Monday, April 11, 2011


I have heard all about J’aime Kirlewon Extreme Couponing. I am here to warn you that some of the things she did was considered coupon FRAUD.
**You may NOT copy printed coupons. Generally, you can print 2 per computer, and if you have access to more than one computer, then you can print more, but copying them is a no-no and ILLEGAL.
**You may NOT use one coupon on something completely different. If you use a $4 toilet paper coupon on detergent just because the barcodes match, or because it doesn't "beep", it's still FRAUD.
**You may NOT use expired coupons! Most stores will catch this, but some may not. YOU need to read the date. Of course, sometimes one might get by by accident, but if you knowingly use expired ones, you are WRONG!!
**If the coupon says NO TRIAL SIZE then you may not USE it on trial size. Read the restrictions, please.

I am angry, sad, and disappointed that TLC would put something like that out there for new couponers to see. Personally, I hope now her stores watch her like a hawk. You can save and do it right. All this will do is make things much harder for couponers and we all lose.

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