Friday, April 24, 2009

Holy cow

Walgreens may turn out to be better than I thought this coming week.

I mentioned that Nivea Bodywash, Bayer Quick Release Crystals, and Rembrandt toothpaste or mouthwash would be free after RR's. It looks like there may be some other really good deals out there.

The biggest is Ecotrin. It's free after RR's, plus there is a $1 coupon out. BUT if you go to, there is a printable $2.25 coupon, meaning you can make a $2.25 PROFIT. You'd better hurry, because they are liable to pull it once it gets a lot of hits.

Also, Breeze 2 or Contour meters are $14.99 with a $5 RR. There were coupons out for up to $30 off in March. If you have them, it's free with a profit of $5. If you don't need them, you can donate them for people who do. :)

Got2B hair care is 2/$10 with a $5 RR. If you got the BzzAgent campaign (if you haven't signed up for BzzAgent, get on it! What are you waiting for?!) you have $2.50 coupons, leaving your final price free after RR. If you didn't, you can get $2 coupons here: Print 2, and get both for $1 after RR.

There will be a $1 coupon on Nivea coming Sunday.

Buy 3- 32 oz Gatorade (3/$3) and get a RR for 20 free digital prints

Buy Gatorade 6 pks at 2/$8 and get a RR for 75 free digital prints

I think I will be hitting up Walgreens!!!


Do you shop at yard sales? I went today and got some really good deals. Clothes for my youngest for .25 each, a tall bookshelf for $8, an XOXO purse for $2 (I'll admit, I have a purse addiction really, REALLY don't want to know, but I have a serious purse problem), some really nice, heavy flatware for $4 for a whole new set!, toys for my kids, etc. If you don't go to yard sales, seriously consider them! You never know what you might find! We went to one that had vintage books that I nearly never dragged my husband away from. I was coveting a really old copy of Little Women, that I managed to restrain myself from.


Get a free subscription to Organic Gardening here:


Free Copycat recipe pdf. The links for the library and the aprons are not free but if you scroll down, the recipes there are. I recommend you save it to your computer.


Have a GREAT shopping day!

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