Sunday, December 13, 2009

A few goodies...

Oprah magazine is only $5 for a year here.

Save up to 75% at on games.

Walgreens will be having the $5 extra RR again on the 16th and 17th

Kroger has some e-coupons on their website! This is new, so I don't know if the paper coupons will be able to be used too, like with Cellfire and Shortcuts, but it's worth a shot!


If you're under the age of 10, read no further..............come to think of it, if you're under the age of ten, turn off the computer and go play outside.


I am afraid this may be my 5 year old's last year believing in Santa. (Now, we all believe a LITTLE in Santa, right?) Kids on the bus have been telling him there's no Santa. (Seriously, if you have older kids, PLEASE tell them not to ruin it for little ones!) So far, he is not listening, but who knows about next year. SO-- I'm trying really hard to make it memorable for him..a little piece of magic.

The night before Christmas Eve (because Christmas Eve is so busy!) we will bake cookies for Santa. I bought place and bake cookies so he could do it himself except for the oven part. We also will make reindeer food...I cannot convince my husband to dress up as Santa, so if anyone else has any ideas, I'd be happy to hear them.

One year, one of the kids asked me how come Santa comes on Jesus's birthday...I told them because Santa celebrates Jesus's birthday by bringing all kids presents. I think they bought it at the time. We may make Jesus a birthday cake, but last year, no one ate it because we just had SO much Christmas food.

I love the magic my kids got at Christmas with Santa. Of course, they know the real reason behind Christmas, but they also have some magic. I love the faces lighting up when Santa has magically brought them all of their presents while they were sleeping. It's a beautiful thing. If this is his last year, I will miss it. :(

Friday, December 11, 2009

Make some cookies then run to Walgreens!

I've been making cookies for a couple of days now. I have to tell you, I am totally over it. I made sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, and cookie brownies. I always make this flourless peanut butter cookie recipe, and this time, I added mini chocolate chips.. YUMMY.
The recipe? Oh!
1c sugar
1c peanut butter
1 egg.
That's it! You can add some vanilla if it floats your boat, but I don't. Drop them by teaspoonfuls on a cookie sheet, then flatten them with a fork in a criss cross pattern. Bake at 375 until the edges start to brown, probably 6-8 minutes. They are really good!

So, anyway, about Walgreens...
THROUGH TOMORROW, Dec 12, if you spend $25 at WG, you get a $5 RR. The best part of this is...the $25 is BEFORE COUPONS! I did 2 transactions today, because you can only earn one $5 RR per transaction, so I split mine to earn 2!

Order #1

2 Cover Girl Lipslicks $4.49 each BOGOF - (2) $3 coupons
1 Candle taper ring .39 (with in ad coupon..filler)
2 Cover Girl foundations clearanced $4.59/$4.79- (2) $3 coupons
1 Finesse Hairspray $1.99- $1 coupon
1 Just for Men $6.99 FREE AFTER RR-$2 coupon (on website)
1 Conair hairbrush set $2 FREE AFTER RR
also used a $2 RR
My OOP was 9.75, I got back $9 for what I bought and $5 for buying $25. I will also send of for the Touch of Gray rebate and make another $6.99

Order #2

1 Neutrogena men's face lotion (there is a coupon in the Dec. All You, but I didn't have it with me :( I used a $2 RR instead) FREE AFTER RR
1 Glade 3 wick candle - FREE COUPON from writing Glade
1 potholder .39 w/ in ad coupon (filler)
1 box 200 baseball cards..this is a $9.99 toy and through tomorrow, you can use the coupon in the smaller ad to get all $9.99 toys for $5.99

OOP- $10.65, got back $5 RR for the Neutrogena and a $5 RR for buying over $25

I am going back tomorrow and getting more BB cards, I think.


I was also sent some pretty good coupons from Food Lion, so I've been there twice. I will just give you the highlights.

Some of the deli ham is BOGOF this week, so both trips I got 2 lbs. I think reg price is $5.49. I used a $3/$10 deli Flip (remember: Food Lion IP..sign up at the site to get them sent to you) and got 2 lbs for around $2.50 (this is approx since it's hard to cut exactly 1 lb)

Hungry Jack potatoes..not the instant flakes but the au gratin, etc were $1.72 and BOGOF. I had $1/2 coupons, making them .72/2. I bought these both trips.

On one trip, they had some Chiquita apple bites marked down to $1, and had a $1 tearpad beside them. I bought 4

Success Jasmine Rice was $1.51 and I had a $1 coupon

Food Lion bacon was .99...that's all. I just like .99 bacon :)

on one trip, I bought a was $11.36 before MVP, and $6.64 after. I used a $2/$10 Butcher's Brand beef FLIP to make it $4.64

I had another one of those and used it on the other trip to get a marked down London Broil ($2.51!), pack of round steak marked down ($4.87) and FL Butcher's Brand hamburger patties reg $4.99, on sale for $2.99

I also found Jello for .50 each. I had coupons for $1.25/3. If you bought 6, you got a free Jigglers mold. So, for .50, I got 6 boxes of Jello and a Jigglers mold.

I hope you found something you can't live without!
Have a great shopping day!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I had a great Walmart trip today!!

I haven't been doing a ton of coupon shopping because I've been up to my eyeballs into getting deals for Christmas gifts. I went to do a long trip to Walmart today and it turned out great!

I got:

2 5 packs of Kraft mac and cheese- $2.82 each. I used free Capri Sun wyb the 5 pack coupons, so I also got 2 of those free. ($5.64 for all 4)

1 pack of 3 candy angels for the boys' stockings ($1)

2 Dove conditioners- they were on sale/clearance/rollback or something for $2 each. I used 2 $1.50 coupon ( .50 each)

1 Pantene Beautiful Lengths, also $2 and I had a $2 coupon

2 Listerine Total cares, also on the $2, used 2 $2 coupons

2 Blue bonnet margarines .65 each

1 Frigo light string cheese $2.98, used a $2.50 coupon (.48)

1 large bag Frigo string cheese $5.88, used a $5 coupon (.88)

1 Great Value sliced cheese $2.08

2 Bar M franks .87 each

8 reach flosses- these are .97 each. I used 2 buy 3 get $5 off and 1 by 2 and get $3 off coupons (5.24 overage)

1 Puff's tissue $1, used $1 coupon- FREE

1 Angel Soft 4 pack $1.24

1 MeatyBone dog treats, used a buy Meaty Bone get Canine cuts free MB- $2.37, CC $1.33

2 SeaPak Shrimp poppers $1.58 each, used 2 $1 coupons (1.16/both)

1 Christmas present $3

1 Sam's Choice Diet Dr Thunder $2.48

2 Gift bags $2

1 Johnsonville Brat pack, marked down to $1.73, used .55 coupon (1.18)

1 Success Brown Rice $1.74- $1 coupon on package (.74)

1 Mahatma brown rice $.92- $.50 coupon (.42)

bananas .80

2 cans Old Roy $1.00

cough drops $1.98

1 Sally Henson nail polish $2.48- $5 coupon (they sent for writing them) (2.52 overage)

*please read past post on overage

Subtotal before coupons $69.65, subtotal after $24.83- a savings of $44.82!!!

I'm a happy girl.

Also, I have been eyeballing this 9 ft green garland at Walmart, but they are $4 each, and I wanted 2. I went to Dollar Tree looking for multi-vitamins and found 15 ft there for $1 each!


This Friday, my Kroger will be running Keebler and Kelloggs 50% off. I have some coupons, and I will be looking for the ones to get the $10 back in rebates.


Get 2 years of Redbook for $5! Amazon is running this special. It says $10, but there is another $5 off at checkout.


One of the RR items at Walgreens is Dentek floss or picks. They are $1.99 w/ $1.99 RR back. There was a $1 coupon in Smart Source from Oct, or there is a $1 printable here. Make a $1 profit!

There is also a $4 Natrol Acai product w/ a $4 RR back. There is a $3 printable here. $3 profit!

Complete Muti purpose solution (contacts) $7.99 Free after RR (if you have the 10/25 RP $1 off coupon, this is a $1 money maker)

Goody Ouchless Hair accessories $2 Free after RR

Soft and Beautiful Botanicals $5, Free after RR


Be sure to check (link to the left) for new coupons


I've been cheating at lasagna. Now, I make a killer lasagna, but it's time consuming and not cheap, so I've been making this little casserole as a substitute for a while. I get a box of pasta (penne, bowties, whatever) a container of cottage cheese (you can also use ricotta, but it's more expensive and my husband likes cottage cheese better), a can of Hunt's spaghetti sauce, a can of tomatoes, and a package of mozzarella cheese. I also use sausage instead of ground beef, it has more flavor.

I brown the sausage- depending on my mood, I may add some onion. I mix in the spaghetti sauce and the tomatoes. I boil the pasta until al dente. I then layer in a 13x9 dish a little sauce (so the pasta doesn't stick) 1/2 pasta, 1/2 sauce 1/2 cottage cheese. Repeat the layers then put mozzarella on top and bake until it's hot and the cheese is melted. It takes hardly any time at all!


Coupons will be good this weekend. Get extra!


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Have a great shopping day!