Monday, May 17, 2010

Free food?!

I signed up for Coldstone Creamery's birthday club this weekend, and I got to thinking about other places to sign up for. I've made a similar post before, but I thought a lot of you probably don't go back and read from the beginning, and there might be some more to add, so I worked on this for a while this weekend. Have fun! (You may want to do these with your freebie/junky email)

Coldstone Creamery offers a free creation for your birthday when you sign up for the birthday club.

Join Captain D's D's club and get a free fish and fries or free chicken and fries. You can also sign your kids up for the birthday club to get a free meal on their birthdays! In the D's club you will also get coupons sent to you every so often, and usually some sort of freebie on your birthday.

Sign up at Arby's to get offers and coupons. I hear you get something for your birthday, but I don't know. I got a free roast beef sandwich with drink purchase when I signed up.

Shoney's's a birthday club to get a free meal (10 and under) on their birthdays.

Zaxby's- get a free meal coupon mailed to you when you join their club. You can also print a kid's club form to mail in and you will get a free cookie for your child by joining and free meals on their birthdays. (The link is for the grown up club, but if you hover over "join our clubs" at the top you will see the kids link)

Quiznos offers a free Sammie for signing up, and a free cookie on your birthday.

Dunkin Donuts perks offers a free medium beverage for signing up, and another on your birthday.

Get a free gift for joining and another on your birthday when you sign up with O'Charley's

Burger King Kids Club members get a free kids meal on their birthday.

Ryan's offers a free birthday coupon, and anniversary coupon, and a BOGOF mega bar for signing up.

Ruby Tuesday offers a free burger on your birthday. Click "so connected" at the top.

Sonic Kids Club members get a free Wacky Pack on their birthdays.

Chili's offers free queso and dip for signing up. I think they also offer a free dessert or something on your birthday.

Sign up for the Baskin Robbins birthday club and get a free ice cream when you sign up and another on your birthday.

Applebees has a e-club. I heard you get free dessert on your birthday. I have no confirmed it, but it's likely.

Get a free cookie from Atlanta Bread Co.

Dairy Queen offers a free ice cream coupon for kids on their birthdays. You can also join the Blizzard club for goodies for you.

This is a mail in, but Denny's offers a free kids meal and sundae for your child's birthday (10 and under)

Qdoba will give you free chips and salsa for signing up, and send you a free coupon on your birthday.

Get a free appetizer for signing up for TGI Friday's Give Me more Stripes program. You get a card like a shopping card and every time you eat there, they scan your card. You accumulate points to trade for appetizers or desserts. Plus you get some great coupons sent to you all year long.

Backyard Burgers has an e-club. I'm not sure what you get because I don't have my confirmation email yet, but it asks for your birthday, so I am sure you will get something.

Join Red Lobster's e-club and get offers as well as a surprise on your birthday.

Join Famous Dave's PIG club (I swear that's what it says) and get a free surprise on your birthday.

Free burger on your birthday from Fuddrucker's as well as a surprise on your Fudd-anniversary.

Steak n Shake's eclub sends something on the special dates you enter. (asks for b'days, kids b'days and another special occasion. I like Steak n Shake, but if my husband takes me there for our anniversary, he's a dead man.)

Kids 10 and under can get a free meal from The Old Spaghetti Factory for their birthday.

Chick Fil A has an insiders club. I hear they send you free food offers periodically.

Know of anywhere else? Send me an email at and I'll add it!


Layered dessert recipe. Here is the recipe I promised. You can use any flavor pudding you like. I use either chocolate or lemon.

First layer: 1 1/2 c flour, 1 stick of butter or margarine, 1/2 c nuts, finely chopped (I use pecans). Mix together and press into a 13x9 dish. Bake at 375 for 15 minutes. Let cool completely.

Second layer: 1 c Cool whip, 1 c powdered sugar, and 1 package of softened cream cheese. Mix well, add on top of first layer

Third layer: 2 packages of instant pudding, 3 cups milk. Mix, let set a few minutes, and pour over second layer.

Fourth layer: cool whip..spread cool whip over the top. You can also sprinkle with more nuts.

People love this and it's so EASY!! Try it out!


Don't forget to print your coupons! (Link to the left)

Have a great shopping day!

Friday, May 14, 2010

odds and ends...

Well, today I was on the hunt for these bracelets for my kids...they're called Silly bandz and they were featured on CBS news last night. My middle son was in here watching with us (really he was playing his DS) and he said a lot of kids at school have them and he wished he did. He's 10, by the way. So, I tell my husband later on that I want to get him some because he never asks for things like that, and I'd just like to surprise him. Supposedly, they sell for $5/pack. Ugh. Anyway, I went to Walgreens...sold out. Rite Aid...sold out. Kmart...they don't have them. Claire's..sold their last ones yesterday...she suggests Hibbett Sports. I walk down there...sold out yesterday. Guy said they had like 100 of them and they can't keep them. So, out of desperation, I call my favorite toy lady at Walmart and she says they have them...for $1 a PACK!!! I almost cried. I rush over there and they have them! The brand was different, but they are the exact same thing! I bought 2 packs for him and 2 for my youngest (who will be 6 in June) because he will have to have them if his brother does. I felt so good about it! And....he got home from school and now thinks I am the BEST MOM EVER!!!
It's been a good day.


I went to Walmart yesterday and I got so irritated. They were marking down a lot of clearance, but just barely. $5.24 down to $4.97 or $4 that sort of thing. So, I bought very little. I found one bottle of Nivea, so I got it, then I just decided to go get me some socks and sports bras. I know...I still have my JCPenney one, but I like sports bras for weekdays. I mean, what if I'm out and just wanna take off jogging? Ok, it probably won't happen, but you never know. I could be chased by a raid dog or something and it would be a shame not to have the right bra on for running away.


I got my Cover Girl Simply Ageless Bzzkit yesterday, too. If you aren't signed up for BzzAgent, you should!! You get free products to try and all you have to do it try them, then tell them how you like them. They're called "Bzz Reports" and you get rewarded for those, too! I'll let you know how I like these as soon as I try them out.


Here's a neat little deal. Bring a wrapper from Kraft cheese to a minor league baseball game at Tuesday night home games and get a ticket FREE when you buy one. Read about it here.


I am going to post a recipe for my layered dessert probably sometime tomorrow or Sunday. It's so're sure to love it! Have a great shopping day!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy...Wednesday, is it?

I posted several coupons on my Facebook page.

Sorry..I've been MIA. Sometimes I just get in THE most unsocialable moods!! I don't even know if I spelled that right.

Anyway, like I posted on FB, if you have the $5 Schick Hydro coupon from this weeks paper, use it at Walgreens. The razor is $7.99 with a $5 RR. You will pay $2.99 OOP and get $5 back.

My little transaction went like this:
1 Schick hydo $7.99
1 6pack Charmin Ultra (I needed it) $3.59
1 candy .34 (filler)

Used $5 Schick coupon
$5 previous RR
$1 previous RR

paid 1.64 (including tax, which is on the pre-coupon amount)
got back $5

It wasn't the BEST route, but I needed that toilet paper, so at least I got something I needed.


I got my free box of Kraft macaroni coupon in the mail. It was the one where you get it for being a fan on FB. Facebook is really rolling coupons out. Well, I guess Facebook isn't doing it, but it's a great avenue for them. If there is a product you really like, see if they have a fan page!

Don't forget the $4 Nivea coupon from the week before last gets you free Nivea at Walmart! They were out when I was there the other day. :( I'm going back tomorrow, so I hope they've gotten some in!

I found some Reynold's wrap recycled aluminum foil at Food Lion for $1.88. I found $1 Reynold's wrap coupons in store, and got them for .88 each

There was also a $2 FL coupon on chicken when you bought a Deluxe Kraft mac and cheese plus another item: Stove Top, Velveeta Mac and cheese, or Shake and Bake. The macs at my store are $1.58, so I bought 2 and chicken that was $2.47. I used that coupons and 1 .55 on Velveeta mac. The manager had to punch something in because the coupon is coded to the Kraft Deluxe, not the chicken. In the end, it was $3.08 for all of it.


Be sure to look for coupons everywhere. The blinkie machines, tearpads, etc. Often there will be a fantastic sale on the items the blinkie machines are for JUST after they take them down, so don't be afraid to take a few extra and hold on to them.


Have a great shopping day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Walgreens is great this week.

Sure Deodorant is 2/$3 when you use the in-ad coupon. $1.50 coupons just came out this last week, so you can score FREE deodorant. You will need a filler because you will have three coupons (the in-ad and 2 manufacturer's coupons). Get something cheap like a piece of candy or if you are already buying something else without a coupon (*gasp*) it will attach to that. There were also Try Me Free stickers on some of them....REBATE!!

Pert Plus is on sale for $1.99, and $1.50 coupons just came out for that, too. .49 shampoo!

Nivea is a money maker this week if you have the right coupons! You get a $5 RR wyb $15 in Nivea products, which are on sale for 20% off. $4 coupons for women's and $3 for men's coupons just came out.

My transaction looked like this:

2 Women's Nivea bodywash- $5.59 each
2 Men's Nivea bodywash $3.99 each

used 1 BOGOF coupon from All You magazine, 1 $ women's coupon, 1 $4 men's coupon (don't know where I got it, but it was in my stash), 1 $3 men's coupon

Total: $2.57 OOP and got back a $5 RR

If you have 2 each of the $4 and $3 coupons, you can do this:

2 women's $5.59 each
2 men's 3.99 each
2 $4 coupons and 2 $3 coupons

total: $5.16, get $5 back..not free or a money maker, but only .16

OR if you have 3 $4 and 1 $3

5.59x2 + 3.99x2 - $12-$3=$4.16 , get $5 back

and so on...

So, depending on the coupons, this is a great deal. The bodywash is also free after the $4 coupon at Walmart, so if you miss out on this at Walgreens, you can still get free bodywash.

Irish Spring bodywash is $2.99 get a $2 RR back. .50 coupons were out, so you can get it for .49 after RR too.

Other things at WG that might interest you:

get $2 RR wyb $10 in participating Mr Clean, Bounce, Tide Stain Release, Cascade, Febreze, Downy or Swiffer products. The $3 Tide Stain release coupons work nice for this if you need them.

$1 RR wyb 3 Garnier hair products...this really isn't a good deal UNLESS like my store, there are some on clearance and you have coupons. Too bad someone beat me to it.

Soft Soap body wash is also $2.99 with a $2 RR. Get a coupon here. It's a .75 off, making it .24

Remember if you are paying with a previous RR, it counts as a coupon, so you cannot have more coupons than you do items, AND if it's from the same company as the item you're buying (for example..Soft Soap is from Colgate/Palmolive and you are using a Colgate RR) then it likely will not print a new RR. Occasionally, they will roll, but it's risky to try and find out.

That's all I've got for now, folks. Don't forget to "like" me on Facebook!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I have picked a winner using highly sophisticated, complicated, intricate methods...I put names in a hat. The winner is Ken, Kat & Aniston. Congratulations!!! Your prize pack will be on it's way soon!