Monday, June 20, 2011

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day freebies

Here's a freebie round up for those who don't hang with me on Facebook:

IKEA restaurants are offering it's .99 cent breakfast, along with a cup of coffee to mom on Sunday before 11 AM for FREE.

TCBY is offering Mom free frozen yogurt on Sunday

Ruby Tuesday is offering Mom a free red-velvet gourmet cupcake Sunday with dinner...reservations are recommended.

Get Mom a free admission to National Public Gardens tomorrow, May 6th

Send Mom an e-card from Denny's and she will also get a coupon for a free Pancake Puppies Sundae

Take the kids to Lowe's on Saturday and let them make a Mother's Day vase for mom. The clinic is free. Sign up here.

You can print a photo frame for mom here, compliments of Chuck E Cheese

24 Hour Fitness is offering a free Zumba class on Saturday for Mother's Day

Have a great one! I'll add any more that come across me. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Batteries at Rite Aid .24 to .49?!

IF you can find them, Duracell 10 packs of AA batteries (UPC 4133304864) and AAA batteries (UPC 4133317064) are ringing up $2.24. Get a price check before you buy anything. They aren't marked and they aren't that price at all stores. Use the $1 coupon from the P&G insert this weekend, and if they have them, the $1 RA peelie on them to get them for .24

Also, there are 20 packs AA (UPC 4133375864) and AAA (UPC       
4133301548) ringing up $3.49, use the same coupons and get back a $1 UP, making them .49 Again, maybe you can find them, maybe you can't, but if you can, it's a fantastic deal!)

Editing to add that it seems finding the 10 packs on sale is more widespread than finding the 20 packs, so check both sizes.

Monday, May 2, 2011

What all do you usually get free?

Are there things you just don't pay for? Rarely pay for? Have a maximum amount to pay?

I was telling someone the other day about what I don't usually pay for. Of course, there are some exceptions...if I reallllly need to roll my UPS or RR's...if I REALLLLY like a certain poduct...if it is requested by someone in my household..but generally, I don't pay (or pay BARE minimum OOP for):

body wash

I DO pay for it occasionally (but it's rare, and if I do, I pay very very little)  I also pay very little for make up, laundry detergent ($2 MAX!), toilet paper, pasta, condiments, hair color, styling aids, etc.

What do you stock up on free or almost free?

Sunday's shopping...

Can you believe I left my list at home? Actually, if you know me, you probably can. Anyway, here's what I did:

Rite Aid:

Profoot products are 3/$15, you get a $2 UP wyb 3, AND a $10 rebate wyb 3
I bought 3, used 3 $1 coupons, so after coupons, UP and SCR (single check rebate), all 3 are free.. (limit of 1 on this)

I bought an Oral B manual toothbrush for $2.99, used a $1 coupon, got back a $2 up, so it was free. (limit 4, includes Scope and Crest toothpaste)

I bought 1 Frosted Flakes at $1.99, used a $1 coupon

I bought 4 Revlon nail tools. They are 40% off, and you get a $4 up wyb 2 (limit 4)
I bought 2 nail clippers (.87 each)
             1 emery boards (.75)
             1 Crazy Shine nail buffer $2.09 (and there is a $2 SCR on this one-limit 1) Total $2.49, got back $8 ups and will get $2 back = $7.51 MM

Paid with UPs and $1.91 OOP (.56 subtotal!), got back $12 ups and will get back $12 on my SCR



I bought:

Noxema Razors $3.99, used $2 coupon, got back $3 RR
GUM flossers $2, got back $2 RR
Bic Soliel razors (I love these) $5.99, used $3 coupon, got back $2 RR= .99
Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner 2/$8, used BOGOF coupon, got back $2 RR= $1 each
3 Cadbury caramel eggs (fillers) .37 each
1 Hallmark card .99

paid with RRs and $2.40 OOP
Got back $9 RR

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My $13.60 Walmart run

I bought:

6 Nivea bodywashes (3 mens, 3 womens) @ $3 each, used 6 $3 Nivea coupons= FREE
1 Frigo cheese single .33, used $.50 coupon= +.17
red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing (just to make you drool) marked down to $1.80
1 toy for my son's birthday, marked down to $2.50 :)
1 Candyland game $5, used $2 coupon to get it for $3 (and can send off for a free Tombstone pizza!)
2 packs of rubberbands .46 each
1 Digiorno pizza $4.98, used a $4 coupon
1 box of lasagna noodles $1.54
2 cans of Pedigree (which was oddly cheaper than the Alpo) $.68 each

Total $11.93, plus tax = $13.60

Things that upset me...

I have been hearing lots of things lately, couponing related, that just really get to me. Let me tell YOU so you don't make these mistakes:

No, you cannot copy a coupon. You cannot scan it and copy just can't. I've mentioned this before. This includes printables, .pdfs (which are usually unlimited anyway as long as the manufacturer still has them up), Rite Aid Video Values (which are uniquely coded), or any other coupon.

You SHOULD NOT go in to a store like Rite Aid or Walgreens, buy a bunch of the rewards products (UP or RR) and then return the products. I am not saying you can't return ANYTHING, because we all have occasional returns, but if you are buying with the intent to return to get the rewards and cash's wrong. Plain and simple.

You should NOT go in and take 40 of something from the shelf, leaving none for others just because you have 40 coupons. If you must, spread it out over several days and give other people a chance to get deals. Remember, there is always another sale.

Please be courteous and respectful to your cashiers as much as possible. I realize there are some bad cashiers out there. I realize you need to stand up for yourself if something isn't going right. It's just not right, however, to go and be rude and nasty to a cashier just because you CAN.

Remember..we're all in this together. Thanks!