorn chicken $7.99, free coupon from SheSpeaks, so FREE

Also things I bought at BOGOF: green peppers, small carrots, boneless skinless chicken breasts, picnic ham

I did the Glade deal:

4 Glade candles, used 2 BOGOF coupons and 1 $1.50/2 coupon (The bogof coupons are getting a free one because I'm buying one, the other is off of the candle I'm buying to get the free one) This required a manager key, but it took. It's up to the cashier usually if you can use the other coupon, but most stores take them that way. Not all. Total: $6.08, get $3 off instantly, total $3.08, got back (2) $2 Catalinas, making it a .92 money maker.

(I also noticed 2 packs of scented oil are $4.99, buy 2 and use a BOGOF coupon, then the $3 will come off and you will pay $1.99 for 2 twin packs. No catalina, but cheap if you can use them)

I also did the biscuit deal again that I posted before.
6 small packs Pillsbury biscuits .69 each = $4.14, use (2) .75/3 coupons =$2.64, get back a $3 cat.

I also bought Louana canola oil $1.99-.50 coupon $1.49

After also buying a few other things I needed, the total was around $239 before MVP card, $139 after the mvp card, and my final total after coupons was $84.94. I got back $7 in catalinas, making my total after $ back $77.94 :)

I feel good about it! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simple Card

I want to start off by saying that sent me these cards to try and asked that I blogged about them. The opinions are my own.

So, I've ordered lots of custom cards. offered me these postcards (a $19 value) to try, and I had never done postcards before, only greeting cards (greeting cards are $25- shipping included), so I thought I'd customize some to have on hand.

I REALLY like the quality. They are nice and thick, ready to mail, and the picture of my boys on the front is crystal clear. I was able to pick the font and have my name and address already on them. On one side (the part where you would write a greeting) I simply had printed: "Hello there! Just thinking of you and wanted to say hello!" That way, underneath, I can write a personalized greeting. On the other side is my name and address so I just have to stamp them and drop them in the mail.

I think I may use them in the future. The price is a little higher than I normally would pay, but I really am pleased with the quality and how quickly they came.

Short shopping trip yesterday

I hate to run some errands, so I blew into Walgreens.

I bought:

Emergen-C 10 pack for $3.49 (produced $3.50RR so FREE)
Vick's Sinex $6- used $4 coupon and it produced a $2 RR, so FREE
Charmin 6 pack double roll $2.99 with in-ad coupon, also used .50 coupon ($2.49)
3 activity pads (fillers $1/3)
2 Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths shampoos. They were free, and here's how:

They are supposed to be on sale 2/$8 and get a $2 RR. They are ringing up BOGO50% off. ONLY the Restore Beautiful Lengths work for this deal. Use (2) $2 coupons from the Sept P&G insert. After sale and coupons, the total is $2 OOP, and you will get $2 RR back. FREE after RR!

I paid with last week's $1.50 and $5 RR, paid $5.65 (Tax included) OOP and got back $7.50 in RR

That makes me smile! Have a great shopping day!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How about free biscuits?


Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Good Products (9/6 - 10/3): (Crescents, Cookies, Sweet rolls, Grand Biscuits, Grand Cinnamon Rolls, Pie Crusts, Dinner Roller,
Loaves, Bread Sticks or Pizza Crust)
Buy 4, get $1
Buy 5, get $2
Buy 6 or more, get $3 on your next order

At Food Lion, the little cans are .69 each (not the Grands, the regular biscuits)
Buy 6 for $4.14, use 2 $.75/3 coupons (my store even has these blinkies in front of them!!)
Total: $2.64, get back a $3 catalina.

I tried this today and it's working. :)

Coupon printing help

Some coupons print in IE and not FF and vice versa.
Look in your address bar for help!!

If your address bar looks like this (I erased the http:// to prevent a link):

then the wg makes is a FF link

if it says

then it is a IE link. (It may also say vi, so it wi doesn't work for you, try vi)

So, if you have FF and your link is IE, then simply change the wi to wg and try to print! It won't always work, but it will work a good percentage of the time. Only do this if you aren't having luck printing a coupon. You don't have to do it with every one.

**you can also use xs if you are using Safari

Walgreens deals

this week:

Zegerid OTC (14 ct) $10
Use $4 Coupon in the August All You or there was a $3 Coupon (8/15 SS)
PLUS submit $10 mail in rebate that will print at the register.
$3 or $4 money maker, depending on coupon

Airwick iMotion
(should be about $3.99)
Use $4 coupon (8/29 SS)

Thermacare Heat Wraps (Single Pack) $2.49
Get $1.50 RR when you buy 1
Use $1 printable coupon
FREE after RR

Reach Dental Floss or Prevent Toothbrush $.99 (with in ad coupon)
Use $1 coupon (5/16 RP) or print a coupon for $1
FREE after both coupons *you need a filler for this. Remember you can't have more coupons than you do items

Trident Gum $.79 (with in ad coupon)
Use $1/2 Coupon in the Sept coupon book found in the store
use the $1/3 Coupon (9/12 SS)
Total: $.37/3

Gain Dish Liquid (11 oz) $.89 (with in ad coupon)
use $1 Coupon (8/29 P&G)

Campbell's Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom soup $.79 (with in ad coupon)
$1.50/3 coupon here.
.29 each when you buy 3

Quaker Oats $2/3
Use $1 coupon from (8/29V) or (9/12RP) or here
You WILL need to buy 2
$.50 each

Free (after rewards) Huggies?

Ok, we all know, due to my blondeness, I am having issues with the Rite Aid program, BUT....I was informed of this deal, so bear with me:

Buy 3 Huggies at $8.99 each (Must be Pure and Natural diapers)
Use the $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon found here.
Use THREE $3 Pure and Natural coupons. You can find them here, or try or (link for on the left)
Watch the Video Values video for Huggies and get a $1 coupon

Using all of these brings your total to $11.97. You will get a $10 gift card and $2 in Up rewards. (or you may get $6 in Up rewards- one per pack?) either way, free after all of that, and maybe a money maker.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Food Lion good deal alert

Save $3 on Holly Farms chicke wyb Shake n Bake and Kraft dressing.

I bought Shake n Bake $1.67, use coupon here
Kraft dressing, used .55 coupon
Holly Farms chicken breasts .86/lb, package was $3.15

Total: $2.52


Well, I went back to Walgreens, got 2 more Nyquil bottles. Everything went fine.

Then I went to Food Lion. No Aquapods. Anywhere. Cashier said some woman came in and bought them ALL. Now, I have to tell you, when I was in there yesterday, there were TONS! I mean, everywhere. Now none. Guys, this is why I put on the bottom of my post about it to please not buy all of the water. Other people like to get in on these deals. I never, ever clear shelves, no matter how good I think the deal is. I may go back a few days in a row, but I try to give other people the opportunity to get in on the deals.

Please, please, please remember to treat others how you would like to be treated.

As for me, I hope they get in more soon. Maybe I'll actually do three deals next time. :P

Have a great shopping day.

What a day yesterday

I had such a good time shopping.

First, I went to Food Lion for water. I bought 6 packs. The first 3 for $3, got the coupon. Bought 3 more, got the coupon. FREE water! I may go "buy" some more today.


Then I went to Walgreens after hearing the Nyquil RR was rolling. This time I bought 2 SWIRL. In the ad, it says the swirl are excluded from the sale price. I did buy them, but they did not ring up $5 here. They were $5.99. (some people say theirs rang up at $5, but not here) The RR still printed. This is YMMV (your mileage may vary) because the RR SHOULD still print, but if it doesn't for some reason (machine problems, etc) they COULD use that as an excuse not to give it to you. Anyway, my trip went: (IVC is the coupon book in the store. They put one out every month. It stands for Instant Value Coupon, and you CAN use a manufacturer's coupon with it)

3 Dulcolax- 6.99 each = $20.97
2 Nyquil Swirl- 5.99 each =11.98
1 Colgate= 2.99
2 coloring books .29 each = .58 (fillers)

2 $8 Dulcolax coupons
1 $3 Dulcolax coupon
1 $1 Colgate coupon
1 $1.50 Nyquil coupon
Nyquil IVC $2 x 2= -$4
Dulcolax IVC $2 x 3 = -$6
1 $5 RR from previous Nyquil

subtotal .02
tax $2.19

got $5 RR and $2 RR

I may go back and get more Nyquil today, too. At least if we get sick, we'll sleep good.


After that trip, I went to Walmart. No huge new deals there, but I bought:

4 Gain dishwashing liquid .97 each, used $1 coupons ( free with .12 overage)
8 Yakisoba Japanese noodles .48 each, used .50 coupons (free with .16 overage)
2 Ragu $1.50 each, used $1/2 coupon ($1 each)
2 Old Hearth bagels $1.68 each, used $1 coupons (.68 each)
3 Kraft Macaroni Homestyle Deluxe dinners $2 each, used $1.50 coupons given to me by my friend Jennifer at (.50 each)
4 cans Alpo .67 each, used $1/4 coupons (.42 each)
1 Post it super sticky pad $1, used $1 coupon (free)
1 Greased Lightening cleaner $2.87, used $1.50 coupon ($1.37)
1 Immodium $2.97, used $2 coupon (.97)
1 Mr Clean magic eraser $1.96, used $1 coupon (.96)
1 Success brown rice $1.74, used $1 coupon (.74)
2 Glade solids (cones) $.98 each, used $1 coupons (free with .04 overage)

I also found a nice throw pillow for my sofa for $2.50 on clearance!!


It was a nice day for me all around.
I hope you have a great shopping day!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free/cheap water at Food Lion!

Here's how it works:

Multi-packs of Aqua Pods water are $1 each. If you buy 3, you get a $3 catalina. These print after you pay. There was a $1/2 coupon in the 8/29 Smartsource insert. If you have the coupon:

Buy 3, pay $1.50, get back $3 cat, go back, buy 3 more, pay with the cat, etc.

Even if you don't, you spend $3 OOP and get $3 some more.

The only way you spend out of pocket after your first run is if you have tax in your state on it. (YAY KENTUCKY NO TAX ON FOOD!!)

****PLEASE**** don't take all of the water! Always leave some for others!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coldstone Creamery Free Ice Cream event

September is National Make a Wish Month.

Kate's wish was to make an exclusive Creation for the 9th annual world's largest ice cream social.

Cold Stone Creamery will be giving away a 3oz portion of Kate's Creation:
caramel apple ice cream mixed with chocolate shavings, graham cracker crust and apple pie filling.

September 30th, 5-8pm. Read more about it here.

Cat in the Hat event at Borders

Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That: Wings and Things
Saturday, September 18th
11 AM
Storytime, games, crafts & more
Find out more here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The winner of the 250 die cut business cards from is Susan from Frugal Not Cheap

Congratulations, Susan!!!

Walmart freebies

Quaker Life soft baked snack bar here.

Emergen-C drink mix here

Playtex Sport here.

Tena Overnight pads here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rite Aid

Lord, help me. I am trying really hard to get this new system right.

Here are the deals I see:

$10 Up rewards wyb $30 on Johnson's products. (limit 1)
These include:
Johnson's Baby Care or Desitin

$1/1 baby item in this past weekend's RP
Desitin coupons
J&J coupons here
and $3/3 here

I *think* you also get up to 8 $2 up rewards for baby products?

Also included:

EPT pregnancy tests ($2 UP, limit 2)
$3 printable here, or $5 in this weekend's SS

Listerine pocket packs or Reach toothbrushes ($2 UP, limit 3)
$1 video view coupon (watch videos for coupons)

Listerine 1 liter or Vibrant White, Restoring 16oz $4.99
$1 Video coupon (link to the left) has a coupon as well

J&J Bandages, Neosporin, BOGO 1/2 off
$3/3 coupon from Aug 1st SS

Tylenol precice heat patch or cream
$5/2 this weekend's inserts

These are going to be the best deals. There are several more Rite Aid deals you can check out here. I will continue to work on this.


Time to get back in the game.

Nyquil/Dayquil is on sale 2/$10, with a $5 RR. Use the $1.50 coupons (use 2!) from P&G this month, and pay $2 for both after RR

This is the only thing I bought yesterday. I need to start building up my Register Rewards again.

Other deals:

Colgate 4 oz $2.99 w/$2 RR. $1 coupons just came out, making them FREE after RR

Garnier products are still buy $20, get a $5 RR. $3 Herbashine coupons came out this week.

$8 off any size Dulcolax here, (if that link doesn't work, try this) and they are on sale for $6.99 (Dulcolax balance) You should be able to print 2. The best deal is to buy 3, use the 2 coupons, and a $3 coupon from yesterday's insert, plus the $2/1 coupon in the September book (it will take off $6). This will give you a little over $4 in overage! You will need a small filler and remember to get something that will fill up that overage. WG will not give you money back!

It may be possible to do 2 bottles, use 2 coupons and the $2 Sept book, but I don't know if it will beep or not on that one. Be sure whichever you do to give the Sept coupon from the book last.

Have a great shopping day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day planner or address book customized for $2.99!

Here's a great deal! How about a day planner or address book for $2.99?
Set up a new account at Snapfish and click on stationery under "see all products" They are $9.99 each. Use the code WOW10OFF at checkout and get them for shipping only! Also for new accounts, 50 free prints! Head over to Snapfish while this offer is still good!

Cheap haircolor! (link is to the left) has coupons for $3 off Garnier Herbashine. If you can get 3 (you can print 2 from one computer, then print one elsewhere) then head over to Walgreens!!!

These are on sale for $5.99 each with the in-ad coupon. Get $5 RR wyb $20. Buy 3, use 3 $3/1 coupons (and be sure to hand them your Walgreens coupon!) and they will be about $1.33 a box (after RR) You will need a small, cheap filler. Think Halloween pencil or piece of caramel. The RR SHOULD work for the price before any coupons. Make sure your original price is over $20!

*Also, don't forget, if you printed off the St Ives coupon while it was available, this week is the week to get it free after RR!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A special thanks!

I want to take a minute to give a special thanks to my friend, Jennifer from for making the button for my page. She knows I am totally lost on that sort of thing. :) Thanks, Jen!

I feel like giving something away!


Giveaway Prize:

250 Die Cut Business Cards for One (1) Winner

2 x 3.5”, 2 x 2” (square card) or 1.75 x 3.5” (slim card)

Die cutting options available: Rounded Corners, Leaf, Rounded One-Corner, Half-Circle Side, Circle

Paper Type: 14pt Cardstock Gloss, Matte, or High Gloss; 13pt Cardstock Uncoated
Color: 4Color Front, Blank Back; 4Color Front, Black Back; 4Color Both Sides

Limited to US residents only 18 years old and above

This would be great to advertise your business or blog! For hosting this giveaway, is giving me a set, too and I'm excited!

You can check out all of the different ones Uprinting has to offer here!

How do I win, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

EACH ENTRY MUST BE IN A SEPARATE COMMENT! You can do all or any of these:

1) Answer this question: what would you use your business cards for?

2) Like my page on Facebook

3) Follow this blog. Leave a separate comment for each way you follow.

4) Post this giveaway on your blog and put the URL in a comment

5) Tweet about it on Twitter and send me the message in a comment. Tweet: Win 250 die cut business cards from Uprinting @ @jennidbell

Giveaway will run through Monday, September 13th at noon Winner will be picked by 5pm central time that day. You must get back to me within 24 hours of winning or a new winner will be picked. Good luck!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why I do it and some odds and ends

Sometimes, I am really surprised by people who refuse to use coupons. I really don't understand it. I grew up with a dad who used coupons, and baby, if there wasn't a coupon, you weren't getting it!

When my husband and I first married, we were POOR. I mean POOR, eat a can of peas for dinner poor. Sometimes, we had the strangest combinations for dinner because that's all of the food we had in the house. When we did go shopping, I used coupons, but even then, I was kind of lax about it. I really didn't understand what I was doing, and I still bought a ton of store brands. Believe me, I still by store brands if it's the best deal, but sometimes, it's really not.

So, right before my third (and final) child was born, I was matching ads at Walmart, etc, and I started using the internet a lot more. I started realizing all I was missing. Double coupons, mega sales, coupon match ups, etc. I dove in head first, and I started saving SO MUCH money!!!

The first thing I realized is that I could use coupons on all sorts of things, and I could get things FREE! I could get things cheaper than I ever imagined. I hardly ever pay for toothpaste, razors, toothbrushes, bodywashes, etc. If I do, it's very little. I pay minimal amounts, if anything, for shampoo, stylers, etc. I often get free food! I've gotten free and cheap dog food, and when I had cats, cat food. Why would anyone not want that? I mean, that frees up more money for other things!

I started utilizing a rebate program Walgreens had back then. You bought things, even with coupons, and they sent you money back. If you had it put on a WG gift card, you got 10% more back. When they switched over to Register Rewards, it was a learning curve, but I was able to tackle it quickly. I still don't think I like it BETTER because with the gift card, there was no expiration dates to worry about and no "will it roll?" questions. But, it is what it is, and you learn to deal with it.

I started buying less groceries at Walmart, and spent less time trying to match ads (I will still price match if I need to, though). Krogers offers double coupons up to .50 every day, and if I watched for mega sales, etc, I could maximize my savings.

Now, I shop at Kroger, Walmart, Food Lion, and Walgreens mostly. Food Lion doesn't double (although I still hold out hope!) but they do run really good sales and the one in our area has EXCELLENT meat that they mark down often! I buy marked down meats. If you eat them right away or freeze them right away, there is no problem.

Kroger I am starting to have issues with because they only take 3 of the same coupons per order, and they are getting super strict on the internet coupons. Like now, they will only take them for 75% of the cost of the item. What if the item is on sale? Markdown? Some companies put out coupons in lieu of free ones. Like if xxx salsa is normally $2, they will give out $2 coupons occasionally as prizes in instant wins or various other things. That bothers me. Unfortunately, so many people have abused printables, it's hard to tell real from fake sometimes.

I load coupons to my Kroger card, and my Food Lion card every chance I get. Joining FL's text program gets coupons texted to your phone occasionally. If you want them, text back and they will load it. Krogers had loadable coupons on their site, and they also have some at Cellfire and Shortcuts. P&G has also restarted their loadable coupon site.

I can't imagine any reason not to utilize everything out there. Does it take some time? Sure. Some weeks, more than others, but it's worth it when you start to see all of the savings.


What do I recommend you do to get started? Some of this is a repeat to some of you who have been with me a long time. However, sometimes people don't read back and are overwhelmed.

1) get a free email account for coupons, freebies, surveys, etc. Anything you sign up for, use this account, and check it regularly
2) get a coupon box or binder. Make your categories how YOU prefer them and what is easiest for you. Divide them by groups, how your store is laid out...whatever is easiest
3) print coupons. Sites like often has great coupons to use.
4) get coupons from everywhere you can. You can get extra papers, get coupons from friends and family, find coupons in stores, in food packages, write companies, order them from ebay, or even clipping services.
5) watch for deals. Deals rotate. It's usually a 12 week rotation on most things. Stockpile enough to get you through 3 months if you find a fantastic deal.
6) don't be brand loyal. For some things, it's ok. For instance, I only use Kraft macaroni if I don't make it from scratch. I've tried others, don't really like them. For the most part, though, I will try any brand at least once.
7) don't be afraid of mark downs and clearance. I buy milk that is close to expiring if I know I will use it. I will even freeze it. I buy marked down meats, etc.
8) don't buy something JUST because you have a coupon. It may not be the best deal. Remember you are in this to SAVE money.
9) know who will let you use store coupons with manufacturer's coupons, or loadables with paper. Target and Walgreens both let you use store and manufacturer's on the same product. Kroger lets you use paper with the loadables.


Walmart's coupon policy
Walgreen's coupon policy
Target's coupon policy
Food Lion's coupon policy


I am always available for questions. Email me at


Have a great shopping day!

Walmart this week

My favorite price: FREE!!

I picked up some great freebies at Walmart this week!
2 packs Schick razors $1.97 each- $3 coupons= $1.03 overage each
2 Shout to Go wipes .97 each- $2/2 ANY Shout= .06 overage
4 Colgate kids toothpaste .97 each- 4 $1 coupons (came from Colgate)= .12 overage
3 Olay bodywashes (trial) .97 each- 3 $1 ANY coupons= .09 overage
3 Gain dishwashing detergent .97 each- 3 $1 coupons= .09 overage
Pantene hairpsray, clearance $2.24- $2 coupon= .24 (overage covers it)
Loreal eye makeup remover, clearance $1.50- $1 coupon= .50 (overage covers it)

Also got:
Mr Clean magic erasers Original are $1.96-$1 coupon= .96
Wisk detergent $4.97-$3 coupon= $1.97
2 baby outfits $1 each! I'll save for gifts. I love clearance
haircolor (I will NEVER be gray) $6.97-$2 coupon $4.97

I really do love Walmart some weeks. <3

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My children are selling things for a school fundraiser. Part of the things they are selling are magazine subscriptions. The way it works is: they sell until Sept 13th. In 3-4 weeks, they deliver vouchers for the magazines that you get and you use the vouchers to activate your subscription. You do not pay until the items arrive. If you are not local, I will mail your voucher to you when I get your payment, and I will take paypal. If you are interested, please contact me at

Here is the list (items with free gifts- the free gifts will take 4-8 weeks after receipt of your voucher):

All You (this comes with FANTASTIC coupons. It only sells through subscription and at Walmart)
13 issues $15
18 issues $20
29 issues $30

10 issues of Health PLUS 15 issues of Woman's Day $20

12 issues Cooking Light AND 8 issues Fitness $30

12 issues Real Simple AND 6 issues Everyday Food $30

Sports Illustrated
21 issues $15
28 issues $20 (plus free cooler tote)
44 issues $30

Entertainment Weekly
30 issues $15
55 issues $20 (plus free cooler tote)

30 issues $15
44 issues $20 (plus free cooler tote)

In Style
8 issues $15
11 issues $20
18 issues $30

9 issues $20
13 issues $30

Cooking Light
9 issues $15
12 issues $20
24 issues $30

Real Simple
8 issues $15 plus quick and easy meal guide
12 issue $20 plus free cooler tote

Having a good day?

I hope so!!!

I had a trip to Kroger yesterday that turned out pretty good. The highlights:

3 FREE cans of Van Camps pork and beans. Personally, I hate the stuff, but my oldest son eats them like crazy. Go figure. Anyway, they are 10/$10 and I had coupons from the 8/1 Smart Source insert. I would have bought more, but my Kroger only allows 3 like coupons per transaction.

I also bought Pillsbury frozen biscuits, price lowered to $2.70, and I used .50 coupons, making them $1.70 a pack. And I don't have to make them. Works for me.

I bought the little Philly cream cheese 4 packs, priced at $1.89, and used a .50 coupon, making them .89 each

Ore Ida Easy fries $1.00, used a .75 coupon they sent me. .25

Ore Ida regular fries $2.89, used a .50 coupon they sent that doubled. $1.89

Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn $1.49- .40 coupon= .69

Bic highlighters $1 and pens .25, used $1/2 coupon= .25 for both

Field bologna $1.45- .40 coupon= .65

Crayola sidewalk chalk marked down to .70 (stocking stuffer for my youngest)


This is HOT: download NetNanny for free. It won't last long!


There is a free Trio race car from Fisher Price coming up soon. It was supposed to be up already, but they were getting hammered and I think it crashed the site. My younger two boys LOVE the Trios!


Watch your P&G insert from last weekend for a $1 Olay body wash coupon. There are no size restrictions, so it can net you free travel sized body washes! Also, remember with your $1 Gain dishwashing liquid coupon, you can get free dishwashing liquid at Walmart!!


Are you checking the Facebook page for freebies daily?? And remember, if you are from Facebook, you can follow this blog to the left. :)


HOT coupon! $5 off of 5 Kraft cheese or dairy products coupon!


Have you ever seen those cute personalized magazine covers? Rite aid is offering a free one tomorrow and Friday only with coupon. You can make them online, then pick it up in the store. Here is the coupon. (second one)


Have a great shopping day!