Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My $13.60 Walmart run

I bought:

6 Nivea bodywashes (3 mens, 3 womens) @ $3 each, used 6 $3 Nivea coupons= FREE
1 Frigo cheese single .33, used $.50 coupon= +.17
red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing (just to make you drool) marked down to $1.80
1 toy for my son's birthday, marked down to $2.50 :)
1 Candyland game $5, used $2 coupon to get it for $3 (and can send off for a free Tombstone pizza!)
2 packs of rubberbands .46 each
1 Digiorno pizza $4.98, used a $4 coupon
1 box of lasagna noodles $1.54
2 cans of Pedigree (which was oddly cheaper than the Alpo) $.68 each

Total $11.93, plus tax = $13.60

Things that upset me...

I have been hearing lots of things lately, couponing related, that just really get to me. Let me tell YOU so you don't make these mistakes:

No, you cannot copy a coupon. You cannot scan it and copy it..you just can't. I've mentioned this before. This includes printables, .pdfs (which are usually unlimited anyway as long as the manufacturer still has them up), Rite Aid Video Values (which are uniquely coded), or any other coupon.

You SHOULD NOT go in to a store like Rite Aid or Walgreens, buy a bunch of the rewards products (UP or RR) and then return the products. I am not saying you can't return ANYTHING, because we all have occasional returns, but if you are buying with the intent to return to get the rewards and cash back....it's wrong. Plain and simple.

You should NOT go in and take 40 of something from the shelf, leaving none for others just because you have 40 coupons. If you must, spread it out over several days and give other people a chance to get deals. Remember, there is always another sale.

Please be courteous and respectful to your cashiers as much as possible. I realize there are some bad cashiers out there. I realize you need to stand up for yourself if something isn't going right. It's just not right, however, to go and be rude and nasty to a cashier just because you CAN.

Remember..we're all in this together. Thanks!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Walgreens policy?

Looking over Walgreens' coupon policy, it states:

"When purchasing a single item, Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.”

The question I have been asked was can you stack the Walgreens coupons in the insert this weekend with the in-ad coupons and according to this policy, it looks like yes. The long and short of it is...I'm not really sure and I'm willing to bet it will be up to the cashier taking your order or management. But, looking at the policy...it looks like you can.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Loving Walgreens this week!!

...even if I did screw up and forget a coupon. I did 2 transactions, which I rarely do for this very reason. Anyway, on transaction one, I got:

2 Dove chocolate singles, using the in-ad coupon that made them .39 each and a .75/2 coupon...making them .03 for 2!

1 Reach floss..$2.99, got a $2 RR (this is where I screwed up..I had a $2 coupon I forgot to give her. They offered to call the manager to fix it, but I declined since it was my mistake)

3 Scotch tapes, used the buy 1 get 2 free coupon and 3 $1 off coupons, making $1.01 overage

1 Nasogel spray, $4.99, used a $3 coupon (any Nasogel) $1.99 and got back $5 RR

1 Airwick compact $3.99 on sale, used a $4 coupon= FREE

1 pack of gum .99 (to help my cashier be top seller in her district- hey, they're good to me there)

1 Goody headband with bonus ponytail holders $3.00 on sale, got back a $3 RR

Used a couple of small RR's to pay and $5.10 OOP, got back $10 in RR


Transaction 2:

Colgate Total toothpaste $3, used $1 coupon
Colgate 360 toothbrush $3, used $1 coupon
got back a $4 RR for buying 2 = both free

nasogel spray $4.99, used $3 coupon= $1.99, got back $5 RR= +$3.01

2 Airwick compacts $3.99 each, used (2) $4 coupons= Free + .02

1 Goody Barrettes with bonus ponytail holders $3, got back $3 RR= FREE

4 bags of M&M's on sale 2/$4, used $1/2 coupon from April book (takes off twice), $2/2 Mars coupon and a $1/2 Mars coupon, making them .75/bag

1 pack of gum .99

used a couple of RR's and $2.82 OOP and got back $12 in RR


After that I rushed to Rite Aid, but I didn't do any big shopping. I went for one deal

I bought 4 Nivea bodywashes (2 men, 2 women) @ 3.99 each= $15.96. I used (4) $3 off coupons and one $3/$15 survey coupon, making them .96 plus tax ($1.74) and got back a $5 UP reward.


Have fun at Walgreens and I hope you have a great shopping day!

*these are the deals I did. There are more in the ad. Color Wonder, etc, but my store was out. Take a good look at your ads!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Shopping shopping shopping....

Rite Aid has this deal where you buy $20 in John Frieda, Biore, Curel, and/or Jergens and get a $10 UP. I did this 3x over 2 transactions today.
I got:
2 Biore Strips ($7.99 each)
2 Biore Cleansers ($7.99 each)
4 John Frieda Full Repair shampoos ($5 each)
2 other John Frieda shampoos ($5 each)


I used:
6 ($2) John Frieda coupons
1 $2/$10 video value coupon (good on Full repair)
2 Buy strips get cleanser free from Biore
1 $1 Biore coupon
1 $1 VV coupon

$29.98 (paid for mostly in UPS) and got back $30 in UPS making it all FREE.


Walgreens also has Biore on sale $5.99 each, and you get a $5 RR wyb 2
I bought 2, used a BOGOF coupon and a $1 coupon, which made them free as well after RR.


At Food Lion I found a great deal on Land O Frost Wrap kits. They are normally $6.98, and they had one flavor, turkey and pepper jack, marked down to $2.10, and there were $1 peelies right on them! I paid $1.10 each! Eack kit makes 5 wraps.

There's also a deal where you buy Kraft salad dressing and Shake and Bake and you get $3 off of chicken. I was going to buy chicken anyway, so I bought the other two ($2.50 for the dressing and $1.67 for the Shake and Bake) and used a .50 coupon on the dressing (Kraft product coupon. I bought chicken that was $3.18, so I paid $3.85 for all of it.


That's about all I headed out for today. It was a light day, but a good one. Have a great shopping day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amazon deals!!

Get a Free Mr Potato Head when you spend $25 on select Playskool items

Get The Shawshank Redemption for only $3.99!

Get a Logitech Wave wireless keyboard and laser mouse for only $34.99 after $15 rebate (form provided)

Buy one Hasbro game and get one 50% off

Get $5 off select Fisher Price toys when you spend $20

Get $5 off select Hasbro girls toys with a $20 purchase.

And check this out for Easter basket fillers under $10!

Join Amazon Mom for free 2 day shipping and Prime benefits!

Monday, April 11, 2011


I have heard all about J’aime Kirlewon Extreme Couponing. I am here to warn you that some of the things she did was considered coupon FRAUD.
**You may NOT copy printed coupons. Generally, you can print 2 per computer, and if you have access to more than one computer, then you can print more, but copying them is a no-no and ILLEGAL.
**You may NOT use one coupon on something completely different. If you use a $4 toilet paper coupon on detergent just because the barcodes match, or because it doesn't "beep", it's still FRAUD.
**You may NOT use expired coupons! Most stores will catch this, but some may not. YOU need to read the date. Of course, sometimes one might get by by accident, but if you knowingly use expired ones, you are WRONG!!
**If the coupon says NO TRIAL SIZE then you may not USE it on trial size. Read the restrictions, please.

I am angry, sad, and disappointed that TLC would put something like that out there for new couponers to see. Personally, I hope now her stores watch her like a hawk. You can save and do it right. All this will do is make things much harder for couponers and we all lose.

Monday, April 4, 2011

What did I buy yesterday?

You know how sometimes you come out of the store with bags...and a receipt and you're just in a daze and can't remember half of what you bought? Just me? Never mind then... According to my receipts, here's what I bought:


I had RR's to burn and I needed sodas, so I got

4 12 pack of Pepsi products ( 'cause that was what was on sale...I miss my Diet Coke) 4/$13, got a $3 RR
2 packs of Turtles (candy) clearanced for $1.50/box..total impulse buy
1 Colgate toothpaste..this was supposed to be $2.99 with a $2.99RR...I used a .75 coupon, but I just looked at my receipt and it only rang up .75!! I don't know that that deal was...
1 Aussie shampoo and 1 Aussie hair spray..used a BOGOF coupon, got a $2 RR

Paid with RR's and $2.89 OOP (tax was $1.43) and got back $8 in RR


Rite Aid:

Totally in the daze here...wasn't thinking things through...
there is an UP reward for buying $10 worth of Conair brushes and they are BOGOF..I bought one at $6.49 and got another $6.49 one free, thinking it would put me over the $10, but RA doesn't work that way. The good news is, it's tracking, so I can go buy 2 more cheaper brushes and get the UP, so I'm not sweating it.

Also got 2 Scunci ponytail holders for $1.99, got $1.99 UPs for both...there is a limit of 2 for this reward.

I bought a Gillette Fusion ProGlide gift set for $9.99, used a $5 coupon from a P&G mailer and got back a $4 UP reward.

I used a $3/$15 coupon, UPs to pay, paid $1.51 OOP (tax was $1.05) and got back $8.98 in UPs


Have a great shopping day!

Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's- 4/12

April 12th is free cone day at Ben and Jerry's! Read about it here!

Fan page round up

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Sign up for USPS's sample showcase...even if you have a Start Sampling account, start a new one (different email) here, and answer a few questions to see if you qualify. Once you confirm your account from the link in your email, log in to see when the next box is released. It will be in just a few hours!

Get a free reusable shopping bag from Target on April 17th...they will be giving them to their first one million customers...so get there early.

According to 425 Magazine, bring your empty cosmetic containers to Origins on April 22nd and get samples! Read about it here.

Kids Eat Free at IHOP this month..one per adult purchase. Read about it here.

Use your $5 Similac coupon from this weekend's paper at Walmart, where ready-to-feed 1qt bottles will give you overage!!!

Use your $1 Color Wonder coupons at Walgreens..they have On the Go packs in the ad on page 8 for 2/$3..use 2 coupons and get them for .50 each.

Get a $10/$50 coupon for Lowe's

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