Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simple Card

I want to start off by saying that Simplecard.com sent me these cards to try and asked that I blogged about them. The opinions are my own.

So, I've ordered lots of custom cards. Simplecard.com offered me these postcards (a $19 value) to try, and I had never done postcards before, only greeting cards (greeting cards are $25- shipping included), so I thought I'd customize some to have on hand.

I REALLY like the quality. They are nice and thick, ready to mail, and the picture of my boys on the front is crystal clear. I was able to pick the font and have my name and address already on them. On one side (the part where you would write a greeting) I simply had printed: "Hello there! Just thinking of you and wanted to say hello!" That way, underneath, I can write a personalized greeting. On the other side is my name and address so I just have to stamp them and drop them in the mail.

I think I may use them in the future. The price is a little higher than I normally would pay, but I really am pleased with the quality and how quickly they came.

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