Thursday, April 30, 2009

Walmart shoppin'

I got some fantastic deals at Walmart today! Here's today's highlights:

2 Glade Lasting Impressions $5 each - (2) $4 coupons = $2/both

Betty Crocker twin pack of Au Gratin potatoes were marked down to $1. I didn't have a coupon on me, but that's a great price.

2 boxes Special K 100 calorie cereal packs...clearanced to $1 each, used $1/2 coupon = 1.00/both

Caress bar soap $2.47-$1.00 coupon = $1.47

All Small and Mighty $4.97- $2 coupon= $2.97 (not the best price, but the coupon was about to expire so it was good enough)

Dog toy $2.97-$1.00 coupon= $1.97

dog toy $2.04 - $1.00 coupon = $1.04

2 Country Crock tubs $1.62 each - (2) .45 coupons = $2.34/both

2 trial Dove deodorant .97 each - (2) $1 coupons (no size restrictions)= 2 free

1 first aid kit .97- $1 coupon = free

3 Speed Stick $1 each - (3) $1 coupons = 3 free

3 Lady Speed stick $1 each - (3) $1 coupons = 3 free

Barilla pasta sauce $2.24 - $1 coupon = $1.24

1 Smart Taste pasta $1.50 - $1 coupon = .50

2 pack Gillette shaving gel clearanced to $2 - $1 coupon = $1

Snuggle fabric softener 50 loads $4- $2 coupon = $2

High School musical make it yourself pillow...I forget how much these were at Christmas, but they weren't cheap...on clearance for $2

Now, there were 3 Vive for Men shampoos on the clearance rack, and I KNOW it said $1 on them and I had $1 coupons, but they rang up for $2 each and I didn't catch it. I don't know if I am going to take them back or not.

I bought several other things and my subtotal before coupons was $71.27, and after $39.37


Arby's will be having Wed. freebies! I hear it's for several weeks, and they gave me a flier for May, but I left it in the car. I know the first week is free fruit tea. One week was a free Roastburger with a drink purchase. The flier said coupon required, but I don't know if they are going to send one out in the paper or what. If you haven't signed up for their emails, right now is probably a good time to do it.


Get a free sample of Axe here:

membership number is not required.


I also make money doing surveys. One of the best ones is MySurvey. You do surveys for points, and you trade them for prizes or cold hard cash. Sometimes, the survey will say it's a small amount of points, but when you answer a few questions, if you match the criteria they are looking for, they offer you more points. They have also sent me TONS of free stuff to try out. I posted a button over to the left, click on it to get started.


CVS has Post Trail mix for $2.50. Go here for a $2 coupon:


You can get a free cup or cone at participating TCBY's on Mother's day


I have several children's Claritin $3 off coupons that expire June 30. I am sure I will not use them. If anyone wants a couple, send me an email. :) I will send the first 3 people to email about them 2.


Have a great shopping day!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Walgreens and Kroger

ok, here's what I got a Walgreens today:

2 Neosporin- $4 each
1 Band-aid- $3

I used 2 $1 Neosporin coupons, making the total for them $9 and I got back a $4 RR. Not free, but my kids tend to hurt themselves a lot during the summer. I should have had $1 on the Band aid, but I couldn't find it, so I may have used them all on Diego band aids at Walmart (they are $1.24 for a small pack)

Air Wick I-motion $4.99, and I used a $4 coupon

Nivea Body wash $4.99, I used a $1 coupon and got back a $5 RR, making $1.01 profit.

I paid with a previous $5 RR, too.

My OOP was $10.24 after tax and I got back $9 in RR, so I can't complain. I may or may not go back tomorrow.


I got some good deals at Kroger, too!


Pedigree Dentastix- $3.99 minus $2.50 Shortcuts coupon and $2.50 paper coupon = $1.01 profit

Betty Crocker blueberry muffin mix closeout $2.27- .40 coupon (doubled) = $1.47

Duncan Hines German Chocolate cake mix closeout $.89 - .35 coupon (doubled) = .19

Dannon Light and Fit 6 pack clearance $1.29-$1 coupon = .29

2 Warm Delights 2packs Chocolate Raspberry closeout $1.37 each - (2) .50 coupons- (1) Cellfire .50 coupon = .24/both

Betty Crocker lemon poppyseed muffin mix closeout $1.73 - .40 coupon (doubled) = .93

2 Pillsbury frosting closeout .79 each - $1/2 coupon= .58/both

2 Mentos gum $2- (2) $1 coupons = 2 free

3 Smart Taste pastas $1.49 each - (3) $1 coupons = $1.47/3

4 Martha White biscuit mixes, closeout .69 each - $1/4 coupon = $1.76/4

Activia yogurt 4 pack clearance $.99-$1 coupon = .01 profit

I also got a HUGE HUGE bag of Kroger Value fries on closeout for .69!!

3 Colgate Wisps $1 each - (3) .50 coupons (doubled) = 3 free

I bought several other things, but those are the best deals.


Have a great shopping day!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This weekend's coupons preview

Here are the coupons expected for the weekend. Please note that not everyone will get all of the coupons, they are based on regional differences.

Don't forget to check out the coupons, as well! The button is to the left.


Chloraseptic Allergen Block $3.00 (10/31/09)
Cold Stone Creamery 2 Love It Smoothies for $6 (6/6/09)
Cold Stone Creamery $19.99 Small Round Cake (6/6/09)
Cold Stone Creamery 50% OFF Ice Cream (Buy one Like It Signature Creation, Get the second one Half Off) (6/06/09)
El Monterey Taquitos $1.00 (7/31/09)
Fiber One Cereal .50 (6/13/09)
General Mills Cereal $1.00/3 (6/13/09)
GE Reveal $2.00/2 GE Reveal or halogen lighting products (7/31/09)
Glade Plugins Scented Gel warmer BOGO FREE (up to $2.35) (6/13/09)
Glade Plugins Scented Gel refill packs $1.00/2 (6/13/09)
Hill’s Science Diet canned cat food Buy 3 cans, get one FREE (up to 5oz) (8/31/09)
Lance 100 calorie sandwich crackers (6 count) $1.00 (8/31/09)
Lime A Way Cleaner $1.00 (6/28/09)
Little Allergies Allergen Block $3.00 (10/31/09)
Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion (6 fl oz or larger) $1.00 (8/03/09)
Lubriderm Body Lotion or Cream (3.5 fl oz or larger) $1.00 (8/03/09)
Lysol Disinfectant Spray $2.00 (12 oz or larger) (6/29/09)
Mentos Gum .55 any flavor (07/31/09)
Mentos Gum .55 any flavor (07/31/09)
Old English Aerosol $1.00 (6/28/09)
Old English Product $1.00 (6/28/09)
Pert Plus for Men $1.50 (6/30/09)
Pert Plus 12 oz or larger $1.00 (6/30/09)
Playtex Living or HandSaver Gloves $1.00 (10/30/09)
Playtex Disposable Gloves $1.00 (10/30/09)
Resolve Deep Clean Powder $2.00 (6/14/09)
Resolve (any one product) $1.00 (6/14/09)
Sargento Salad Finishers or Potato Finishers .75 (7/31/09)
Science Diet dry cat food $2 (3 lb. Or larger bags) (8/31/09)
Science Diet dry dog food $3 (4 lb. Or larger bags) (8/31/09)
Science Diet canned dog food $2 off the purchase of (6) 13 oz. Cans (8/31/09)
Smartmouth Mouthwash $2.00 (8/03/09)
Smartmouth 6 oz. Whitening Toothpaste $2.00 (8/03/09)
Smart Food Brand Snacks $1.00 (5 oz. Or larger) (6/7/09)
Sure Anti-perspirant & Deodorant for Men $1.50 (6/30/09)
Sure Anti-perspirant & Deodorant 2 oz. Or larger .75 (6/30/09)
Teleflora Bouquet $10.00 (5/17/09)
UPS Store 50 % off packaging (limit one coupon per person, limit 2packages (5/29/09)
Ziploc Brand Fresh Shield Easy Zipper Bags with Expandable Bottom, BOGO FREE (up to $2.19) (6/27/09)


Advil 40ct+, 1.00/1, (5/31/09)
Advil PM 16ct+, 1.00/1, (6/30/09)
Aunt Jemima Mix or Syrup, 1.00/2, (8/31/09)
Caltrate any (except 30ct), 1.00/1, (7/31/09)
Centrum Cardio any, 2.00/1, (7/31/09)
Centrum Cardio $10 Cash Back mail in rebate 180ct (7/31/09)
Finishing Touch Lumina Lighted Hair remover, 1.50/1, (8/31/09)
Flex-a-min Joint Care Product any, 6.00/1, (6/24/09)
Folgers 7oz+, .25/1, 5/31/09Folgers Decaf, 1/2 Caff or Simply Smooth 11.3oz+, .50/1, (5/31/09)
Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner, treatment, 1.00/1, (5/31/09)
Garnier Fructis Style Product, 1.00/1, (5/31/09)
Garnier Nutrisse or 100% color vibrant colors, 2.00/1, (5/31/09)
Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Moisture Lotion, Anti-fatigue EyeCream, Overnight Cream or Moisture Cream, 1.00/1, (7/31/09)
Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Moisture Lotion, Anti-fatigue EyeCream, Overnight Cream or Moisture Cream, 3.00/2, (7/31/09)
Goodlife Recipe Treats For Cats, .50/1, (7/25/09)
Jimmy Dean Sandwich Item, 1.00/1, (6/30/09)
Laura Scudders Natural Peanut Butter, 1.00/2, (7/31/09)
Natures Bounty vitamins or supplements, 1.00/1, (6/17/09)
Nexcare or Nexcare Tattoo Bandages, .55/1, (7/31/09)
Nivea for Men Energizing Face Scrub, Face Wash, Face Lotion, PostShave Balm, 1.00/1, (6/30/09)
Nivea for Men Shave Gel 7oz+, 1.00/2, (6/30/09)
Nivea for Men Revitalizing Lotion Q10, Revitalizing Eye Cream Q10,2.00/1, (6/30/09)
Nivea for Men Body Wash Product, 1.00/1, (6/30/09)
O-Cel-O Sponges or Scrub Sponges, .75/2, (7/31/09)
O-Cel-O Dishwand or Dishwand Refills, .75/2, (7/31/09)
Pangburn's Millionaire$ 9.75oz+ boxed chocolates, 1.00/1, (10/31/09)
Pangburn's Sugar Free Millionaire$ 8.75oz+ boxed chocolates, 1.00/1,(10/31/09)
Pedigree + food for dogs, B1G1F ($1.09), (8/1/09)
Pepcid Product (except trial), 2.00/1, (7/31/09)
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, .75/2, (6/30/09)
Russell Stover 8.25oz+ boxed chocolates, 1.00/1, (10/31/09)
Russell Stover 7.75oz+ Private Reserve boxed chocolates, 1.00/1,(10/31/09)
SlimShots, 5.00/1, 8/31/09Smooth Away or Smooth Away Vibe, 1.00/1, (8/31/09)
Smuckers Low Sugar or Sugar Free Jams, Jellies, Preserves, 1.00/2,(7/31/09)
Sparkle one 2-Giant Roll Pack +, 1.00/1, (6/22/09)
Tropicana 59oz+ any, 1.00/2, (7/26/09)
Truvia any size, .55/1, (7/31/09)
Whitman's Sampler boxed 12oz+, 1.00/1, (10/31/09)
Whitman's Soho boxed 3.3oz+, 1.00/2, (10/31/09)

P&G :

Align $5 (5-31-09)
Always Infinity 28 ct or higher $4 (5-31-09)
Always Infinity 14 ct or higher $1 (5-31-09)
Always $1 off any 2 pads, liners r cleansing cloths (5-31-09)
Bounty .25 (5-31-09)
Cascade .25 (5-31-09)
Cascade Crystal clear or Cascade Plastic Booster .40 (5-31-09)
Charmin .25 (5-31-09)
Covergirl $1 (5-31-09)
Clairol haircolor $2 (5-31-09)
Crest Whitestrips 14 ct Advanced Seal $10 (5-31-09)
Crest Whitestrips Premium, Pro Effects Daily Whitening Tartar Protection $5 (5-31-09)
Crest 4.2 toothpaste or liquid Gel .50 (5-31-09)
Crest Rinse 440 ml or larger $1 (5-31-09)
Custom Plus 10 ct or Good News 12 ct $1 (5-31-09)
Downy .25 (5-31-09)
Duracell one 6 pack or larger hearing aid batteries with Easytab $1 (5-31-09)
Febreze Noticeables Starter Kit $4 (5-31-09)
Febreze fabric refresher .50 (5-31-09)
Febreze Air Effects .50 (5-31-09)
Febreze Candle $1 (5-31-09)
Fixodent .75 (5-31-09)
Gillette: Buy 1 Gillette Shampoo excludes trial and get one Gillette Styler or 12.2 oz Shampoo Free (5-31-09)
Head & Shoulders $1 (5-31-09)
Mach3 3ct or Venus Disposable 3 or 6 ct, Senso3 4ct, Daisy 10-12 ct or Daisy 4ct $2 (5-31-09)
Mach3 Disposable 6 ct, Sensor3 8ct or Custom Plus 8 ct $3 (5-31-09)
Metamucil Clear & Nature or Fibersure $1 (5-31-09)
Mr. Clean spray free bottle wyb one free Mr. Clean Liquid (5-31-09)
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser B1G1F (5-31-09)
Natural Instincts $2 (5-31-09)
Olay Body Wash, bar pack or in-shower body lotion $1 (5-31-09)
Olay Ribbons Body Wash $1 (5-31-09)
Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser $1 (5-31-09)
Olay Hand and Body Lotion or Mousse excludes .30 ml $1 (5-31-09)
Old Spice Antiperspirants/Deodorant or one Old Spice Pro Strength $1/2 (5-31-09)
Oral B Battery powered or rechargeable toothbrush $3 (5-31-09)
Oral B brush heads refills $1 (5-31-09)
Oral-B manual toothbrush .75 (5-31-09)
Pampers diapers or pants $1 (5-31-09)
Pampers Splashes .50 (5-31-09)
Prilosec OTC $1 (5-31-09)
Prilosec OTC $3 (5-31-09)
Pantene Nature Fusion product excludes trial $1 (5-31-09)
Pantene shampoos or conditioners excludes trial $1/2 (5-31-09)
Secret Clinical Strength $1 (5-31-09)
Scope 473 ml or larger $1 (5-31-09)
Tampax one 18 ct or higher .50 (5-31-09)
Tide .35 (5-31-09)
Tide to Go 1 ct or 3 ct. .35 (5-31-09)
Vicks Nyquil or Dayquil Sinus $1 (5-31-09)
Vicks .55 (5-31-09)
Venus Razor $2 (5-31-09)
Venus Spa Breeze Disposable Razor $2 (5-31-09)

freebies and Walgreens

Here's an awesome deal. Hallmark will let you customize a card and mail it to your mom for Mother's Day FOR you for FREE. That's right! FREE. Go here:
Choose your $3.49 card and customize it, have them send it directly to your mom, and use the code CARD4MOM at checkout to get it FREE.

Stop by Dominoes *participating locations* tomorrow, the 29th between 11am and 2pm for a free breadbowl pasta!!!

Free White Castle BBQ pulled pork slider:


Remember you can roll your RR's at Walgreens if you want to do all of the transactions, or can return. (you cannot roll into the same product)

For example, buy the meter for $14.99 w/ coupon, you get back a $5 RR with no OOP money.

Then, buy the Rembrandt toothpaste for $5.99, use the $5 RR plus .99 and tax, and get the RR, which may print out at $6.

Then buy the Nivea and Ecotrin, using whichever coupons you have. Make sure your total is over $6, even by a penny is fine, so you may have to buy filler items. Pay with the Rembrandt RR. You will get back RR for Nivea and Ecotrin.

Buy the Bayer, use the Ecotrin RR plus a little OOP $ to pay, and get back the Bayer RR.

Use your RR from Nivea and Bayer to buy more Rembrandt + filler items. You can use this cycle as long as they will let you.

Let me add here that I don't often do this. I don't like doing multiple transactions unless it is something I will REALLY use, and I don't have the time to go back over and over. HOWEVER, I have saved them often to use the next week, or have used them to buy things I need that I don't really have coupons for, so it's up to you. I used to use them to buy rebate items. RIP, rebates. :(

There are some monthly RR deals, too that started yesterday:

Buy 2 Nabisco cookies and 1 galloon milk and get $3RR (I hear these print even if you don't buy the milk)

Buy 2 Degree and get $2 RR

Buy Honey Bunches of Oats or Shredded Wheat : buy 3, get $2RR, buy 4, get $3RR, buy 5 or more, get $5RR

Buy 2 Wrigley's 3 pack, get $1RR

Buy Advil 100ct (80ct liquid gels) or Thermacare 2 pack get $3RR

Buy Oral B Pulsonic Power or Procare Plaque Remover Toothbrush, get $10RR

Buy Lotrimin, get $2RR

Buy 2 Dove chocolate, get $1 RR

Buy 2 or more Dr Scholl's products, get $10 RR

Buy Dr Scholl's freeze away products , get $5RR

Buy Nivea, get $2RR

Buy M&M's get $1RR

Buy 2 or more Twix,Snickers or M&Ms 100 Calorie Products , get $1RR

Buy Walgreens Whitening Trays 14 ct, get $5RR

Buy 2 or more Werther's Original Products, get $2RR

Buy 2 Starburst or Skittles Products, get $1RR

Buy TriDerma, get $5RR

Buy $10 (before coupons) in Band-Aid, Neosporin, or Benadryl products, get $4RR

Buy Impruv get $5RR

Buy Resolve, get $1 RR

Buy Breathe Right, get $3RR

Buy 2 Loreal EverPur, get $5RR

Buy Caltrate or Centrum, get $3RR

Buy 2 or more Zyrtec, Benedryl, Tylenol, Sudafed, or Visine Products, get $3RR

Buy Digestive Relief Products, get $3RR

Buy Tums Dual Action, get $4RR

Buy Resource Thicken Up, get $2RR

Buy Dulcolax, get $3RR

Buy Phillips Colon Health, get $3RR

Buy Sustenex, get $3RR

Buy Culturelle Lactobacillus Products, get $2RR

Buy Neutrogena Continuous Hydrating Cream or Moisturizer Products, get $3RR

Buy 2 or more Hershey's Bliss, get $1RR

Buy 3 or more Raisinettes get .60 RR

Buy 2 or more Green and Black chocolate bars, get $1RR

Buy Acne Free get $5RR

Buy 3 Speed Aries Desk Fan $15.99, get $3RR

Buy 3 Speed Aries Pedestal Fan $19.99, get $5 RR

Buy 3 Speed Aries Tower Fan $24.99, get $5RR

Most of these will likely be on sale at some point during the month.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Monday!

Free Redbox code today:


If you have a Dots clothing store, go here to take a survey and get a $10 coupon (can use on a $10 order!)

************************ (button to the left) has $2 California Pizza Kitchen pizza coupons. These are starting to go on sale at various places. Sometimes it shows 2 different coupons, sometimes 3, but you should be able to print each one twice.

************************ has $25 gift certificates for $2 with the code LUCKY. Be sure you search for places near you that accept them, and read the terms of the certificates.


Here is a coupon for $1 off of Honey Nut Cheerios


Garnier Shampoos, conditioners, etc are free at CVS this week after ECB and $1 coupon. Limit 1

Schick Intuition plus is .99 after ECB and $4 coupon- limit 1

Here is a secret of stockpilers: more than one CVS card. Sign up your husband, etc. then you can do the deals more than once. Some CVS's are ok with this and don't bat an eyelash. Some don't like it AT ALL. If they don't, do the deals at multiple CVS's or on different days.


Usually, I get clothes detergent pretty cheap. I have a set limit in my head that I will pay, and a set limit I will stock up on. However, if you'd like to make your own, here is a recipe:

1/8 bar fels naptha soap
1 tbs borax
2 tbs washing soda

Boil 4 cups of water. Grate fels naptha into heating water and stir to dissolve. Once dissolved, turn down heat, let cool. Mix in borax and washing soda. Pour into detergent bottle, add water to fill.

This will fill a 32 load detergent bottle. You can also double/triple/whatever and store in bigger containers with lids. I would mix it every few days.


Glade sent me TWO free coupons for the Sense and Sprays. What I will do is hold onto them until there is a deal with them, such as RR, ECB, or rebates. I will make note of the expiration, and if there isn't a double-play deal before they are about to expire, then I will just use them.


Remember I mentioned being sent coupons for free food? Here are some places that you can sign up for to get free food and coupons. Remember to use your free things address. Some I have already signed up for, some I am doing right now, and will update if I get something immediately. Most will send coupons regularly after sign up, and extras around your birthday.

Arby's (lots of coupons regularly)

Chili's (I got free chips and queso)

Dairy Queen (regular coupons)

Famous Dave's (you can also sign up your kids for a free b'day gift from them)

Jersey Mike's

Longhorn (free appetizer- in fact, they send me some regularly)

Macaroni Grill (free appetizer)

Red Lobster (free appetizer)

TGI Fridays (free appetizer, but also earn free food by eating there and get reg. coupons and freebies- awesome club)

Qdoba (free chips)


Maggie Moo's

Joe's Crab Shack


Captain D's (free fish and fries or free chicken and fries, plus regular coupons)

Wendy's (offers and promotions)

My advice is that you print out the coupons a couple at a time for the sign ups. Most are dated w/in a month.

Have a great shopping day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picture blog

Here are some pictures that I finally uploaded...the first is some of the goodies from Walmart this week...

These are some from the Easter baskets. In total, I spent about $30- $35 for all 3 baskets and there is WAY more stuff in them than anything you can buy at the store.

As I started filling:

About 1/2 full:

The end results:

Of course, you know, the candy was all gone in about a day. Gotta love it when kids bounce off of the walls.
Have a great shopping day!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Holy cow

Walgreens may turn out to be better than I thought this coming week.

I mentioned that Nivea Bodywash, Bayer Quick Release Crystals, and Rembrandt toothpaste or mouthwash would be free after RR's. It looks like there may be some other really good deals out there.

The biggest is Ecotrin. It's free after RR's, plus there is a $1 coupon out. BUT if you go to, there is a printable $2.25 coupon, meaning you can make a $2.25 PROFIT. You'd better hurry, because they are liable to pull it once it gets a lot of hits.

Also, Breeze 2 or Contour meters are $14.99 with a $5 RR. There were coupons out for up to $30 off in March. If you have them, it's free with a profit of $5. If you don't need them, you can donate them for people who do. :)

Got2B hair care is 2/$10 with a $5 RR. If you got the BzzAgent campaign (if you haven't signed up for BzzAgent, get on it! What are you waiting for?!) you have $2.50 coupons, leaving your final price free after RR. If you didn't, you can get $2 coupons here: Print 2, and get both for $1 after RR.

There will be a $1 coupon on Nivea coming Sunday.

Buy 3- 32 oz Gatorade (3/$3) and get a RR for 20 free digital prints

Buy Gatorade 6 pks at 2/$8 and get a RR for 75 free digital prints

I think I will be hitting up Walgreens!!!


Do you shop at yard sales? I went today and got some really good deals. Clothes for my youngest for .25 each, a tall bookshelf for $8, an XOXO purse for $2 (I'll admit, I have a purse addiction really, REALLY don't want to know, but I have a serious purse problem), some really nice, heavy flatware for $4 for a whole new set!, toys for my kids, etc. If you don't go to yard sales, seriously consider them! You never know what you might find! We went to one that had vintage books that I nearly never dragged my husband away from. I was coveting a really old copy of Little Women, that I managed to restrain myself from.


Get a free subscription to Organic Gardening here:


Free Copycat recipe pdf. The links for the library and the aprons are not free but if you scroll down, the recipes there are. I recommend you save it to your computer.


Have a GREAT shopping day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I love Walmart

I just do.

Some of the things I bought:

Snuggle fabric softener $4- $2 coupon = $2

7 vitamin waters $7 - (7) $1 coupons = free

1 Sally Hanson nail polish, clearanced for $1 - $1 = free

3 Air Heads Extremes 1.92- (3) .55 coupons = .27/3

Kashi pizza $4.75 - $3 coupon = $1.75

Denta-pak floss $1 - $1 = free

2 Hunts ketchup $2 - $1/2= 1.00/both

2 David's sunflower seeds $1.96 - $1/2 = .96/both

Cascade $3.97 - $3= .97

2 Smart Taste spaghetti $3 - (2) $1.00 coupons = $1/both

1 Good Life cat food $4.77- $2 = $2.77

There were peelies on Old El paso items to get $1 off of OE refried beans wyb 2 OE products, so I bought reduced sodium seasoning for .74 and stand and stuff shells for $1.24 and got the beans free because they were .98

I bought some other things, too, but those are the deals I got. In the end, my subtotal before coupons was $61.82, and the subtotal (before tax) after coupons was $34.55

My husband won't kill me this week.


This is the darndest thing I have ever seen. If you are a fan of Tombstone Pizzas and buy them, there is a form to get a credit on your utility bill!!! $5, $10, or $15! Find the form here:


Next week, these items will be free after RR at Walgreens:

Nivea Body Wash $4.99

Rembrandt Toothpaste or Mouthwash $5.99

Bayer Quick Release Crystals $2.49


I've started doing instant wins online. It's kind of fun. I've won a t-shirt, a $25 gas card, a blow up chair, things of that sort. You can go to several deal websites to find the instant wins, and someone suggested here: but I haven't tried it yet.


I wrote Glade because one of my Sense and Sprays was spazzing out and they sent me a coupon for a free one! Glade has excellent customer service!


Have a great shopping day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walgreens and Kroger

Boy am I tired today!

Use this coupon to get 15% eligible items (most things in the store) and 20% off WG brand items, PLUS a FREE green reusable shopping bag....TODAY ONLY!

I had $5 in RR's so I went to WG to get the 3/$11 A&W/Sunkist (7 up also included) in the $11 for 3 and get $5 RR, so I wasn't going to be out anything as far as RR go. I bought those, 2 Axe ones that I am saving for stocking stuffers for my boys..they were clearanced to .75 each. I also bought a stick of Right Guard on clearance for $1 and used a $1 coupon. I got a box of Natural Instincts hair priced at $5.99 minus the $4 coupon from last week. Then I bought candy for the boys. My total after coupons was a little over $12, and I got $5 back in RR, plus I will add the Axe to my total for my ham rebate.


I saved 55% at Kroger, today, too. Some of the highlights:

6 half gallons of milk at 79 cents each..marked down. I will freeze these. Between them and the milk I bought and froze last week, I shouldn't have to buy milk all next month, unless of course some major milk catastrophe happens.

2 Suave shampoo at .88 cents each (1.76) minus $1/2 coupons = .76 both

2 Suave deodorants at $1 each ($2) minus 2 $1 off coupons = FREE

1 Bounty paper towels $1.29 minus 50 cent coupon (doubled) = .29

Kraft parmesan cheese- $1.79 marked down

2 Parkay butter packages $2 minus $1/2 coupons = $1/both

2 Ragu $1.58 each (3.16) minus 2 30 cent coupons (doubled) = $1.96 both

3 Smart Taste pastas $1.49 each (4.47) minus 3 $1 coupons = $1.47/3

2 Pillsbury brownies $2 minus 2 .35 coupons (doubled) = .60/both

3 Mc Cormick grillmates grinders $3 minus 2 .75 coupons and 1 .25 coupon (.25 doubles) = $1/all

2 Fiber Plus bars (boxes of bars) $4 minus 1 $1 and 1 .75 coupon = $2.25 both

2 packages Steamfresh $2 minus $1/2 coupon = $1 both

Now, here is the big deal (for me). There was a LOT of yogurt marked down. I am making an effort to eat breakfast now, and I have been eating a lot of yogurt.

I got 3 DanActives (4 pack) for $1.29 each minus 3 $1 coupons = .87/3

2 La Creme (4 pack) $1.19 each - 2 $1 coupons = .38 both

3 Activia (4 packs) $1.19 each - 3 $1 coupons = .57/3

That's a LOT of yogurt. I am up to the challenge. :D

Tomorrow, I'm heading out to Walmart!


Here's a $4 coupon for Glade fragrance collection:


Here is a rebate for Reynold's recycled aluminum foil. You can download the rebate today only:


Have a great shopping day!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Just to refresh, so you don't have to hunt it down, here is one of the first posts that I posted to help you out:

Go back to some of my first few posts for refresher courses on Walgreens, CVS and more!

deals and steals

I am so disappointed! My KMart isn't doubling this week. :( I hope yours is!!!


Redbox code today


Kroger is having a 10 for $10 sale. I am going to make a small trip I think.
Pillsbury Brownies are included, and there was a .35 coupon on March 29th...My Kroger doubles, so they will be .30 for me. Some Krogers triple to .35 - if yours does...LUCKY!!!! I don't really need these brownies, and if you saw my behind, you'd probably agree, but I'm buying them anyway.

McCormick Grillmates are on sale, too, and there have been $1, .50, and .75 coupons lately. With the $1 coupon, it says any McCormick spice or herb. This coupon should work.

Quaker Quakes are on the list, and there are coupons out to make them free.

Both Angel Soft toilet tissue and Lawry's Marinade are also included and should have coupons out. I need to go through my coupons and see what else I come up with.


The Hasbro coupons are still up on


Edge Infused Comfort or Hydrate Shave Gel and Bayer Aspirin Quick Release Crystals are free after ECB at CVS. Limit 1 each


Mitchum deodorant is $2.99 at Walgreens and you get back $2 in RR. If you have the .75 coupon, then you get it for .24 after RR

Tums Dual Action 25 ct are $7.99 and you get a $3.00 RR There are $3 off coupons in the 4/17 All You

Just for Men Touch of Gray is $6.49. There is a $1.50 coupon in the Easysaver booklet, a $2 printable coupon here: and then you can send in a try me free form here: to make a PROFIT

Reach dental care is .99 with the coupon in the ad. Use the $1.50/2 coupon from March to get 2 for .48

Post cereals are 2/$5. There is a coupon for Trail mix crunch here: if your store has them. If you print twice, you can get 2/$1. There were also $1/2 cereals, but then the deal just isn't as good. ;)


Get a FREE dowload of What to Expect Guide to a Healthy Home here:


I am watching my garden like a hawk. I just can't wait to start picking those fresh vegetables. I have some herbs to plant, too, but I want to do those in pots on the porch, so can anyone tell me....can I put them all in one pot, or do I have to seperate by herb? Anyone? Anyone?


Tomorrow is .50 iced coffee day at Dunkin Donuts! Read about it here:


Tomorrow is also free cone day at Ben and Jerry's from noon until 8pm. I wish I had a Ben and Jerry's!!! On second thought, it's probably good that I don't.


There are fabulous Aveeno coupons here:


Have a great shopping day!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Walmart, little Walgreens

There probably won't be any pictures today unless I manage to get some on later. I am having trouble with my desktop wanting to load my pictures lately, and the laptop is in the room where my husband sleeps during the day. (He works overnight.) I will look into it later. :)

I made a little money at Walgreens today.

I bought
1 pkg Scunci 18ct no damage bands- $2.00
1 Schick intuition razor...came with trial sized Dove shampoo and conditioner clearanced for $2.39-$3 coupon
1 Jane eyeshadow stick, clearanced for $2.39- $2 coupon
1 Edge shave gel $2.99 - $1 coupon

Total (with tax) was $4.36 and I got back $5 in RR.

Now, I totally could have done more transactions and rolled my RR, including the Dove/Degree etc, or the Chapstick that is free after RR, but I didn't for 3 reasons:

I am overstocked on soap and deodorant as it is, most of the trial sized was gone, and I was in a hurry. I may or may not go back and do the Dove anyway because I need to buy a few more things for my ham rebate, but I just did not have time today.


Walmart was a great trip!

I won't list everything because I bought some things w/o coupons *gasp*, but here are the deals I got:

1 Leapfrog baby learning disc clearance for $5 - $5q = FREE
1 Leapfrog baby learning disk clearance for $3 - $5q (yes, I got overage! I love that cashier!) = FREE + $2 profit! (these coupons came from link to the left)
1 Crunch and Munch $1- .50q = .50
2 Glade Lasting Impressions $10 - (2) $4q's = $2/both
1 Oil of Olay facial cleaning mousse Clearance for $2 - $1q = $1
1 Oil of Olay anti aging something- Clearance for $2 - $3q (overage ) = Free plus $1 profit!
1 Durex Play tingling $4.24- $4q = .24
1 Dentek floss $1 - $1q = FREE
1 Good Life cat food $4.77 - $2q = $2.77
1 Viva paper towel $1.18 - $1q = .18
1 Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara $6.47- free coupon= FREE
1 Rimmel foundation Clearance for $1 - $1 coupon = FREE
2 Taco Bell taco kits $3.84 - (2) $1q's = $1.84/2
1 McCormick seasoning .88- .25q = .63
4 Vitamin waters $4 - (4) $1q's = FREE

They also had Honeysuckle White turkey breasts on sale for .98/lb, so I bought one. I don't know if it was leftover from Easter or that's the sale price or what.


I hear a lot of Kamrts will be doubling coupons again next week! Email them at their website and ask if yours is!


Kroger has been running John Morrell polish sausage BOGOF for a while now. I use one pack of these for all 5 of us. I put a little oil in my large skillet, add diced potato (I leave the skin on) and let it cook a little while, stirring occasionally. When they are about halfway done, I add diced onion. I then cut the sausages first into slices, then cut the slices in half and add them to the potato mix when it is nearly done and cook it the rest of the way together. It makes a lot. We eat it alone, or sometimes I scramble some eggs to go with it. It's a nice, cheap meal!


Have a great shopping day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A few more freebies!

A free fine art print by Elizabeth Evans. (4x6)


Mighty Dog Nation Citizenship Kit

Become a citizen! Join the Nation and get your citizenship kit including the Mighty Dog Nation dog tag.
Kit includes:Mighty Dog Nation Dog Tag, Founding Documents, Citizenship Papers, Top Secret documents for citizens only


Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Caddy

Tax Day freebies and deals!!

There are several freebies for tax can find the full list here: but I will be happy to tell you about some of them...

Chick-fil-AVisit a participating restaurant April 15 and hang onto your receipt. The “Tax Relief Day Special” lets you return before April 30 to receive the same order for free!!

Stop by Cinnabon from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. April 15 for free cinnamon-roll bites (regularly $2.49 for four).

Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and TreateryOn April 15, get one free scoop of ice cream.

PF Chang ’s China Bistro Dine at one of P.F. Chang's across the country on April 15, and save 15% on the total bill.

T.G.I. Friday’s On April 15, diners receive a $5 gift card when they spend $15 to $25. They earn a $10 card for a purchase of more than $25.

See the link above for the full list from the article.

Here's another I found:

Get a free donut from Dunkin Donuts when you buy any size coffee.

If you know of any more, send me an email ( and I will add it to the list.


Have a great shopping day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Misc.

Good afternoon from allergy central! I have been sneezing my head off all day!

I thought I'd just blog about some random things today, the first being Walgreens. There is a register reward deal for Dove (also includes other products- Degree, Caress, etc) Buy 4 & get $2 RR or buy 6 or more & get $6 RR. I have heard the trial deodorants are working on this. There are also clearanced Axe products and Degree products that you can match up with coupons from the Unilever insert weekend before last that will work. These all count (the before coupon price) for the free ham or turkey promotion from Unilever. So do the free Suave deodorants from Kroger. :)

You can take these RR's and roll them into the free after RR items.


Have you tried Swagbucks? It's a search engine, powered by Google and and you can win SwagBucks for searching! Save them up to redeem for gift cards or prizes! Check them out! There is a link to sign up to the left. All you have to do then is search! You can also earn by shopping through them.


Get a FREE dvd from Fisher Price...Precious Places...


IN MAY buy a participating Kraft food product (Ritz, Capri-sun, Kraft macaroni and cheese, Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh, Chips Ahoy, etc) and send a 3x5 card with your name and address, plus your receipt with the purchase price circled and get a Rachel Ray reuseable grocery tote free! Mail to:

Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine
16 East 34th Street14th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Attn: Kraft Foods Promotion

Free Gift!Buy any Olay Regenerist product and send in proof of purchase for your FREE Every Day with Rachael Ray cosmetic bag.**
Mail to: Every Day with Rachael Ray,
16 East 34th Street, NY, NY 10016
Attn: Olay Free Gift.
**While supplies last. One per customer. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.


I'm also getting a deal with Lysol at Walgreens. I haven't tried it, but Lysol products are BOGOF (same price). There are several coupons here (must register) Then, there is a rebate here:


I want to tell you to be wary of Spot Shot carpet cleaner. It ruined my carpet. It left weird black gummy spots on it. I wrote them about my experience, and they called and offered to send someone to see if it could be professionally cleaned. They even asked for a sample of my carpet, which I had from remodelling my bathroom. (It was there when I got the house, not my idea!) This was over 2 months ago. No one ever called, the sample is still here...I'd rather they would have just said "Sorry about your luck" than promise me something and not follow through. So, I thought I'd let you know.


On another note...I bought several of the Bertolli Oven Bakes at the Kroger sale (they are supposed to remain on sale through the 25th, I think) and let me say....these things are dangerous. I love them. LOVE. It's like a little piece of heaven in your oven. I'm going to be so sad when the sale is over. :(


Get a free Tuff hanging folder:


I hope you have a great shopping day!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I had a good day!

My Kroger trip!
ok, Kroger list:
1 package Colgate Wisp- $1.00- 50 cent coupon (doubled)= free
1 package bluegrass cheesy mettwurst- $3.99- free coupon sent by Kroger= free
1 package Oscar Mayer Deli creations $2.50- free coupon from Kraft First Taste-= free
1 Private selection vanilla ice cream- $1.99
2 packages Perdue chicken thighs- $3.04 (99 cents/lb)
1 4 pack Fiber One yogurt, closeout for $1.09= 9cents
2 packs Eggo waffles, closeout $1.75 each, - (2) $1.00 coupons = $1.50/both
3 Johnson's Buddies soap $1.09 each - $3/3 coupon = .27/3
1 package of Green giant lima beans and 3 pkg GG corn $1.00 each - (2) .50/2 coupons = $2/4
Sargento potato finishers $2.50-$1 coupon=$1.50
Ragu-$1.58-.30 coupon (doubled)= .98
Smart Taste thin spaghetti $1.49-$1 coupon= .48
Peter Pan PB $2.19- $1 coupon= $1.19
McCormick grill mates grinder $1.00-$1.00coupon = free
1 pkg Reeses pb eggs (11.4oz)- sale $1
3 pkg Hersheys eggs- $3.60- $1.50/3 coupon = $2.10/3
3 pkg Hershey's Bliss (easter)- $1 each- (3) $1 coupons = 3 free
2 Kraft mac and cheese- $1.06
1 Capri sun Sunrise $1.79- $1 coupon= .79
1 Kroger cheddar $1.34
4 packages Nerds bumpy jelly beans $2.88/4- (2) $1 coupons= .88/4
I don't think I missed anything. My total was $19.41

Not bad for all of that. It made me happy, anyway. My receipt says I saved 75%.

The Suave deodorant is also $1 each, so if you have any of the .50 or $1 coupons left, they are free. I don't. I used all of mine the last time they were on sale.


In the new issue of All You (only at Walmart or by subscription) there is a form to send in to get a free coupon book wyb $25 in participating items, AND there are coupons for those items. Hopefully, they will be high dollar coupons.


Redbox code today:



There is a rebate for Reynold's 100% recycled foil, a free roll, on Earth day only (April 22nd) It says quantities are limited and it's available for download at 4:22 EDT


On Sunday, Home Depot will be giving away CFL lightbulbs (1 per customer) 14w. No purchase necessary.


Walgreens has 3 Free after Register Rewards this week.

Colgate Max White Or Max Fresh Toothbrush ( $3.29)
Scunci Elastics 18 pack ($2 sale price)
Fiber Choice 10 ct ($2.49)


I took pictures of the Easter baskets, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I'll get to that soon.


I want to share my PB cookie recipe with you. My friends ask for it all of the time, and it's so simple.

1 cup peanut butter (creamy or chunky, doesn't matter)
1 cup sugar
1 egg

Drop them by spoonfuls on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 until the edges are brown. That's it! Easy and cheap!


Have a great shopping day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Walmart and Easter


Walmart was a MADHOUSE today!

I had a headache when I got was worse when I left. I do not like crowds. It never occured to me it would be that busy today. ANYWAY, I had to look for things for the boys' Easter baskets. I also needed to do some other shopping.

A lot of the clearance things they had last week had been picked over. There are still a lot of dog clothes. $5. I am eyeballoing them to go down some more. I like to dress my dog on the cheap. That sound you are hearing is my husband's eyes rolling. Pay him no mind.

Isn't she cute? That's her $4 dress that I couldn't turn down.

ANYWAY...I got my Olay soap, although they have raised the price now to $2.48, I still bought it because I just love Olay.

If you have the $1.50/1 Kraft dressing coupons, dressing is rolled back to $1.58.

The $1.50/Kraft cheese price is cheaper than even the Walmart brand. I bought several.

The Airheads Extreme are 64 cents at the checkout, and I had 55 cent off coupons. :) That was the boys' treat for unloading the car for me when I got home.

As far as the Easter baskets go, I bought these buckets that were $1 each. I will fill those. I don't buy the grass. I hate that stuff, it's not good for anything but clogging up a vacuum cleaner. I bought several packages of candy that had 3 or more things inside it. I can divide them that way. Between that and the stuff I bought at Walgreens the other day, they should have nice baskets. I will post pictures when I get them together.

I was also in search for the cheap veggie seeds that most places around here carry. WM was out. Walgreens was out (though I did stay long enough to get a rain check for the Crayola crayons they had in the ad, but never had on the shelves), Dollar Tree was out...I guess a lot of people want gardens this year. I have started some seeds, but I want more. I refuse to pay $1 pack when I get the very same seeds for 20 cents, so I am waiting it out. Impatiently.

I guess that's about all of the exciting things that happened today.

Have a great shopping day!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hi everyone! I came across a good link for some coupons!
Get $10 in coupon savings!
You need to either sign in or create and account. (Be sure to use your junk mail email!)


Free Redbox code for today only


I got the Got2B Smooth Operator Smoothing Luster Lotion campaign from BzzAgent. I tried it this morning. My hair has been so crazy with all of the weather changes! So, I put this stuff in my hair after I towel dried it. It really feels like lotion in your hand, but disappears into your hair easily. After I put it in, I combed it through, and the comb just slid through so easily! It had a nice scent, too. Anyway, I dried my hair with the hair dryer and it is so soft and smooth! I love it!! There are no flyaways, no frizz. I really like this product, and I will probably buy it in the future!


I would love to hear about products you love or don't love. Drop me an email at and let me know what is a hit or miss with you!


Here's a frugal tip:
Every time we have leftover veggies, I pop them into a big Tupperware dish in my freezer. Sometimes I add little pieces of meat like leftover chicken or roast. When it's full, I thaw it, put it in a pot with some tomato juice, water, and beef boullion or broth, and add anything I would like in...such as onion, chopped potatoes, noodles, etc. Simmer it until it's hot or the fresh veggies/pasta is done and you have leftover soup. It keeps you from tossing perfectly good leftovers!


Become a Longhorn Steak House secret shopper! Sign up here:


There are several restaurants that you can sign up free newsletters, etc and get coupons for free food. I will work on compiling a list, but it may take a bit. If you want to add any you know of, shoot me an email. For sure sign up for TGI Fridays if you have one close by. I get all kinds of stuff from their Stripes program

Have a great shopping day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OOPS! I forgot!

Walmart has Oil of Olay 2 packs of soap for $1.97. The most recent P&G insert had $2 coupons, so free Oil of Olay soap!!! Hooray!

I think I'm going to have to start backing off the soap a little, or else start looking for a new stockpile place. I have so many Johnson's Buddies and Dove it's a little scary..and I've given a lot away!

Oh, least we'll be clean!


My Campbells tomato seeds came today! The packet looks like a tomato soup can. How cute. A $1/5 coupon came with it.

There was also a coupon on for $1/2 cooking soups which is awesome!


I went to Walgreens today to get my Diet Coke. Heaven knows I need my caffiene fix. I almost passed out when I got there and the Coke display was empty. Luckily, the Coke man showed up while I was still there. Got my 5 12 packs and I am a happy girl.

I also bought a lot of candy for the kids' Easter baskets. There were a lot of coupons for certain candies for .39 each, etc. Putting together 3 Easter baskets is not cheap, but I still can put together a better one than any premade one sold in stores.


After I left Walgreens, I went to KMart. I had heard some Bissel Spot Shots were ringing up for $13 at some Kmart stores. (reg. $129!) Sadly, not mine.

Mine DID have a lot of cool notebooks, to do lists, notepads, etc on clearance CHEAP. I bought several and spent less than $6. I am a bit of an office supply addict. I really have no idea why.

There were also coupon books around the store. It says Spring is Savings Season on it.
Coupons are:
$2/3 American Greetings cards- has Kmart logo on it (5/17)
$5 Pur Flavor Options (5/30)
$1 Tide 150 oz liquid or 95-120 load powder (5/30)
$1 Luvs big pack (5/30)
$1 4oz package Purina Busy Chewnola Chew treat- redeemable only at Kmart (5/30)
$1 6oz pkg Purina Beggin Dog snack- redeemable only at Kmart (5/30)
$1/2 Purina Friskies Party Mix- ony at Kmart (5/30)
$1/4 Purina selects indoor- only at Kmart (5/30)
.75 Right Guard (6/30)
$1 nature made vitamins (5/31)
$1 Metamucil or Fibersure (5/30)
$1 Sally Hansen bleach, wax, or hair remover (12/31)
$10 GC w/ prescription transfer
$1 Kiss nail product (6/30)
$1 Nailene, Fing'rs- onloy at Kmart (5/31)
$1 Sally Hansen nail color (5/31)
$1 Coty Airspun product (12/31)
.75 Max Factor Calorie Extreme mascara or Vivid impact lipcolor (5/30)
.75 Covergirl Simply Ageless foundation (5/30)
$1 Maybelline NY Lash Stiletto (5/31)
$1 Rimmel product (12/31)
$1 Prestige products- redeemable at Kmart (5/31)
$1.50 13.5oz Dove Body lotion- has Kmart logo (5/5)
$1 8.5oz body lotion and 2.5oz hand cream- has Kmart logo (5/5)
$1 scar zone- only at Kmart (5/30)
$1 Jergens moisturizer- kmart logo (5/31)
$1 Curel kmart logo (5/31)
$1 Olay Body wash (5/30)
$1.50 caress bw or 8 pack bar (5/5)
$5 crest whitestrips (5/30)
$1.50 coty over $14.99 (5/31)
$2/2 Sunsilk (5/5)
$1 John Frieda- kmart logo (5/31)
$2 Biore Skin preservation- Kmart logo (5/31)
$1/2 Ban Kmart logo (5/31)
$1 Biore Kmart logo (5/31)
$10 Philips sonicare Kmart only (5/31)
$10 Philips Norelco, Nivea for Men, Arcitec razors, certain models Kmart only (5/31)


Be sure to check out for some great Leapfrog product coupons, plus grocery coupons. (link to the left)


Cellfire also has new coupons to add to your shopping card.

Pillsbury® Swt Rolls Save $.50
Pillsbury® Grands! Save $.50
Old El Paso® Save $.50
Fiber One® Chewy Bars $.50
Bisquick® Baking Mx Save $60
Cinn Toast Crunch® Save $.50
Chex Mix® Save $.60
Betty Crocker® Wrm Del $.50
Yoplait Yo-Plus® Mpk Save $.50
Yoplait® Fiber One® Save $.50
Cottonelle® Save $.25
Huggies® Diapers Save $3/2


Have a great shopping day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's a new week!

My sister was in this past week with my niece and I had a great time playing with her. She is almost 9 months and just an angel. <3 My kids are on spring break this week, so I won't be shopping a lot, but I will be keeping up with things. Taking kids shopping kills a budget. **************************
Here are some of the things I bought at Kroger yesterday. For those of you who get triples, I am jealous. :)

3 Fiber One bars @ 2.49 each...minus (3) .50 coupons, doubled...$1.49 each. Got free milk for buying 3. So, $4.47 for all 3 plus milk.

Kroger's version of Kraft delux mac and cheese was on sale for $1.09

Ronzoni Smart Taste elbow macaroni $1.25 (closeout)- $1.00 coupon

Sister Schubert Rolls...$2.50 each minus $1 coupons...$1.50 (these are soooo good)

Kroger Self rising flour $1.99- .45 coupon in the booklet I just got from Kroger in the mail

Glade Lasting Impressions $5.49- $4 coupon

Healthy choice Naturals meal $2.49 minus $1 coupon from Kroger, minus 50 cent coupon from Shortcuts

Bakers Secret cookie sheet $3.49 on sale, minus $2 coupon from Kroger

Duncan Hines cake mix..$1 minus 35 cent coupon, doubled.

3 Johnson's Buddies soaps ($1.09 each) minus $3/3 catalina. Produced a $2.50/3 catalina for buying them.

There really wasn't a lot on the mark down tables. Bummer.

Bertolli frozen dinners are $4.98. This is an incredible price. It includes the oven bakes, too. There is a $2 off coupon here:


Here is a coupon for $5 off of $25 at Rite Aid. This would be good to use when buying your rebate items.


Walgreens has Colgate Total for $3.49 with a $3.49 RR back. If you have the $1 coupon from All You, or the 75 cent coupon from the inserts, this is a money maker. Remember, you can only get 1 RR on the same item per order, and they do not roll. (You cannot use the RR to buy another Colgate total and get another RR to print)

Betty Crocker Cake or brownie mix is 2/$3, and you get a $1 rr when you buy 2. There were also $1/2 coupons out. So, after coupon and RR, they end up being 2/$1

Lipton tea is $1.99 with the in ad coupon. Use the 60 cent coupon from January for some cheap tea!

Oust air sanitizer is $2.99 with $1 rebate. Use the $2 coupon from March to get it free. Limit 4 rebates.

Glade lasting Impressions are free after rebate and $4 coupon.

*note...I do not list all sales, just ones I think are pretty good. Be sure to look at your ad before you go!


Free Redbox movie code today: TS473G


My seedlings for my garden are about ready to plant....and it's turned off cold. :( Hopefully this weekend... *sigh* I am anxious for fresh veggies


If you have Mennonites/Amish nearby to where you live that sell goods, check with them. Sometimes they have things early if they have planted in greenhouses. They are a lot cheaper than stores and the produce is fresher. Some of the ones around here also sell homemade jellies and jams, and some even sell baked goods.


I have been buying a lot of breads lately from the grocery on the markdown table. Usually, they have a couple of days left in them. Most can just be heated with dinner and are very cheap. They also come in flavors, etc that you may not make at home.


I did get a good recipe for easy homemade bread..

1 1/4 c warm water
1 package granulated yeast
2 Tbs melted shortening or oil
2 Tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt (optional...I did not use it)

Mix and add 2 cups of self rising flour. Beat 200 times with spoon. Add and mix in 1 cup more flour. Pour into greased loaf pan and let rise about 1 hour. Bake at 375 for 45 minutes.


Walmart has Green Giant steamers back at $1/bag again. They also have Kraft shredded or block cheese (8oz) for $1.50.

I saw peelies on the 97 cent Glade sprays to get $2 off of Glade Fabric refresher. I bought 2 sprays, using a BOGOF coupon and used 2 peelies on the fabric ended up being about $3.95 for all 4 and I'm a bit of a fabric refresher addict.


There was a refund form in the Unilever insert yesterday for UP TO a $20 refund wyb 1 ham or turkey, and $40 in Unilever products between 4/1 and 4/30. They can be purchased on multiple shopping trips. This is before coupons. You will get a refund for your turkey or ham up to $20

Participating Unilever brands include:
Ben & Jerry’s®
Country Crock®
Good Humor®
Hellmann’s®/Best Foods®
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!®
Lever 2000®
Recipe Secrets®

If you did not get this form, I have 1 extra. The first person to email me about it at can have it.


Have a great shopping day!