Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things that upset me...

I have been hearing lots of things lately, couponing related, that just really get to me. Let me tell YOU so you don't make these mistakes:

No, you cannot copy a coupon. You cannot scan it and copy it..you just can't. I've mentioned this before. This includes printables, .pdfs (which are usually unlimited anyway as long as the manufacturer still has them up), Rite Aid Video Values (which are uniquely coded), or any other coupon.

You SHOULD NOT go in to a store like Rite Aid or Walgreens, buy a bunch of the rewards products (UP or RR) and then return the products. I am not saying you can't return ANYTHING, because we all have occasional returns, but if you are buying with the intent to return to get the rewards and cash back....it's wrong. Plain and simple.

You should NOT go in and take 40 of something from the shelf, leaving none for others just because you have 40 coupons. If you must, spread it out over several days and give other people a chance to get deals. Remember, there is always another sale.

Please be courteous and respectful to your cashiers as much as possible. I realize there are some bad cashiers out there. I realize you need to stand up for yourself if something isn't going right. It's just not right, however, to go and be rude and nasty to a cashier just because you CAN.

Remember..we're all in this together. Thanks!

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