Monday, January 31, 2011


So, I had a couple of the Neuragen $10 off coupons that expire today. Someone had sent them to me so I could get the SCR at Rite Aid, so I don't know which insert they were from. Anyway, I am moseying down the aisles at Walgreens and I see them on sale there! $14.99 with a $10 RR!!! Now, I don't have these coupons with me because I thought I only needed the one for my RA. I could have bought one for $4.99 after coupon and gotten back $10. :( Moral of the story.....keep all of your stinkin coupons with you.

Rite Aid monthly UP for food

Here's a list of food items that qualify for the "hidden" $1 UP. These are good until Feb 26th, so you can pair these up with sales all month long.

Betty Crocker -brownie, cookie, cake mix or frosting
Folgers Classic Roast 11.3 oz
Hormel chili with or without beans
Hormel Compleats
Hungry Jack pancake mix or syrup
Jif peanut butter
Kellogg's -Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, and Nutrigrain bars, Cheez-its
Smucker's Jam
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
Quaker Instant Oatmeal - 10 pk and 8 packs
Nabisco cookies or crackers 9.5-16.6 oz -Ritz, Oreos, Triscuts, Pecan shortbread cookies, Chips Ahoy, Cheez-its, Honey Maid, Nutter Butter, Wheat Thins, Premium saltines
Orville Redenbacher Popcorn - 3 packs
Lays Stax
Planters Peanuts - 10-24oz
Chex Mix
BK Chips
TGIF chips
Rice Works Chips
Emerald Nuts
Oberto Jerky

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rite Aid and Walgreens

Do you love me yet? You will.
Ice cream. Free. ICE CREAM, people. Pay attention.
Edy's Ice Cream (Dreyers for some of you west of the Mississippi) is $2.99 and you get a $2 up reward. That's not free, you say! BUT WAIT!! THERE IS MORE!!!! When you buy $15 in select items, you get a $5 UP reward. (limit one of the $5) So, today, I bought 5. Then I bought some Lays Stacks which are on sale for $1 each and you will get back a $1 for each one. (this was a monthly deal and I'm not sure when it ends). Anyhow, after the Lays ups, the Edy's ups and my $5 up...FREE. Yes, my loves...FREE. Get some. Go home and eat your ice cream and think about how fantastic I am. :)

My receipt ended up like this:

5 Edy's (14.95) got back $10 in UP rewards (5x$2)
6 Lays Stacks $1 each, got back 6 $1 ups
$5 up for buying $15
1 Neuragin Gel $19.99, used $10 coupon will get back $19.99 in a single check rebate
3 Afrins $5.99 each, used 3 $3 coupons and $2 Afrin video value coupon ($6.97) got back $12 in ups (3x$4)
2 Stayfree, BOGOF, used a BOGOF coupon, making them both free.

There are also 2 other programs going...Winter Rewards, spend $100 on select products until 2/26 and get a $20 UP and Heart Healthy, spend $50 on select items until 3/26 and get a $20 up. These track and you don't have to buy them all at once. The Afrin will count toward the HH and the Stayfree, Lays and Edy's count toward the WW

I paid with UPs, paid $3.24 OOP and my UP total back was $33 and my rebate total was $19.99 for a total of $52.99 back.



I bought:

Natrol melatonin for $3, got back a $3 RR
Blink Tears for $7.99, used a $4 coupon from the box (3.99), got back an $8 RR
Arnicare Pain relief gel for $5.99, got back a $6 RR
2 Nature Made vitamins BOGOF (bought $5.99 ones) , used 2 $3 coupons= FREE
1 Gillette Progluide gift set $9.99, used $4 coupon, got back $4 RR (usually I probably wouldn't have for $1.99, but since I had a high value coupon on the Blink, and this was a gift set, not just the razor, I did)
1 candy filler .33
paid with RR's and $5.30 OOP, got back $21 in RR

It's been a good day! :)

Friday, January 28, 2011


Ebates has 15% cash back at Birthday Express today!!!
If you haven't joined Ebates, get on it! Get cash back for shopping online!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CSN gift code giveaway

I'm really excited! CSN stores has generously offered me the opportunity to give away a $20 gift code to one of my readers!
I've been eyeballing CSN for a long time. They sell EVERYTHING! They sell things from kitchen products (which I LOVE) to TV stands for flat screens! I can't believe all of the nice stuff they have!

So, are you ready for a giveaway? Here's how to enter, and get extra entries:

MANDATORY ENTRY: Go check out the TV stands that CSN has at this link, and tell me something you like about them in a comment on this blog...the brand, the color, something. Tell me which one strikes your fancy...anything.

Extra entries (comments need to be made to the blog, not the Facebook page):
Tweet about this giveaway...let me know about it in a comment
Share this giveaway on your Facebook page...let me know in a comment
Share this giveaway on your blog and send me a link to where it is.
Post this giveaway anywhere I have not mentioned and send me a link to it.

The giveaway will run one week, and a winner will be picked on February 1st. Good luck!

gift code is provided by CSN stores who have not compensated me in any way to offer this giveaway. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fantabulous Walmart trip

I was determined, after not doing a whole lot of coupon shopping in December, that I was going to today. I found some great deals!!!

I bought 4 Scotch gift wrap cutters. They were $2 each and I had $2 coupons= FREE
1 Loreal eye makeup remover clearanced to $1.50, used $2 coupon (.50 overage!)
1 Country Bobs sauce..used a free coupon
5 pack of mac and cheese $3.28, used a buy it and get 10 free Kool Aid packs (worth $2)
2 Motrin IB $3.87 each, used $6/2 coupon= .87 each
2 Maalox chewables $4.97 each, used (2) $5 coupons= .06 overage
2 Maalox liquids $4.38 each, used (2) $5 coupons= $1.24 overage
1 Reach floss .97, used $1 coupon= .03 overage
Kashi cereal $3.18, used $3 coupon= .18
Hefty garbage bags $2.86, used $1 coupon= $1.86
Garnier Herba Shine hair color, clearanced to $1.50, used $3 coupon= $1.50 overage
Olay soap $2.48, used $2 coupon= .48
and my FAVORITE...I found THREE Loreal Ideal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer day/night cream originally $18.47, clearanced to $3 each. I used (3) $2 coupons and got them for $1 each!!! Down from $18.47!!
I also bought some things I didn't have coupons for...a new dry erase calendar, dog food, reduced bakery bread, sausage, etc...subtotal before coupons was $90.51 (w/tax around $94)
Subtotal after coupons was $24.19 and with tax, my total was $28.37!!!!!!!!

Have a great shopping day!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Disney Store deals

Use code FREESHIP for free shipping at the Disney Store. Check out the clearance section!!!! And even better...go through Ebates for 5% cash back!! It's never too early to start stocking up for Christmas and birthdays!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rite Aid, trip 2

So, I found out that I DID have the $6 coupons for the Tylenol Precise and the Motrin and back to Rite Aid I went. My store had plenty of Precise on the shelves. Please take note not to clear the shelves for other shoppers (unless, of course, there are only a couple of something. No need to go wild is what I'm saying.)
I got 3 Tylenol Precise patches $5 each ($15)
        3 Tylenol Precise creams $5 each ($15)
        4 Motrin PMs $3 each
        2 8 packs of Sharpies BOGO50%, so $8.99 and $4.49
        1 single sharpie $1.99

I used 5 $6/2 coupons for the Precise and Motrin, paid with ups and $14.92 OOP (I really needed to build up those ups!), got back 6 $3 UPs for the Precise, 4 $2 UPs for the Motrin, 2 $4 UPS for the Sharpie packs and 1 $5 up for spending $15 on the Sharpies, for a total of $39 in Ups. :)

Have a great shopping day!

trip today

Something didn't print right, but I'm not sure what. I think I am 2 $1 UPS short somewhere. Anyway, this is what I got:

4 Barilla pastas (3 reg and one whole grain)
4 Hunts Sauces
2 Hormel Completes
1 Hormel Dinty Moore
1 Blink Tears
1 Motrin PM
3 discounted spic and span cleaning cloths (.50 each)
2 Special K cereals (BOGOF and used a BOGOF coupon, making them both free)

I used a $2 Motrin coupon, $4 Blink coupon (on the package...made it $3.99 and will get $7.99 back on the SCR), .75 off Hormel, and .50video value coupon for Hormel

I paid with ups and $3.49 OOP, got back 14 $1 ups and one $2 UP (Motrin), and will get the $7.99 back in the rebate. EDITED!! After speaking with a couple of other people, it seems the Garlic and Herb Hunts is what is not producing the extra UPs. The Traditional should, but Garlic and Herb did not for other people and I got 2 Traditional and 2 Garlic and Herb, so I think that is where I am short.



I bought 2 Special K cereals 2/$5 used a BOGOF
1 EOS lip gloss $2.99
1 Go Kids multi vitamin gummies $5
1 Snickers bar .69 (to help the associate become top seller in the district)
Paid with RR's and .70 OOP, got back $2 RR for the cereal, $2 RR for the lip gloss, and $5 for the vitamins.

Have a great shopping day!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

ooohhh Look, Gone with the Wind fans!

Blue-ray for $9.99!

Redbook Magazine

Amazon has Redbook for $8, and you get an automatic $5 off at checkout, making it only $3 for the year!

yesterday's shopping trip

I hit up Rite Aid, Walgreens AND Kroger.

Rite Aid:

6 Trident Layers $1.00 each
2 Air Wick large I-motions $13.99 BOGOF
2 Air Wick small I-motions $9.99 BOGOF
1 spray pine cleaner (clearanced to .50)
4 packs of Pilot pens $2.29 each
2 packs of Wet Ones $1.99 each

The Airwicks gave $3 UPS for buying 2, the Wet ones produced $1 UPS for every 1, the Trident $1 for every 2, and the Pilot pens gave $4 UPS for buying 2

I used (2) $1/3 Trident layers coupons and a .50 Trident gum RA coupon from the video values, making them 6 for .50 after coupons and UPS
I used (2) $1 Wet Ones coupons, making them free after coupons and UPS
I used (2) $4 off the large i-motions, making them $2.99 for the 2 after UPS and coupons
I used (2) $3 coupons on the small i-motions, making them .99/2 after UPS and coupons
I also used (3) $1 off Rite Aid coupons from the video values (where you get RA coupons for watching videos)
Paid with UP rewards and $3.38 OOP ($2.26 was tax, which UPS will not cover) and got back $19 in UPS



I've been running low on RR since I cashed out around Christmas and bought a bunch of junk. So, I had to start all over, really. The other day, I bought the Oscillococcinum Childrens 6 pack for $8.99 (used a $2 coupon) and the Theraflu that was $4.99, used a $4 coupon and got back $1, plus a $9 from the Oscillococcinum. I also received 2 coupons for FREE boxes of Breathe Right nasal strips

Yesterday, I went back in, bought Omega 3 Factor for $10 (used a $3 coupon from inside the box), Salonpas patches for $5, 2 boxes of Breathe Right (used the FREE coupons), and Pill Glide spray (monthly deal) for $5. I used the RR from the above shopping trip, paid $9.97 OOP, and got back a $10 RR for the Omega, $5 RR for the Salonpas, and $5 RR for the Pill Glide



I loaded my P&G coupons to my card before I went! The buy 4 P&G participating items, get $4 off sale is still going until the end of today.

I bought:
Charmin 12 pack double roll $ 5.99 after $1 off, used a $3 e-coupon and a .25 paper coupon that doubled, making it $2.49
Oil of Olay cleanser $3.94 after sale, used a $2 coupon and $2 e-coupon, making a .06 profit
Dawn Hand Renewal $1.69 after sale, used .50 e-coupon and .50 paper coupon that doubled, making it .19
2 Old spice reg. deodorants .79 each after sale, used $1/2 coupon, making them  .58/2
1 "better" Old Spice deodorant $1.29 after sale, used a buy deodorant, get bodywash free. Bodywash was 2.50 after sale, making them both $1.29
Downy, $3.99 after sale, used a .50 e-coupon and a .50 paper coupon that doubled, making it $2.49

I also found a few other goodies. I had a $1 off Vitamin water coupon, and they were on sale for $1
I had a FREE Sierra Mist 2 liter coupon. They were on sale $1 each, and if you buy 4, you get one free. I also had a $1/4 coupon. I paid  $2 for all 5
CoffeeMate liquid creamer $1.09, used a $1 coupon, making it .09
Fresh mozzarella cheese, marked down to $2.49 used .30 coupon on the package, making it $1.89
Red Gold tomatoes 3/$3, used $1/3 coupon making them $2/3
Also found a bunch of pork sirloin chops marked down to $1.74/lb and bought a LOT of those
After a couple of other odds and ends I needed, I bought $49.77 of groceries, and saved $41.78. Since at least $15 was meat, I feel pretty good about it. :)

Have a GREAT shopping day!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I love The Biggest Loser

I watch every episode. Jillian Michaels' workout dvd's are on sale at Amazon! Here are a couple of them, and if you scroll down, you should see some more on sale. AND, you should get a $5 Amazon in-demand credit with purchase!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free Photo book ($1.99) shipping

Go to Kodak's website and look for the 5x7 photo book that is $9.99. Create a 14 page book, and use code: 
TGTFREEBOOK at checkout. It should be free with $1.99 shipping. Do this by the 9th!!

Free Listerine?

Listerine Zero mouthwash is supposed to be $2.99 with a $1 RR starting January 16. Right now, there is a coupon on (link to the left) for $2 off, making it FREE after RR. I wold go ahead and print that coupon. It could disappear at any time.

Monday, January 3, 2011

$1.25 Yoplait Smoothie coupon

It's Bricks, so click your back button a few times to print 2. These are $2.50 at Walmart right now.
Yoplait Smoothies

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Like John Wayne?

How about a collection of 25 John Wayne movies for only $4.49 and you get a $5 Amazon in-demand credit!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's time

the holidays are over, and it's time to get back into couponing, hot and heavy. Who wants to save money this year?! I can't see your hands! Get them higher!!!

We're going to have our coupons, we're going to have our freebies, so what else would you like to see here? Remember, when you sign up for all of these freebies, you are liable to get coupons with most of them. BE SURE to use your junk email I told you to make.

I added the "beginner" tab and "store info" tab to the top of the blog. I will add to them if needed. If there is a question I haven't answered, I may add those, too. FEEL FREE to email me any question @ I also have buttons on the sides of the page to help link you to coupons you can print, coupons you can purchase, etc. Check those out. Sign up for Swagbucks to make yourself a little extra cash. WE WILL DO GREAT THIS YEAR!!!

We're going to be in this together and see if we can even do better than last year!!! Have a FANTASTIC shopping day!