Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kroger trip

Hi all! It's starting to storm, so I hope I get this up for you.
I went to Kroger today, they are still having the buy 10 get $3 off. There are some match ups with Cellfire and Shortcuts, too. For the deal, I bought:

1 Multi grain cheerios- .75 shortcuts coupon
1 Banana nut cheerios- I used an $1/2 coupon with the 2 Cheerios
1 Lucky Charms- .55 Cellfire coupon
3 Grands biscuits- .75/3
2 Gushers- .50/2 coupon (doubled). (I am pretty sure there was a Cellfire or Shortcuts coupon for these, but I didn't load it...drat!)
1 Reynolds parchment paper - .50 coupon (doubled)
2 Betty Crocker brownie mixes- $1/2 coupon and .75 Cellfire coupon
1 Ragu- .60 coupon
1 Purex- .35 coupon (doubled)
3 Chef boyardee mini raviolis
1 Shedds Spread country crock- .50 (doubled)
3 Banquet meals

Other deals I got:
Pedigree Dentastix- 2.50 coupon from the website and $2.50 shortcuts coupon gave .61 cents overage

Kraft mayo and Kraft Miracle whip...these are $1.99 each, and there were $1/2 peelies on them. That's a good price for them. This is the time to stock up on condiments.

2 cans Dole Pineapple chunks..on sale for $1 each. Had a .55/2 coupon so $1.45/2 isn't terrible. I love pineapple.

Sargento Mootown snacks were on closeout for .79 each

Sargento Potato finishers in ALL AMERICAN ONLY were on closeout for $1.79, I had $1 coupon

Reynolds Wax paper is $1.69 and I had a .50 coupon that doubled

Kraft deluxe mac and cheese is $1.63 each. I had a $1/2 coupon plus if you buy 2 you get $1 coupon back at checkout, making them $1.26/2 after coupon

Weber marinade is .89 and I had .50 coupons that doubled making them free

A big thing of Kroger Olive oil was on closeout for $3.83

I don't know why, but there was a huge cart full of Children's Tylenol on closeout for $3.29 each. There have been $1 coupons out. I didn't buy any because I didn't need any, but if you do, you might check your Kroger.

I got a catalina where they are going to run the mac and cheese again (the Kraft powdered cheese kind) buy 4, get $1.00, buy 5, get $1.50, buy 6 or more get $2 on your next order. Dates: 7/3-7/26. The last time, the 5 packs counted as 5 and there are still a lot of Free Capri sun peelies on mine at my store, so after coupon, you pay $1.99 for 5 boxes of mac and cheese and a box of Capri sun.


Friday, the 3rd, Old Navy will sell their flag T-shirts for $1 each. Limit 5 per person. Check your store to make sure they are participating.


Tomorrow, I hit Walmart. Have a great shopping day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

recent deals and steals :)

Time is flying by the past couple of weeks. I am trying to keep up, and if I am sporadic, I apologize.

My Walmart had this: http://www.vsmileshop.com/vtech-v-smile-pc-pal-learning-system.html on clearance for $15! I thought it was a great deal...was $59.96

Also, I learned that they (at mine at least) will be clearancing pool and "summer" type stuff soon. Keep an eye out.

Adam's Flea collars are .97..there have been $3 coupons out in the paper and ALL YOU. IF your cashier allows overage, it can be a great money maker...if not, they are at least free. :)

The dog clothes were also marked down to $3

Mission Tortillas were $1.98 and I had picked up some $1 blinkies at Kroger, making them .98/pack


Coupons.com has some AWESOME coupons right now. You can click on the link to the left to get to them. There is a $5/$25 coupon for Rite Aid which would be great to use on your rebate items. There are also some new Hasbro coupons, as well as a lot of $1 off coupons. And B1G1F Quiznos!


At Kroger:

Our Coke products are 4/$10 wyb 4.
There are $2/ wyb 2 Pibb Xtra, Fanta, Minute Maid, Vault, Nestea, Mellow Yellow peelies, and there have been a lot of tearpads for $1/2 Coke, $1/2 Nestea or Minute Maid, and $1/2 --it says one Diet Coke and one Caffeine free diet coke..but under that it says "good on any 2 Coca Cola can multipack products"

I bought 2 Diet Coke, 1 Minute Maid, and 1 Pibb Xtra for $10, used a $2 and a $1 coupon, so I got 4 for $7 which I think it a good deal.

Also, they are having a buy 10 get $3 mega sale. There are coupons to match a lot of the items to make them REALLY cheap. It is also unlimited rewards, whereas it is usually 3 per transaction. I bought 10 Banquet meals for the kiddos for lunch and it made them .70 each.

I also bought (for the deal):

Oscar Mayer beef weiners (free with free coupon from Kraft)
Kraft 5 pack of mac and cheese (had peelie for free Capri sun on it)
Reeses Puffs cereal (.55 coupon)
2 Cheerios (2- $1 coupons)
3 Chef Boyardee ravioli (I have heard tomato beef spirals ring up .66 but I have not tried it- I am out of coupons for these)
2 Betty Crocker Brownies ($1/2 coupon plus .60 Shortcuts coupon)

I also bought Bluegrass brats...this may be regional, I don't know, but Kroger sent me a $3 coupon for it and they were only $2.50

I had a free On-Cor entree coupon from my writing campaign (which I need to pick back up) and so I also bought that.

I found a 10lb bag of potatoes on closeout for $2.59 and they looked just fine. There were also Peter Pan peanut butters for $1.19 each, so I bought 2, and I bought chicken leg quarters (4 pack) on closeout for $2.91. I seperated them into legs and thighs and we had chicken for dinner.

If you will be making jelly or jam this year, there was a tearpad for free sugar (up to $2) wyb 2 boxes of Sure Jell, MCP, or certo


Aqua Fresh toothpaste is free after RR at Walgreens this week. You can get $1 coupon at the Aquafresh website, making it a moneymaker.

There is also a $1 RR wyb 2 Lysol products. Match them with coupons from the paper...lots of .75 and .50 ones.


Glidden is giving away a free quart of paint today, if you can get on the website. While supplies last.



Toys R Us will be having a toy clearance starting on the 26th. Just a heads up. Start thinking about Christmas!


I hope there was something you can use today!
Have a great shopping day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kroger deals, food freebies, and money maker!

Well, there were a few good deals today!
Kroger's had Easy Mac for $1 each. I had $1/2 paper coupon and $1/2 Cellfire coupon, making both free.

Keebler crackers and cookies (certain varieties) are $2.79 each, but if you buy 3, they take another $3 off. Coupons.com (link to the left) has coupons for $1 off Sandies and $1/2 Fudge shop. I bought 2 Sandies and a "m&m" cookie type and just used 2 Sandies coupons. I really wanted those other cookies. :P So, I paid $3.37 for all 3.

I found Boston Butt and pork tenderloin marked way down because they just had too much. I love it when that happens!

I also found Buddig Deli meat marked down...some packs said June 17th for the date, but some said July 7th! I think they may have been marked down by mistake, but I'm not complaining!

I got 2 free Suave deodorants..they are $1 each this week and I had 2 .50 coupons that doubled.

In the markdown bin, there was 2 Hunts Spaghetti sauces for .49 each, Kroger corn for .29, refried beans for .39, Suddenly Salad for .79, and One Zip bags for $1.39 (I also had .55 coupon!). Never be afraid of the markdown bin!!!!!

I also bought marked down milk for $2.29, marked down Wesson Oil..a big container for 2.81 (and I had $1 coupon), marked down Pam professional spray $2.09 (I had $1 coupon), marked down Kroger olive oil for $3.83 ( a good sized container), and marked down Arm and Hammer detergent for $2.55 (I also had $1 coupon). These were all on the shelves.

Weber marinade packets are on sale for .89 and I had .50 coupons which doubled, making them free.

McCormick Grill Mates were $1 each, and .50 coupons (doubled) made them free.

Bar S bologna and hot dogs are $1 each, and if you use the recent $1/2 coupons, they are .50 each, but the hot dogs have been .88 at Walmart, so I am saving mine for there.

All in all, not a terrible trip.


I got a bunch of samples and coupons today in the mail from Kelloggs All Bran...it came with cereal, a cereal bar, and drink mix. I don't remember sending for it, but it's a heck of a sample.


Here's a coupon for a free smoothie from Orange julius on June 19th


Here's a coupon for a free 2 pc flame grilled chicken meal when you buy a meal of equal or lesser value at El Pollo Loco Good through the 30th


St Ives Body wash is $3 at Walgreens and you get a $3 RR when you buy it. On May 10th, there was a $1.50 coupon in the Smart Source insert. Get your grubby little paws on some of these coupons and make $1.50 on them! REMEMBER you have to do these in seperate transactions...only ONE RR will print per transaction. You CANNOT use the RR to buy another one. It will not print.


Also at Walgreens: John Frieda products are 3 for $15 and you get a $5 RR back. Use 3 of the Root Awakening coupons from this past weekend and after RR, you have paid $1 for all 3


Also at Walgreens:

Kerasal One Step Exfoliating Moisturizer Therapy is on sale for $7.99 and there is a $5 RR. There was a $2 coupon in May in the Smart Source insert from the 17th. Grand total: .99 after RR. This stuff is awesome.


Get a free Geo Trax DVD here: https://store.mattel.com/transition.aspx?TransitionID=155


Get a family records organizer (cd-rom) here: http://individual.troweprice.com/public/Retail/Planning-&-Research/Tools-&-Resources/Investment-Planning/Family-Records-Organizer-CD-ROM


Have a great shopping day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Things have gotten hectic with the boys now out of school. The oldest is getting his own room and the youngest is moving in with the middle. We have been cleaning, moving and organizing!

I did go to Kroger yesterday. I got a Boston Butt for .90/lb!! It was marked down because it was going out of date in a couple of days, but I had that sucker tonight. I put it in the crockpot, covered it with onion and bbq sauce (one of the free ones from Walmart) and several hours later...voila!

Kroger has the Kraft shredded cheese (as well as blocks and slices) 3/$5 which makes them cheap if you have the $1/1 (2%) or the $1/2 coupons.

DiGiorno flat breads are running about $2.77 and here is a $1.50 coupon: http://www.flatbreadmelts.digiorno.movies.msn.com/

Lysol products are 50% off and there were recent coupons out as well as the ones that are printable from their website.


Well, Kmart is crap. They sent out emails to the people who asked saying all Kmarts would be doubling coupons this week, and now they have backtracked and they only have select ones doing it. Thanks, Kmart. Thanks for being a pain in the rear.


ok, Purex has this thing....this NEW thing...some kind of 3-in-1 sheets....you put them in the WASHER....it has the soap in it...then put them with the clothes into the dryer. These are on sale at Walgreens for $5.99, plus there is a $1 coupon here: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qehibpm7391110&bt=vi&o=56539&c=PX&p=6xDl5JFy AND you get $2 in RR back. So, for $2.99, that's not bad. There is also a satisfaction guarantee here: http://www.purex.com/pdf/purex_guarantee_form.pdf

Also at Walgreens I have noticed a LOT of stuff on clearance around office supplies...and I mean CHEAP. Check yours out!


Here is another loadable coupon site for your shopping cards:


Have a great shopping day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free Pepsi and some other things...;)

Oops..I hit publish before I meant to.

Ok, here's my Pepsi happy. (and I don't even like Pepsi...I'm a Coke gal) At Walgreens today, there was a rebate form by the 2 liters of Pepsi...buy 4 get $5 back. Of course I snatch one. Pepsi 2 liters there are $1.84 (are you KIDDING me?) So, I go to Kroger...they are 4/$5 there, and you get 2 free wyb 4. So, I will be getting 6 free after rebate. You could also buy 4 at Walmart where they are cheaper and send in for the rebate, but I'm not SURE if they'll pay out the $5...they SHOULD.


Walgreens had a lot of clearance...I got 3 6.7oz bottles of KY Massage 2-in-1 on clearance for $3.19, minus $3 coupons from January...3 for .19 each! (yeah...now you think I'm a perv)

There was a lot of pens, folders, notebooks,etc on clearance as well.

There is a pink Revlon hair dryer ringing up for $12.99 in most areas, though the ad says $19.99 and is producing a $10 RR. Cheaper if you can use the $1 off any Revlon beauty tool.


Some deals I got at Kroger:

True Lemon for $2.59- .40 coupon (doubled) there was $1 off store brand bottled water peelie on it, so I got the water for $2.49

SuperPretzel $2.79- .50q doubled (from writing them) $1.79

Pack of Reisen chews on the clearance rack for .49!!

Kroger Deluxe Ice cream $1.99- $1.50 q (catalina print out) .49

Glade Clean Linen scented oil candle/holder clearanced $2.99- $2q= .99 (got 2 of these..there were lots of that sort of thing on clearance...the flameless candles and refills as well..RIP flameless candles)

Johnson Soft Lotion, clearance $2.51- $2q= .51

Peter Pan Peanut butter $1.79- $1q = .79

Glade Plug in refill $1.99- $1q = .99


Don't forget tomorrow is a freebie day at Arby's. The list is a few posts back.


June 5th, get a free donut a Krispy Kreme....also get a free one at Dunkin Donuts with the purchase of a drink.

Coupons.com (link to left) has reloaded. Get 'em while they're hot.

Cellfire had a few Kraft coupons on it...nice to use with the Kraft IP's!


Tomorrow (Wednesday) is free rootbeer float night at Sonic from 8pm-midnight.


Have a great shopping day!