Sunday, January 9, 2011

trip today

Something didn't print right, but I'm not sure what. I think I am 2 $1 UPS short somewhere. Anyway, this is what I got:

4 Barilla pastas (3 reg and one whole grain)
4 Hunts Sauces
2 Hormel Completes
1 Hormel Dinty Moore
1 Blink Tears
1 Motrin PM
3 discounted spic and span cleaning cloths (.50 each)
2 Special K cereals (BOGOF and used a BOGOF coupon, making them both free)

I used a $2 Motrin coupon, $4 Blink coupon (on the package...made it $3.99 and will get $7.99 back on the SCR), .75 off Hormel, and .50video value coupon for Hormel

I paid with ups and $3.49 OOP, got back 14 $1 ups and one $2 UP (Motrin), and will get the $7.99 back in the rebate. EDITED!! After speaking with a couple of other people, it seems the Garlic and Herb Hunts is what is not producing the extra UPs. The Traditional should, but Garlic and Herb did not for other people and I got 2 Traditional and 2 Garlic and Herb, so I think that is where I am short.



I bought 2 Special K cereals 2/$5 used a BOGOF
1 EOS lip gloss $2.99
1 Go Kids multi vitamin gummies $5
1 Snickers bar .69 (to help the associate become top seller in the district)
Paid with RR's and .70 OOP, got back $2 RR for the cereal, $2 RR for the lip gloss, and $5 for the vitamins.

Have a great shopping day!

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