Thursday, June 25, 2009

recent deals and steals :)

Time is flying by the past couple of weeks. I am trying to keep up, and if I am sporadic, I apologize.

My Walmart had this: on clearance for $15! I thought it was a great deal...was $59.96

Also, I learned that they (at mine at least) will be clearancing pool and "summer" type stuff soon. Keep an eye out.

Adam's Flea collars are .97..there have been $3 coupons out in the paper and ALL YOU. IF your cashier allows overage, it can be a great money maker...if not, they are at least free. :)

The dog clothes were also marked down to $3

Mission Tortillas were $1.98 and I had picked up some $1 blinkies at Kroger, making them .98/pack

********************************* has some AWESOME coupons right now. You can click on the link to the left to get to them. There is a $5/$25 coupon for Rite Aid which would be great to use on your rebate items. There are also some new Hasbro coupons, as well as a lot of $1 off coupons. And B1G1F Quiznos!


At Kroger:

Our Coke products are 4/$10 wyb 4.
There are $2/ wyb 2 Pibb Xtra, Fanta, Minute Maid, Vault, Nestea, Mellow Yellow peelies, and there have been a lot of tearpads for $1/2 Coke, $1/2 Nestea or Minute Maid, and $1/2 --it says one Diet Coke and one Caffeine free diet coke..but under that it says "good on any 2 Coca Cola can multipack products"

I bought 2 Diet Coke, 1 Minute Maid, and 1 Pibb Xtra for $10, used a $2 and a $1 coupon, so I got 4 for $7 which I think it a good deal.

Also, they are having a buy 10 get $3 mega sale. There are coupons to match a lot of the items to make them REALLY cheap. It is also unlimited rewards, whereas it is usually 3 per transaction. I bought 10 Banquet meals for the kiddos for lunch and it made them .70 each.

I also bought (for the deal):

Oscar Mayer beef weiners (free with free coupon from Kraft)
Kraft 5 pack of mac and cheese (had peelie for free Capri sun on it)
Reeses Puffs cereal (.55 coupon)
2 Cheerios (2- $1 coupons)
3 Chef Boyardee ravioli (I have heard tomato beef spirals ring up .66 but I have not tried it- I am out of coupons for these)
2 Betty Crocker Brownies ($1/2 coupon plus .60 Shortcuts coupon)

I also bought Bluegrass brats...this may be regional, I don't know, but Kroger sent me a $3 coupon for it and they were only $2.50

I had a free On-Cor entree coupon from my writing campaign (which I need to pick back up) and so I also bought that.

I found a 10lb bag of potatoes on closeout for $2.59 and they looked just fine. There were also Peter Pan peanut butters for $1.19 each, so I bought 2, and I bought chicken leg quarters (4 pack) on closeout for $2.91. I seperated them into legs and thighs and we had chicken for dinner.

If you will be making jelly or jam this year, there was a tearpad for free sugar (up to $2) wyb 2 boxes of Sure Jell, MCP, or certo


Aqua Fresh toothpaste is free after RR at Walgreens this week. You can get $1 coupon at the Aquafresh website, making it a moneymaker.

There is also a $1 RR wyb 2 Lysol products. Match them with coupons from the paper...lots of .75 and .50 ones.


Glidden is giving away a free quart of paint today, if you can get on the website. While supplies last.


Toys R Us will be having a toy clearance starting on the 26th. Just a heads up. Start thinking about Christmas!


I hope there was something you can use today!
Have a great shopping day!

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