Wednesday, February 25, 2009

yesterday's shopping trip

Wow--it was a long day.

Walgreens- I bought the Fusion Gamer power razor. It was $8.99, and I used a $4 coupon. I bought 3 little boxes of valentine candy for 25 cents each, and 3 boxes of valentines peeps for 10 cents each (the kids don't care if it is leftover from long as they get candy!) I paid $6.64 (tax included) and got a $6 register reward back. :)


Kmart doubles- I bought 2 KY Warming liquids @ $4.59 each, minus $2 coupon each (doubled) making them .59 each

1 KY warming mist on clearance for $3.64, minus the $2 coupon, making it free

1 Carefree pantyliner $1.29 minus $1 coupon (free)

1 Goodlife Dog food $5.99- $2 coupon (1.99)

1 Pounce cat treat $1.29- .75 coupon (free)

4 Quaker Quakes rice cakes $1.99 each - $1 coupon each (free)

I paid $4.52 OOP

It was a short trip. I took the 2 younger children and it was a HUGE mistake. I will try again another day.



It was a long trip. I bought a lot I needed that weren't really on the sale list. A couple of highlights, though. I found a Off Power Pad lamp on clearance for $4.99 and had a $3 coupon, so I paid $1.99 for it.

The small Pillsbury crescent rolls were on sale $1 each. I had .35 cent coupons for them. I bought 3. With double coupons, they were 90 cents for all 3. There is a catalina promotion (the coupons that come out at checkout) if you buy 3 Pillsbury dough products, you get $1.50 off your next order, if you buy 4, you get $2.00 OYNO, and buy 5 or more, and get $3 OYNO. So, I got $1.50 back. I made 60 cents on them. You can roll these in another transaction (use your coupon to purchase more, then get another coupon). I will go back tomorrow.

Kraft cheese is 2/$4. If you are lucky enough to still have the .75/1 blinkie in front of your cheese, these are $1.25/bag. (Coupon is for 2% cheese) This is a great deal!

So, in the end, I saved 42%. Not great, but it included some things not on sale, so I'll live.


Ok, I tried the Arby's roastburger yesterday. There are 3 to choose from. I chose poorly.

It wasn't that it was BAD...but, I picked the all- American. It was made up just like a burger...lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, mustard and ketchup. Something about mustard and ketchup on my roast beef doesn't sit well with me. I hear the bacon cheddar one is yummy, so I will try that one.


Please remember you can add coupons to your shopping card at
and the P&G e-saver


Short rant: I bought Sylvania compact fluorescent lightbulbs...the ones that are supposed to last a while? 2 have already burned out. These things aren't the cheapest things in the world. I think I will be sticking to GE.

Have a great shopping day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Another freebie---sort of

Free Arby's roastburger with drink purchase. Good through March 9th. This is their new sandwich.


Hello everyone!

Here's a coupon for a free Kashi entree:


Free Quiznos sub (1 million will be given away!)


2 Free tacos coupon from Jack in the Box. Good tomorrow only


Redbox has free rental codes on Mondays. Check for details. Today's code is S39XKT.


Sign up for Captain D's D-club and get a coupon for FREE Fish & Fries or a FREE Chicken & Fries.


FREE Quaker True Delights bar


A note about signing up for freebies...if they ask how you heard about it, always click Family or Friend.

Have a great shopping day!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday 2/21 deals

New sale ads come out tomorrow.

CVS will have 12 packs of 7Up 4/$12, get a $3 ecb. There is a $1 off/12 pack here:
You should be able to print twice using your back button. So, you can get 4/$10 minus the $3ecb, 4/$7...not too bad...if you like 7up.

Buy Gillette Fusion Gamer razor for $7.99 get $4 ecb. There was a $4 off coupon at the beginning of the month in the P&G insert making them free after ecb. The Venus Embrace is also in the deal, but the coupon for it is only for $2, making it $2 out of pocket.


WALGREENS- has the Fusion gamer for $8.99, get a $6 register rewards, making it a moneymaker with the coupon.

Buy excedrin at $1.99 (20-24ct) and get a $1 RR. There were $1 off coupons in January.

Hunts tomato sauce will be 39 cents with the in-ad coupon. This is a good price.


Here is a BOGOF coupon for TGIFridays coupon:



Garnier wonder waves shampoo, conditioner, or stylers are free afrer rebate, so you will make a $1 profit on them if you have $1 off coupons.

SoyJoys are 10/$5...there is a $5 single check rebate and if you have the $3/10 coupon, you will make a $3 profit on them.

Zilactin toothache gel, Zilactin or Zilactin-B is also free after rebate.


Some Kmart stores will be doubling the 22nd -28th. Email Kmart to find out if your store will be participating.


If you haven't signed up for MyPoints, I strongly suggest you do. It's a very simple way to get free gift cards for minimal work. Email me and I will send you an invitation. You need to set up a free email account that can be used for this purpose, because you will get several emails. Click the links in them, and get points for each email. Shop through them to earn even more points. A lot of online retailers are partnered with MyPoints.

I got Covergirl Lipstain from BzzAgent to try. I like it. I have an issue with lipstick wearing away quickly, and this doesn't. Covergirl rarely disappoints me, anyway. It isn't too expensive, but it is still quality. The lipstain is also lightweight, which I really like. It's an easy application and you're out the door!


Walmart had lots of lingerie, pj's etc on clearance left over from Valentine's day. I got 2 pieces for $3.25 each. One is pink and one is red. You rarely find them so cheap, so check out your Walmart!!


Some things I love lately:

Skinny Cow ice cream treats. You cannot tell these are "diet". I buy the ice cream sandwiches. The ice cream is smooth, and the taste is just as good...or even better...than the full fat counterparts.

Wellpatch- We have been remodelling and the Wellpatch patches on my back have been a lifesaver. They're not like a heating pad where I have to sit still..I can wear these and go about my business. There are usually coupons for them, too.

Starkist Creations packages. I get these really cheap a lot. Coupons are usually out for them. It's tuna and flavored. There are recipes on them for things I wouldn't normally consider putting tuna in...the one with the wrap recipe (garlic and herb, maybe?) is delicious. And I'm not a tuna fan.

Lindt Truffles...Love. LOVE. Enough said.


Cheap meal idea...My mom used to make this for us, and I make it for my kids...they love it.

Boil 1 package of egg noddles until done. Drain. Add either 1 family sized can or 3 regular cans of undiluted cream of chicken soup. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix well. Voila! Quick, easy and cheap.

Have a great shopping day!