Tuesday, April 28, 2009

freebies and Walgreens

Here's an awesome deal. Hallmark will let you customize a card and mail it to your mom for Mother's Day FOR you for FREE. That's right! FREE. Go here: http://www.hallmark.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/home%7c10001%7c10051%7c-1
Choose your $3.49 card and customize it, have them send it directly to your mom, and use the code CARD4MOM at checkout to get it FREE.

Stop by Dominoes *participating locations* tomorrow, the 29th between 11am and 2pm for a free breadbowl pasta!!!

Free White Castle BBQ pulled pork slider: http://www.whitecastle.com/_assets/images/pulledpork_coupon.jpg


Remember you can roll your RR's at Walgreens if you want to do all of the transactions, or can return. (you cannot roll into the same product)

For example, buy the meter for $14.99 w/ coupon, you get back a $5 RR with no OOP money.

Then, buy the Rembrandt toothpaste for $5.99, use the $5 RR plus .99 and tax, and get the RR, which may print out at $6.

Then buy the Nivea and Ecotrin, using whichever coupons you have. Make sure your total is over $6, even by a penny is fine, so you may have to buy filler items. Pay with the Rembrandt RR. You will get back RR for Nivea and Ecotrin.

Buy the Bayer, use the Ecotrin RR plus a little OOP $ to pay, and get back the Bayer RR.

Use your RR from Nivea and Bayer to buy more Rembrandt + filler items. You can use this cycle as long as they will let you.

Let me add here that I don't often do this. I don't like doing multiple transactions unless it is something I will REALLY use, and I don't have the time to go back over and over. HOWEVER, I have saved them often to use the next week, or have used them to buy things I need that I don't really have coupons for, so it's up to you. I used to use them to buy rebate items. RIP, rebates. :(

There are some monthly RR deals, too that started yesterday:

Buy 2 Nabisco cookies and 1 galloon milk and get $3RR (I hear these print even if you don't buy the milk)

Buy 2 Degree and get $2 RR

Buy Honey Bunches of Oats or Shredded Wheat : buy 3, get $2RR, buy 4, get $3RR, buy 5 or more, get $5RR

Buy 2 Wrigley's 3 pack, get $1RR

Buy Advil 100ct (80ct liquid gels) or Thermacare 2 pack get $3RR

Buy Oral B Pulsonic Power or Procare Plaque Remover Toothbrush, get $10RR

Buy Lotrimin, get $2RR

Buy 2 Dove chocolate, get $1 RR

Buy 2 or more Dr Scholl's products, get $10 RR

Buy Dr Scholl's freeze away products , get $5RR

Buy Nivea, get $2RR

Buy M&M's get $1RR

Buy 2 or more Twix,Snickers or M&Ms 100 Calorie Products , get $1RR

Buy Walgreens Whitening Trays 14 ct, get $5RR

Buy 2 or more Werther's Original Products, get $2RR

Buy 2 Starburst or Skittles Products, get $1RR

Buy TriDerma, get $5RR

Buy $10 (before coupons) in Band-Aid, Neosporin, or Benadryl products, get $4RR

Buy Impruv get $5RR

Buy Resolve, get $1 RR

Buy Breathe Right, get $3RR

Buy 2 Loreal EverPur, get $5RR

Buy Caltrate or Centrum, get $3RR

Buy 2 or more Zyrtec, Benedryl, Tylenol, Sudafed, or Visine Products, get $3RR

Buy Digestive Relief Products, get $3RR

Buy Tums Dual Action, get $4RR

Buy Resource Thicken Up, get $2RR

Buy Dulcolax, get $3RR

Buy Phillips Colon Health, get $3RR

Buy Sustenex, get $3RR

Buy Culturelle Lactobacillus Products, get $2RR

Buy Neutrogena Continuous Hydrating Cream or Moisturizer Products, get $3RR

Buy 2 or more Hershey's Bliss, get $1RR

Buy 3 or more Raisinettes get .60 RR

Buy 2 or more Green and Black chocolate bars, get $1RR

Buy Acne Free get $5RR

Buy 3 Speed Aries Desk Fan $15.99, get $3RR

Buy 3 Speed Aries Pedestal Fan $19.99, get $5 RR

Buy 3 Speed Aries Tower Fan $24.99, get $5RR

Most of these will likely be on sale at some point during the month.

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