Thursday, April 9, 2009

Walmart and Easter


Walmart was a MADHOUSE today!

I had a headache when I got was worse when I left. I do not like crowds. It never occured to me it would be that busy today. ANYWAY, I had to look for things for the boys' Easter baskets. I also needed to do some other shopping.

A lot of the clearance things they had last week had been picked over. There are still a lot of dog clothes. $5. I am eyeballoing them to go down some more. I like to dress my dog on the cheap. That sound you are hearing is my husband's eyes rolling. Pay him no mind.

Isn't she cute? That's her $4 dress that I couldn't turn down.

ANYWAY...I got my Olay soap, although they have raised the price now to $2.48, I still bought it because I just love Olay.

If you have the $1.50/1 Kraft dressing coupons, dressing is rolled back to $1.58.

The $1.50/Kraft cheese price is cheaper than even the Walmart brand. I bought several.

The Airheads Extreme are 64 cents at the checkout, and I had 55 cent off coupons. :) That was the boys' treat for unloading the car for me when I got home.

As far as the Easter baskets go, I bought these buckets that were $1 each. I will fill those. I don't buy the grass. I hate that stuff, it's not good for anything but clogging up a vacuum cleaner. I bought several packages of candy that had 3 or more things inside it. I can divide them that way. Between that and the stuff I bought at Walgreens the other day, they should have nice baskets. I will post pictures when I get them together.

I was also in search for the cheap veggie seeds that most places around here carry. WM was out. Walgreens was out (though I did stay long enough to get a rain check for the Crayola crayons they had in the ad, but never had on the shelves), Dollar Tree was out...I guess a lot of people want gardens this year. I have started some seeds, but I want more. I refuse to pay $1 pack when I get the very same seeds for 20 cents, so I am waiting it out. Impatiently.

I guess that's about all of the exciting things that happened today.

Have a great shopping day!


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