Sunday, December 13, 2009

A few goodies...

Oprah magazine is only $5 for a year here.

Save up to 75% at on games.

Walgreens will be having the $5 extra RR again on the 16th and 17th

Kroger has some e-coupons on their website! This is new, so I don't know if the paper coupons will be able to be used too, like with Cellfire and Shortcuts, but it's worth a shot!


If you're under the age of 10, read no further..............come to think of it, if you're under the age of ten, turn off the computer and go play outside.


I am afraid this may be my 5 year old's last year believing in Santa. (Now, we all believe a LITTLE in Santa, right?) Kids on the bus have been telling him there's no Santa. (Seriously, if you have older kids, PLEASE tell them not to ruin it for little ones!) So far, he is not listening, but who knows about next year. SO-- I'm trying really hard to make it memorable for him..a little piece of magic.

The night before Christmas Eve (because Christmas Eve is so busy!) we will bake cookies for Santa. I bought place and bake cookies so he could do it himself except for the oven part. We also will make reindeer food...I cannot convince my husband to dress up as Santa, so if anyone else has any ideas, I'd be happy to hear them.

One year, one of the kids asked me how come Santa comes on Jesus's birthday...I told them because Santa celebrates Jesus's birthday by bringing all kids presents. I think they bought it at the time. We may make Jesus a birthday cake, but last year, no one ate it because we just had SO much Christmas food.

I love the magic my kids got at Christmas with Santa. Of course, they know the real reason behind Christmas, but they also have some magic. I love the faces lighting up when Santa has magically brought them all of their presents while they were sleeping. It's a beautiful thing. If this is his last year, I will miss it. :(

Friday, December 11, 2009

Make some cookies then run to Walgreens!

I've been making cookies for a couple of days now. I have to tell you, I am totally over it. I made sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, and cookie brownies. I always make this flourless peanut butter cookie recipe, and this time, I added mini chocolate chips.. YUMMY.
The recipe? Oh!
1c sugar
1c peanut butter
1 egg.
That's it! You can add some vanilla if it floats your boat, but I don't. Drop them by teaspoonfuls on a cookie sheet, then flatten them with a fork in a criss cross pattern. Bake at 375 until the edges start to brown, probably 6-8 minutes. They are really good!

So, anyway, about Walgreens...
THROUGH TOMORROW, Dec 12, if you spend $25 at WG, you get a $5 RR. The best part of this is...the $25 is BEFORE COUPONS! I did 2 transactions today, because you can only earn one $5 RR per transaction, so I split mine to earn 2!

Order #1

2 Cover Girl Lipslicks $4.49 each BOGOF - (2) $3 coupons
1 Candle taper ring .39 (with in ad coupon..filler)
2 Cover Girl foundations clearanced $4.59/$4.79- (2) $3 coupons
1 Finesse Hairspray $1.99- $1 coupon
1 Just for Men $6.99 FREE AFTER RR-$2 coupon (on website)
1 Conair hairbrush set $2 FREE AFTER RR
also used a $2 RR
My OOP was 9.75, I got back $9 for what I bought and $5 for buying $25. I will also send of for the Touch of Gray rebate and make another $6.99

Order #2

1 Neutrogena men's face lotion (there is a coupon in the Dec. All You, but I didn't have it with me :( I used a $2 RR instead) FREE AFTER RR
1 Glade 3 wick candle - FREE COUPON from writing Glade
1 potholder .39 w/ in ad coupon (filler)
1 box 200 baseball cards..this is a $9.99 toy and through tomorrow, you can use the coupon in the smaller ad to get all $9.99 toys for $5.99

OOP- $10.65, got back $5 RR for the Neutrogena and a $5 RR for buying over $25

I am going back tomorrow and getting more BB cards, I think.


I was also sent some pretty good coupons from Food Lion, so I've been there twice. I will just give you the highlights.

Some of the deli ham is BOGOF this week, so both trips I got 2 lbs. I think reg price is $5.49. I used a $3/$10 deli Flip (remember: Food Lion IP..sign up at the site to get them sent to you) and got 2 lbs for around $2.50 (this is approx since it's hard to cut exactly 1 lb)

Hungry Jack potatoes..not the instant flakes but the au gratin, etc were $1.72 and BOGOF. I had $1/2 coupons, making them .72/2. I bought these both trips.

On one trip, they had some Chiquita apple bites marked down to $1, and had a $1 tearpad beside them. I bought 4

Success Jasmine Rice was $1.51 and I had a $1 coupon

Food Lion bacon was .99...that's all. I just like .99 bacon :)

on one trip, I bought a was $11.36 before MVP, and $6.64 after. I used a $2/$10 Butcher's Brand beef FLIP to make it $4.64

I had another one of those and used it on the other trip to get a marked down London Broil ($2.51!), pack of round steak marked down ($4.87) and FL Butcher's Brand hamburger patties reg $4.99, on sale for $2.99

I also found Jello for .50 each. I had coupons for $1.25/3. If you bought 6, you got a free Jigglers mold. So, for .50, I got 6 boxes of Jello and a Jigglers mold.

I hope you found something you can't live without!
Have a great shopping day!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I had a great Walmart trip today!!

I haven't been doing a ton of coupon shopping because I've been up to my eyeballs into getting deals for Christmas gifts. I went to do a long trip to Walmart today and it turned out great!

I got:

2 5 packs of Kraft mac and cheese- $2.82 each. I used free Capri Sun wyb the 5 pack coupons, so I also got 2 of those free. ($5.64 for all 4)

1 pack of 3 candy angels for the boys' stockings ($1)

2 Dove conditioners- they were on sale/clearance/rollback or something for $2 each. I used 2 $1.50 coupon ( .50 each)

1 Pantene Beautiful Lengths, also $2 and I had a $2 coupon

2 Listerine Total cares, also on the $2, used 2 $2 coupons

2 Blue bonnet margarines .65 each

1 Frigo light string cheese $2.98, used a $2.50 coupon (.48)

1 large bag Frigo string cheese $5.88, used a $5 coupon (.88)

1 Great Value sliced cheese $2.08

2 Bar M franks .87 each

8 reach flosses- these are .97 each. I used 2 buy 3 get $5 off and 1 by 2 and get $3 off coupons (5.24 overage)

1 Puff's tissue $1, used $1 coupon- FREE

1 Angel Soft 4 pack $1.24

1 MeatyBone dog treats, used a buy Meaty Bone get Canine cuts free MB- $2.37, CC $1.33

2 SeaPak Shrimp poppers $1.58 each, used 2 $1 coupons (1.16/both)

1 Christmas present $3

1 Sam's Choice Diet Dr Thunder $2.48

2 Gift bags $2

1 Johnsonville Brat pack, marked down to $1.73, used .55 coupon (1.18)

1 Success Brown Rice $1.74- $1 coupon on package (.74)

1 Mahatma brown rice $.92- $.50 coupon (.42)

bananas .80

2 cans Old Roy $1.00

cough drops $1.98

1 Sally Henson nail polish $2.48- $5 coupon (they sent for writing them) (2.52 overage)

*please read past post on overage

Subtotal before coupons $69.65, subtotal after $24.83- a savings of $44.82!!!

I'm a happy girl.

Also, I have been eyeballing this 9 ft green garland at Walmart, but they are $4 each, and I wanted 2. I went to Dollar Tree looking for multi-vitamins and found 15 ft there for $1 each!


This Friday, my Kroger will be running Keebler and Kelloggs 50% off. I have some coupons, and I will be looking for the ones to get the $10 back in rebates.


Get 2 years of Redbook for $5! Amazon is running this special. It says $10, but there is another $5 off at checkout.


One of the RR items at Walgreens is Dentek floss or picks. They are $1.99 w/ $1.99 RR back. There was a $1 coupon in Smart Source from Oct, or there is a $1 printable here. Make a $1 profit!

There is also a $4 Natrol Acai product w/ a $4 RR back. There is a $3 printable here. $3 profit!

Complete Muti purpose solution (contacts) $7.99 Free after RR (if you have the 10/25 RP $1 off coupon, this is a $1 money maker)

Goody Ouchless Hair accessories $2 Free after RR

Soft and Beautiful Botanicals $5, Free after RR


Be sure to check (link to the left) for new coupons


I've been cheating at lasagna. Now, I make a killer lasagna, but it's time consuming and not cheap, so I've been making this little casserole as a substitute for a while. I get a box of pasta (penne, bowties, whatever) a container of cottage cheese (you can also use ricotta, but it's more expensive and my husband likes cottage cheese better), a can of Hunt's spaghetti sauce, a can of tomatoes, and a package of mozzarella cheese. I also use sausage instead of ground beef, it has more flavor.

I brown the sausage- depending on my mood, I may add some onion. I mix in the spaghetti sauce and the tomatoes. I boil the pasta until al dente. I then layer in a 13x9 dish a little sauce (so the pasta doesn't stick) 1/2 pasta, 1/2 sauce 1/2 cottage cheese. Repeat the layers then put mozzarella on top and bake until it's hot and the cheese is melted. It takes hardly any time at all!


Coupons will be good this weekend. Get extra!


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Have a great shopping day!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have I mentioned I love shopping?

I have always loved it. Of course, now the game is "How cheap can I get it?" but still....


There is a battery deal. Duracell 4 packs are $1.88. If you buy 3 and use 3 of the .75 off coupons from P&G, they will be $3.39 and you will get a $2 coupon back for your next shopping order. If your Kroger doubles that high, it is a FANTASTIC deal. Remember all of those Christmas toys will need batteries. The actual deal is spend $10 worth and get the coupon, but it is going by regular price, not the sale price, so that's a nice little bonus.

Anyhow, I bought those (obviously), and I bought 2 of the I Can't Believe it's Not Butter sticks, used 2 $1 coupons and got back a $2 coupon. It's not as great of a deal on those as they had a couple of weeks ago, but I can use them.

I got 2 pouches of Idahoan potatoes ($2 for both) and used a .75/2 coupon, so it was $1.25/both

I got more Covergirl. I am loving the $3 coupons I picked up.
2 Eye trios, final price: .14 each
1 compact, final price: .21
(Cover girl is on sale for 33% off)

Kelloggs, the deal from last week on the General Mill cereal is still there, but there was a display of Toy Story and Tony the Tiger bowls in front of the Kelloggs that said one free bowl with Kellogg's cereal. So, I bought 2 Fruit Loops, which were 2/$5, used 2 $1 coupons, and got 2 bowls. I'll add them in with my 2 younger kids' Christmas presents.

I also bought 2 Sister Schuberts rolls, on sale 2/$5 and used 2 .50 coupons, which doubled, making them $1.50 each. If you haven't had these rolls, you don't know what you're missing.

So, those were the best deals.



Oh, Walmart...I love you so. Keep in mind, I have one or 2 cashiers I go to, because they know what they are doing and they don't hassle me about my coupons. (I only use the second one if the first one isn't there :P) I want to remind you that if you buy a .97 item (for example) and the coupon is for $1...they SHOULD be put through as $1. Some cashiers don't want to take them, some will only take off .97..BUT, when Walmart turns those coupons in to the clearing house for reimbursement, they will get the FACE VALUE of the coupon, plus 8 cents. So, they will NOT lose money by putting the coupon through at the full amount. ANYWAY, here's what I bought:

I still have some buy a 5 pack of mac and cheese and get Capri-Sun free coupons, so I used one of those. It may be the last one I use. My kids are on those things like white on rice, and then they leave their empty pouches lying around. Capri-sun's future isn't looking too promising in this house.

Crisco oil $2- $1 coupon, FP (final price) $1

4 Kotex pantyliners $1 each- 2 $2/2 coupons, FP: FREE

1 sample pack Tide (.97)- 1 $1/any, FP: FREE (.03 overage)

1 travel size Olay body wash (.97)- $1/ANY, FP= FREE (.03 overage)

1 Dove deodorant, travel size (.97)- $1/any= FREE (.03 overage)

1 Endust Free $2.98- $2 coupon, FP: .98

Stay with me here...I have coupons for buy 2 reach flosses, save $3. They are .97 or so each. So, by buying 2, they are $1.94, meaning you get $1.06 overage each (assuming your cashier will allow overage, and they SHOULD, but it doesn't mean they WILL)..I bought 8. I used 4 coupons, for a total overage of $4.24. THEN, I bought my kids something for Christmas that was rolled back to $5, so at least in my eyes, I only paid .76 for it. :) That makes me really, really happy.


I also want to add that while all WalGREENS are different (apparently), the loss prevention distric person at my store told me that they DO allow overages, as long as you buy something to take up the overage. (They cannot owe YOU money) I personally wish all WG would get their act together and be like mine usually is.


Walmart is still running Jennie-o turkeys for .40/lb. Some of you may have grocery stores running them cheaper, but so far, I do not. I bought extra, because I can use the meat in several chicken dishes. It substitutes just fine.


Snapfish special today only!
100 Free Prints with any purchase of $5 or more. Expires midnight. Use code FREE5


If you have this weekend's USA today, there is a B1G1F coupon for some games. If your Kroger has them in stock, they are also B1G1F there. Depending on how the register's set up, you could get them both free, or at the very least, VERY cheap. I *think* they will also be B1G1F at Toys R Us on Black friday, but I'm not sure, and I don't know how their registers work, or if they take coupons.


Check Cellfire for new coupons!


Have a great shopping day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you to our veterans!

God bless you and thank you for your service. I am truly honored and blessed to live in America.

Applebees will be giving free meals to veterans today. Krispy Kreme is giving free donuts to veterans, and Outback will be giving a free bloomin onion and drink.

On to other things:

I went to Kroger yesterday for a quickie trip. A few deals I got:

As mentioned before, the General Mills cereals are $2.50 each, and if you buy 4, you get $4 off. So, I bought 4. I had 2 $1/1 coupons and 1 $1/2 coupons. So, I paid $3 for 4 boxes of cereal.

2 Nestle Tollhouse cookie doughs. $2 each- 2 $1 coupons- 1 .55 shortcuts coupon .73 each

1 ground beef - .50 coupon (doubled) $1.41 total

1 cover girl concealor $2.67 - $3 coupon = .33 profit

1 cover girl pressed powder $3.21- $3 coupon= $.21

1 Cover Girl mascara $3.34-$3 coupon= $.34

I found coupons on a tearpad to save $1.25 when you buy 3 of the products pictured. They were Philly Cream cheese, Baker's chocolate, and/or Jello. Philly is on sale for $1 each. So, I bought 6 and paid about .58 each

Milk 1/2 gallons were marked down to .89. I bought 6 and put some in the freezer. I shouldn't have to buy milk the rest of the month.


Here is a link to Target printables. Remember you can use them with manufacturers coupons.

******************************** is having a Leapfrog sale. Get these deals:

20% off of Leapster games, code: LFLPGAME
20% off Zippity Learning System and Games, code: LPZSW900
20% off Scout, Violet, and Fridge Learning Toys, code: LPLFT900
$10 off on Tag Reading System and $5 on Tag books, codes: LPAHW100 and LPASW500
20% off Tag Junior Book Pal and Tag Junior Books, codes: LPTJH900, LPTJB900
20% off Didj Games System and Games, code: LPDSW900


Coinstar has a good deal on when you take $40 in coins to them. Check it out here.

Blue ray Target deal:
Here is an $8 Monsters Inc coupon
Here is a $10 Blue Ray coupon for Up combo pack
There is also a $10 coupon at the Target link I gave you on both.
There is also likely a $10 coupon on the Monster's Inc box.

What you will want to do is pick up the combo pack of each movie. You will need a $1 filler. Use the coupons I linked you to, plus the coupon on the box to get them DIRT CHEAP. You can also send in for a rebate here if you buy Ronzoni pasta as well.


Get a free Lego digital designer here, and let your kids build with legos on the computer!


Use this coupon at Bath and Bodyworks, along with their Antibacterial soap sale, and get 12 for $20!


Walgreens is having a sale on Revlon...they are buy one, get one 1/2 off. I bought 2 eyeshadow quads for $6.99 each. In the coupon book this month (should be available near the ads at the store) there is a $3 coupon on eye shadow quads. I paid a little over $4 for both, and had I had Revlon coupons ( >:( ) I could have used them as well. Just a heads up.


Have a great shopping day!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pantry pictures.

They go back about 2 ft. These are just some of my reg. food cabinets...not the baking ones. They need to be straightened out...((blush))

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

At least in the stores! I can't wait to decorate! Sales are starting, so keep an eye out!

I stopped at Walmart yesterday to look at what they had left from Halloween...*bliss* Halloween items were 10/$1!! (Except costumes, they were $3) I got a bunch of stuff..paid $1.54 Can't beat that!

SeeHere is offering 50 FREE 4x8 or 5x7 photo cards. Use the code freebies4mom-1109 at check out. This includes shipping so they are entirely free. This expires Nov 30th and the site is REALLY slow right now, so you might want to give it a bit. Also, new sign ups get 100 free prints (you do have to pay shipping) using the code prints, but this needs to be a seperate order.

Become a fan of Entenmann's on FB and they will let you know when they are running a $4 coupon promo! I believe you can also follow on Twitter.

$1 coupon on Campbell's Select Harvest

Here is a rebate form for Hasbro games that are purchased at Toys R Us. They are on sale this week from $3.99-$9.99 THIS week..if you buy $25 in Hasbro games, you get a $10 TRU gift card. Add that in with the rebate (especially buying the $3.99 games) and you are looking at CHEAP games! These are great for your own family or for things like Toys for Tots of the Salvation Army Angel Tree.

Lowe's has a 6 ft tree for $15.98

The Coupon Junkie has some great Target coupons match ups for Christmas presents! Check her out here:

Remember to print out the $1/2 Bar S franks at Redplum. These make for some cheap hot dogs. If you don't see it in your zip code, use 42240

There is a $5/$25 coupon at Walgreens on the's on a wrap around. You have to have $25 after coupons. You can use this for RR items and come out pretty good.

Here is a rebate for Kellogg's/Keebler products. If it doesn't show right away, click through the offers. Get $10 back on specially marked packages. This says toy voucher, but it will be a check. Be sure to read the rules. You can use coupons and get these pretty cheap, then get $10 back!

Kroger has General Mills cereal $1.50 each wyb 4. There are coupons at (link to the left) Be sure to check cellfire and shortcuts as well.

*I have been asked--you do not have to have a cell phone to use cellfire. You also do not have to have them sent to your phone, they can be loaded onto your card w/o that.

I am going to Kroger tomorrow, so we'll see what else I can find. :)

Have a great shopping day!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A few goodies...

Amazon has a lot of Hasbro games on sale. Check them out!!

Here is a coupon for $1.10 off of Panko bread crumbs. Remember to click back a few times on your browser to print twice.

Here is a coupon for $2 off Renu solution. These are $1.97 in the trial section at Walmart making them FREE.

Get a sample of Garnier Nutritioniste Skin renew.

Redplum has a coupon for $1/2 Bar S bologna or hot dogs. These are fairly cheap to begin with, so this makes a great deal.

If you have a HoneyBaked ham store nearby, here is a coupon for $10 off!

Get Kelloggs coupons here.

A couple of things I love...besides freezer and my crock pot. A lot of things can go in the freezer. I have talked about this before. I have doubled rice recipes, casseroles, sides, etc...and frozen all of them for later dates. Ziplock bags are WONDERFUL for this. Check out Don't Panic Dinner's in the Freezer (cookbook) for some fantastic recipes. The freezer meals are a life saver some days.

I am also in love with my crock pot. So much that I bought 2. I love tossing everything in and it doing the work for me. They also don't heat up my kitchen! I have found some new recipes to try, so if I find something fantastic, I will let you know.


If you are on Facebook...become a Gorton's fan here. Then, click the contest tab. Look in the lower right corner and send off for a calendar with coupons inside! (This is a mail in)


Remember to follow me on Facebook! Look to the left and click follow on the FB widget.


I have been to Kroger twice more since I blogged about it (don't judge me) I need to get my receipts together to let you know what I got. I took pictures of my cabinets, but can't get my card to load to my laptop, so I am giving it a rest and I will try again later. I love love love the mega sale.


Winter is just around the corner...are you ready? Invest in a programmable thermostat to help with heating costs.

Seal any cracks and crevices around doors and windows.

Put up storm windows if you have them. You can also cover windows with plastic made for that purpose. This is good for basement windows, or windows you know you won't want to open.

If you have a fireplace, make sure the flue is closed when it's not in use.

Consider adding extra insulation in your attic.

Have your furnace inspected and replace filters. Make sure your vents are not obstructed.


I just got this email from Food Lion:

Dear Valued Customer,
As an MVP card holder and as one of our customers who has indicated a desire for e-mail messages from us, we are sending you this alert regarding a ground beef recall by one of our suppliers.Fairbank Farms notified Food Lion LLC today that our company received a portion of fresh ground beef products that are part of Fairbank Farms' national product recall. The recall is isolated to 93/7 ground beef purchased at Food Lion stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. In an abundance of caution, any customer who purchased 93/7 ground beef at Food Lion with the sell by date of Sept. 21 through Oct. 8 should return the meat to the store for a full refund. The company is removing any affected product from store shelves immediately.For more information on this and other food recalls, visit:
Thank you for being a valued customer.


Get up to 90% off on Halloween clearnace at Shindigz. Good through at least tomorrow. Free Shipping & 10% off any order SZEH7H - expires 11/13/09


Have a great shopping day!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

73 percent off!!!!

I love mega sales. Especially Kroger Mega sales. They have a buy 10, save $5 sale going on again and I am as happy as a clam.

Here's what I got yesterday (and yes, I will probably go back :D) Prices are after the $5 discount.

6 packs of Keebler Fudge shop cookies .99- 3 $2/2 coupons (peelies)= FREE ( .06 profit)
2 Orbit gum .50 each
3 Uncle Ben's rice packs .99- $1/3 = $1.97/3
2 Land O Lakes spreadable butter .99- .40(doubled) = .19 each
1 Lean Cuisine entree- free coupon from writing company= FREE
3 Betty Crocker potatoes .99 each- 3 .40 coupons (doubled)- .40 shortcuts coupon = .17/3
2 Birdseye Steamfresh $1.49 each - 2 .50 coupons (doubled) = .49 each
1 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter sticks .99 - $1 coupon = FREE ( .01 profit)
1 Snuggle Fabric softener $2.99 - $3 coupon = FREE (.01 profit)
9 Hormel Chili w/ beans .79 each - 3 $2/3 coupons = $1.11/9 (approx .12/can!!)
1 Playtex Gloves $1 - $1 coupon = FREE (produced a catalins for $1 any..the one I got was $1 but they had a different kind for .50 which will make a .50 profit when I go back!)
5 cans Del Monte tomatoes .49 each - $1/5 coupon = $1.45/5 (approx .29 can)
4 Coke product 2 liters .79 each - $1/4 coupon (attached to products) = $2.16/4 ( .54 each)

Also I bought (not included in mega sale):

2 Idahoan potatoes $1 each = $1/2 coupon = .50 each
1 Plumrose Ham lunch meat, marked to $1
1 Perdue shirt cuts italian chicken marked to $1.29- .75 coupon = .54
Kroger cat food $1.79
4 Pillsbury Italian loaves marked down to .99 each - 2 .40/2 coupons = .59 each
Kroger crackers .88
2 Kroger eggs .88 each
Kroger bread $1.00
ground beef $1.91 (I forgot my .50 coupon, can you believe it?!)
2 Hillshire Farm smokies $6 (I nearly died...I needed them for a church thing)

Manufacturers coupons savings $27.75
bonus coupon savings $3.40
Kroger plus savings (sales and mega discount) $50.21
total savings $81.36

My total was $28.97


Be proud of me. I emptied my coupon box, made new dividers, threw out everything expired and cut new coupons. It's nice and neat.


I needed to pick up some things at Walgreens yesterday, too.

I bought:
Robitussin to go $2.49 ( free after RR)
1 Glade fabric spray on sale for $2.99- $2 coupon (get $1 RR back) so free after RR
3 clearance toys
4 Coke 12 packs on sale 4/$10, used 2 $1 coupons, so 4/$8
1 Rimmel blush clearanced to $1.79- $1 coupon
1 Chapstick (fresh effects $2.99 and FREE after RR)

After previous RR ($17) and coupons, I paid about $6.50 (I don't have the receipt with me to verify amount) and got $6.50 back
I could have done better, but I really needed those Cokes. lol

There is a deal on Dove shampoo..they are $4.99 BOGOF. If you buy 8, you get $10 back. If you have 8 Dove shampoo coupons, this will be the deal for you.

************************** (link to left)has Rite Aid coupons for $/$. The amount is regional, so after you use your zip code, try some others. These are great to use for rebate items.

************************* had some printable BOGOF on the small Glade candles. The site was down just now when I checked to get you the link, but hopefully it will be back soon. Print these because Glade deals are fantastic lately. They make great gifts, and after Christmas, some of the scents have been known to go on clearance. (I'm not sure about the expiration date of the coupons)


From 6PM to midnight on Halloween, get a free black taco at Taco Bell. 1 per person. Details here.


Want some fantastic recipes? I love the Pioneer Woman. Her website is here. Click on Tasty Kitchen to take you to her recipe site! She also has other things on her site to browse, and she's quite funny!


Another money saving meal.... I bought 2 packages of Kraft Deluxe mac and cheese dinner..added 1 lb ground beef, 1 pack of taco mix. Voila'. You can also dress it up with drained and rinsed black beans, chopped tomatoes, or a number of other things.

Have a money saving meal? Email me the recipe along with your first name and last initial, and I may feature it on the blog!


I was at Lowe's yesterday and noticed a 7 pack of lightbulbs (CFL) and it said on the box there was a coupon for $5/$50 at Lowes inside. If you are already buying bulbs, then pick those up. Black Friday is coming soon.


FREEBIES: (these could disappear at any time!) PLEASE remember to set up a "junk" free email for your freebies, etc.

2010 calendar
Free Holiday download from Glade. Must enter UPC:
Hollyberry wreath 046500708657
Homemade Gingerbread 046500709715
Peppermint Crush 046500708466
Bayberry Spice 046500708633
Free Yoyo gloss mini for Twitter users


Mission tortilla coupon. I use a lot of these. Remeber to use your back button to print it twice!


Last week, I wrote to Boston Market Frozen dinners about their packaging. I opened one and the tray was busted to pieces. I got a coupon for a free one and several .75 coupons.

I am going to write some more companies this weekend.


I have to tell you about a new product I love. It's Arm and Hammer dryer sheets..I think they are called Total Care. They are slightly damp with softener and you pop them in your dryer like regular dryer sheets. Here's the deal..I love a "laundry" smell. These have that. AND when I did a load of towels and put them away..they stayed scented for DAYS. I love that!!! Arm and Hammer usually has coupons on their website an I will be buying these for sure in the future!


Have a great shopping day!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back from vacation...

and trying to get in the swing of things again. My goal for today (beyond cleaning house) is to toss my expired coupons, make new dividers for my box and cut out the new coupons from the past couple of weeks. I'm trying. Once I go on vacation, I feel so out of the deal loop when I get back.

I went to Walgreens this week..Zantac is free after RR. I had a $5 coupon which sadly is no longer available, making the price $3.99 with a $9 RR back. There are also $1 coupons out from the inserts in August that will make it a $1 money maker.

There is still a $6 RR wyb Gillette Fusion MVP razors ($8.99) and there is a $4 coupon out.

Theraflu is Buy 2 get $4 RR, buy 3 get $8 RR. There are coupons out as well as coupons in the Walgreens Healthy Savings booklets, available in stores. Remember, you can use a manufacturer's coupon along with a WG coupon.

Starbucks Frappucino is $1.29 with the in ad coupon and there are $1 coupons here. Push your back button a few times after printing to print it twice.

Remember that you have to have as many items as coupons. If you need fillers, look for something super cheap, such as the halloween pencils that are 8/$1 with the ad coupon. Buy a few, use the one coupon, and let your other coupons "attach" to the other pencils.


Become a fan of Edible Arrangements on Facebook and get a free 6 piece box of dipped fruit!


Get a .50 coupon on ground beef here. The code is A23568. When it asks for a store you can either enter one, or click other and type "your favorite store" for it to print without a store name. Of course, you can always win a prize...I won a burger timer. If you don't pick a store, there will be a large empty box on the coupon. I think it looks funny. I picked Kroger and the Kroger symbol is on it. It will double there. This is a .pdf coupon.


Max Factor is shutting down. There are peelies on the products for $3 off Covergirl. They say something about being a loyal customer and save on their sister brand, as they will no longer be available in 2010. RIP Max Factor. (These will probably all be going on clearance soon)

************ (link to the left) has some GREAT coupons including coupons for toys (that can be used for Black Friday and other Christmas deals) and candy. Get them now!!!


Be sure to load coupons to your shoppers cards from Cellfire and Shortcuts!


Have a great shopping day!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Walgreens happy..

I am so in love with Walgreens sometimes.

I went Monday and bought:

1 Vaseline Lotion (free after RR, used a $1.50 coupon)
1 Emergen C booster (free after RR)
1 Chapstick Fresh Effects (free after RR)
1 Hall's Sugar Free (free after RR) (there is a .50 copon in Oct 23rd's All You, but I didn't have the magazine yet)
1 Herbal Essences ($2.99, get a $2 RR, used $1 coupon)
3 coloring books (filler...$1)
1 Watkins lotion .99 (filler)

Total: $16.95 (after original coupons)
Used previous RR: $16
Total: $2.12 (pay tax on pre coupon amount)
Got back: $16.50

Order #2 (I split the orders because one of my RR was from the same company as the Thera Flu in the first order, so I didn't want to use it with Thera Flu, because the RR would not print)

3 TheraFlu $12- $6 in coupons from the Health booklet (the printables ran out)
1 highlighter .15 (filler)
- $6 previous RR
with tax- .88 OOP got back $8 RR

Today, I bought:

1 Vaseline lotion
1 Herbal Essences (-$1 q)
1 Halls

Total: $9.98
used $9 in RR (none from Vaseline)
Total: .98, got back $10 in RR

There is a $5/$25 coupon here. The $25 must be before coupons, but if you combine it with the RR deals, it works out pretty well. This expires today.


I found some things on clearance at Walmart today, too!

Airborne Seasonal Relief was $1, used $1 coupons = FREE
Theraflu tablets $2.50- $2 coupon (found it hidden in my coupon box)= FREE
Crystal Light 8 qt canisters $1.50..some had peelies for $1 on them = .50 each
Chili Master Chili- rollback to $2.50, used $2 coupon from Oct .23 All You = .50


Don't forget tomorrow is FREE cookie day at Mrs Fields from 11-1. If you have one near you, stop in for your FREE cookie!


Get a $1 printable on Pillsbury crescent rolls here. Some grocery chains will be having a catalina coming up for them. Remember to push your back button a couple of times and print it twice.


I was just told that the Vaseline lotion, Halls, Emergen C's at WGs are month long deals (this doesn't mean this will be the sale price all month, just that the RR will print. I do not know about sale prices yet.

There is also a Gillette Fusion razor $8.99 in blue packaging that there is also a $4 coupon on from last weekends P&G insert. You get back a $6 RR. RIGHT NOW...the Fusion RR is rolling..meaning you can use it to buy another Fusion. It does NOT mean it will continue to roll, so be careful. The Herbal Essences may be rolling as well. Be prepared.


I will be on vacation next week. I may or may not blog, but it's unlikely. If not, I will "see" you when I get back and have a great shopping day!


Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm so excited! :)

It's shaping up to be a nice next couple of weeks.

First, Food Lion had buy a lb of Sara Lee Turkey (in the deli) and get a 1/2 lb Sara Lee cheese free. I had my $3/$10 coupon and headed up there..the deli lady cut the wrong turkey. Sara Lee turkey was $6.99/lb..the one she cut was $2.99/lb. Since it was her mistake, she let me have it. So, for $3, I got 1 lb turkey and 1/2 lb Sara Lee cheese! :) I also got 2 Air Wick air fresheners for my mom for .58 by using 2 $6 combined with them being BOGOF. I got 6 Glade candles free using $3 coupons.


I went to Walgreens and bought the $2.49 Thermacare and used the coupon found here. They are free after ecb, so this was $1 money maker. I bought 6 Reese's cups using 6 coupons, got 3 free 20oz Diet cokes (I think this goes until the 26th), and a 4 pack of Bic Soliel razors..used the $3 coupon from this weekend's paper and a $1 RR, got a $1 RR back...paid about $4.90 OOP and got back $3.50 in RR


Most of my RR's don't expire until after the sale starts for next week and next week will be a biggie. Free after RR will be:

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion $6.99, use a coupon from here.

Oral B Advantage toothbrush

Robitussin DM to Go

Emergen-C booster

Chapstick Fresh Effects

Dentek Dental here..

Halls Refresh Sugar free. Find a coupon in Oct's All You.

You can MAKE $2.50 with those..and I will use my current RR's to pay for them.

Also, Herbal Essences will be $2.99, get a $2 RR, and there are $1 coupons out.

Thera Flu will be buy 2 get a $4 RR. Use the coupon here and the coupon from the Healthy Savings booklet in the store.

Walgreens will be FANTASTIC next week.


Take a flu quiz and get $5/$25 coupon from CVS...oh, how I miss CVS Find the quiz here.


Here is a coupon for $1 off of Wheat Thins. They are part of the mega sale at Kroger this week, or if you have CVS, the small box is on sale for $1 so they will be free.



Target's is here.

Walmart's is here.


Take a survey and get a free Ensure 6 pack. Survey is here.


Get a free membership to America until 10/31 here.

Get a free Debt Free Holiday Handbook here.

Get free samples from Walmart here.

Get a free sample of Unconditional Love fragrance through Facebook here.

Get a free GeoTrax video with 4 episodes here.


Have a great shopping day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have loved Walgreens this week...

Sadly, I think it has come to an end. The 2 Triaminics are no longer giving double RR's. How sad.
HOWEVER, I did go and get a couple more before they ended it.
Tuesday I went, got

2 Triaminic Nighttime syrups
2 Hershey bars (with a free 20oz Diet coke)
Used 2 $1 Triaminic coupons, plus the Triaminic WG coupon (takes off twice)

paid $5.59 before tax, got back $10 RR

Wednesday, I went, and got:

3 12.4 oz Twizzlers (these are larger packs on clearance for .70 each..and I had a $1/3 coupon)
6 Reeses peanut butter cups, used 3 BOGOF coupons
2 Trident layers gum 2/$2..used a $1/2 coupon from here
3 20oz Diet cokes (free wyb 2 Hershey's candies)
1 Murine ear wax kit
1 True North Almond crisps

I used the BOGOF coupons, the Trident coupon, the Twizzler coupon, and 2 $5 RR ( cannot use a previous True North $3 RR because then a new one would not print) paid $3.20 before tax, got back a $6 RR for the Murine, $3 for the True North and $1 for the Trident (buy 2 get a $1 RR..with coupon, makes them free after RR), so $10 in RR back.


I had to go back to Kroger because I forgot to buy my husband's coffee creamer when I was at bought:

1 5 subject notebook..clearanced to .50
Kroger creamer
6 Velveeta shells cups
2 Kraft deluxe mac and cheese
1 Kraft BBQ sauce
1 package Wheat Thins
1 Lean Cuisine
1 Sweet baby Ray's bbq sauce
1 family sized package boneless pork chops
1 Lysol lemon cleaner (these are 50% off)

10 of those items qualify for the buy 10 get $5 off
I used 2 buy 2 get 1 free coupons for the Velveeta cups
1 Free BBQ sauce wyb 2 Kraft deluxe
$1 off Sweet Baby Rays (on sale for $1)
1 free Lean Cuisine coupon
.50 Lysol coupon (doubled)
$1 Nabisco crackers coupon

I paid $10.68 OOP


Walmart had a LOT on clearance. I was told that inventory is next week for my store, so they are marking things down. I got

a large box of puzzles (10 in the box) clearanced to $4

4 Edwards Key Lime Pie singles $1.12 each minus $1 coupons (there are 2 packs of singles and 1 packs of singles...I bought the 1 packs)

4 packs of Steamfresh rice $1.78- $1.50 coupons

Jergens Natural Glow express lotion..clearanced to $2, used $1 coupon

1 shirt for me clearanced to $5

1 shirt for my oldest clearanced to $3

1 shirt for my youngest clearanced to $3

1 shirt for my middle one, marked $3, rang up $1!

1 3-piece pj's set for my youngest (saved for Christmas) $7

Johnson and Johnson floss .97- $1 coupon

1 package Shick razors $1.97-$3 coupon

4 Chinet plates $2.54 each- $2 coupons

1 Glade mini candle- free coupon

White cloud toilet paper $2- $1 coupon

Sally Henson insta dry nail polish $3.50- $3 coupon

1 Dragonball Z toy (for Christmas) marked WAY down to $1

1 Hulk toy marked down to $1

1 Good Life cat food $4.77- $2 coupon

1 La Crosse emery boards .97- $1 coupon

shoes for my youngest marked down to $9

NYC nail polish $1.72-$1 coupon

mac and cheese 5 pack, used a free Capri sun coupon wyb the 5 pack

I also bought a curtain rod, dog treats, spaghetti, Spray Power (some of the best cleaner EVER),eye shadow applicators.

My subtotal before coupons was $87.45, after $52.51


Mark your calendars! From 11-1 on Oct 1st, get a FREE cookie from Mrs Fields!

Get a $1/2 Ore Ida coupon here.


I got my Amazon gift certificate from Swagbucks today and I am already more than halfway to my next one. I love Swagbucks!! Click on the Swagbucks name and start earning gc's and prizes!

I also got my Chili's gift card from Mycokerewards. Right now, they also have up a $10 Subway card for 280 points AND if you already have a Subway card, you can also have $10 loaded to it for 250 points.


Have a great shopping day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

What a trip!

This morning, I got a tip that Triaminic allergy strips UPC 3004363831436344045 at Walgreens was giving out DOUBLE RR! Now, the deal is supposed to be 2/$10 get a $5 RR. So, I go out there and BOOM!!!! There are 3 boxes, so I snatch 2. I used 2 $1 Triaminic coupons I had AND a $2 Walgreens coupon (in the Healthy Savings all Season Long book at the store- this will come off twice, one for each box)), got 2 boxes for $4 and got back $10RR!!! I can not guarantee this will work all week long...or even all day long, so be prepared. I also heard that the Nightime COld and Cough syrup is working..UPC 300436344045

I also picked up one of the True North Almond Clusters for $3, used a $1 coupon and got $3 RR back.

There's also a deal if you buy 2 Reeses candy bars, you get a 20oz Coke Zero free. If you have BOGOF coupons still, this is a nice deal.

I ended up spending $5.17 oop and got back $13!!!

If your WG has the large Symphony bars on clearance, they are part of the buy 2, get $1 RR, so you COULD get them free.

AND if you have the Gihardelli on clearance for .65 or so at your WG, print $1/2 coupons at the All You site, combine them with the $1/2 coupons in the Sept WG coupon book, and get them free with overage. You will need to buy something to take up the overage...a .75/2 coupon should print at checkout, and you can do the deal over.


I did the Kroger deal today, and I don't think there is a limit per transaction again. I did it 4 times on my transaction. I found some coupons from an older issue of Kraft Food and Family magazine, as well as some from the current issue. There were also $1 peelies on the snack crackers at the store. I got quite a few good deals. I even had a lot of coupons that Kroger had sent me. I ended up with:

1 container Edy's Ice cream (used $1 coupon)

2 12 packs Big K diet cokes with lime (on sale for $1.88!)

4 packages of Jello (used 2 .50/2 coupons that doubled)

2 Capri-suns (used a .75 coupon and a $1 coupon)

Purina cat food (used $2 coupon)

2 packages Kraft cheddar cheese ($1/2 coupon)

4 Kraft singles ( .75/2 coupon and a $1/2 coupon)

1 Lunchables ($1 coupon)

3 Oscar Mayer hotdogs (used a $1/2 coupon and a $1/1 coupon)

3 Lean Cuisines (used $2/3 coupon- All You magazine)

1 Healthy Choice meal ($2 coupon)

2 Kraft Bagelfuls (2 $1 coupons)

1 school glue (.35 coupon)

1 Bumble Bee tuna (.50 coupon, doubled)

1 Kraft dressing (.55 coupon)

2 Beneful soft foods (BOGOF coupon)

2 Philly cream cheeses ($1/2 coupon)

1 Ritz, 1 Wheat Thins, 1 Triscuits (all had $1 coupon each)

3 Kroger frozen pizzas (on sale for .88 each)

6 Easy macs (used .55/3 coupon and .75/3 coupon)

1 Velveeta mac cup (.55/1 coupon)

2 Kraft Deluxe mac and cheese ($1/2 coupon)

1 Kraft BBQ sauce (free wyb 2 Kraft deluxe coupon)

1 pack Energizer batteries (1.00 coupon)

Chicken breast tenders $3.23

Kroger green beans (dented .49)

2 Margaret Holmes peas (1.29 each - 2 1.49 coupons- got in the mail from them)

Ronzoni Smart Taste spaghetti (.50 coupon, doubled)

1 Charmin (.25 coupon, doubled)

1 Angel Soft (.50 coupon, doubled)

Bounty paper towels (.25 coupon, doubled)

Kroger tortilla chips (.65 Shortcuts coupon)

3 Bunny Breads (3 .25 coupons, doubled)

Purina Chef Michaels dog food ($3 coupon)

potatoes (managers special 2.99)

my total was 53.09, saved 63%


I got some more coupons in the mail today..from Ken's dressings (who makes Sweet Baby Rays):

1 free bottle Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce

$1 coupon for Sweet Baby Ray (I think these are on sale at Kroger for $1!)

$1 Ken's Marinade

$1 Ken's Dressing

I also got $1 on Nanako Rice Vinegar and a lot of recipes.


Get a sample of Honey Nut Cheerios here.

Get a free Nestle Carnation Holiday Recipe guide here.

Free samples from Flexitol here.


Earn money back from spending at Rite Aid! Details here. Save your receipts and earn money back Sept 13th through Oct 17th. This is a great thing to use along side rebate items and that sort of thing!!


Have a great shopping day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mega sale!

Awesome news! Kroger is having another mega sale. This time it's buy 10 Kraft and/or Nestle products and get $5 off! I love these mega deals...included in the deal is:

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shave Lunchmeat
Lunchable Fun Pack
Meat Wieners
Meat Bologna
Fully cooked Bacon

Package Foods:
Nestle toll house morsels
Jell-o Gelatin and Pudding
Jell-o (Sugar free)
Triscuit crackers
Wheat Thins Crackers
Nabisco Oreo and double stuff
Nabisco Premium crackers
Kraft dressings
Velveeta shells and cheese
Kraft deluxe mac and cheese
Kraft mac and cheese shapes
Kraft easy mac cups
Velveeta shells and cheese cups
Kraft bistro
Stove top stuffing mix quick cups

Pet Foods:
Purina Carvers dog snacks
Purina One cat or dog food
Purina Fancy Feast
Tidy Cats litter
Chef Michaels Canine Creations
Purina Beneful adult dog food
Purina Busy Bone
Purina Beggin Strips
Purina Cat Chow

Frozen Foods:

Kraft Bagel-fuls
Digiorno pizza
California Pizza kitchen pizza
Hot pockets and Lean pockets sandwiches
Lean Cuisine entree
Stouffer's entrees
Haagen Dazs pints
Nestle drumsticks
Nestle eskimo pie
The Skinny Cow treats
Edys products

Nestle Baby Ruth fun size
Nestle Butterfinger fun size
Nestle Crunch fun size
Wonka candy
Planters peanuts
Powerbar Protein plus bar


Nestle Coffee-mate powder
Coffee creamer
Nesquik powder and ready to drink
Nestle Juicy Juice
Kool aid jammers juice drink
Capri sun juice drinks
Crystal light drink mix
Nescafe tasters choice instant coffee
Starbucks coffee
Maxwell house coffee
Seattles best coffee
Ice mountain brand natural spring water
Perrier sparkling natural mineral water
Boost nutritional energy drink
Kid essentials

Dairy and refrigerated:

Kraft natural cheese
Kraft singles
Philadelphia cream cheese
Buitoni refrigerated pastas and sauces
Velveeta pasteurized prepared cheese product
Jell-o refrigerated ready to eat gelatin and pudding snacks

There is a $5 coupon for the Kids Essentials here. Using your back button, you can print 2.
There is a $1 coupon for Bagelfuls here.
Get a Nestle rebate booklet here.
Wheat Thins coupon here.
Toll House morsels coupon here.
Buitoni here. (register)

Be sure to check your past inserts...there are a LOT of coupon match ups and you get get some great deals!

Have a great shopping day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Amazing Food Lion! Other deals...

Well, I'll have to Walmart trip wasn't great today. Mostly, it was because I was buying things I needed for my son's 13th birthday party, so really, there's nothing to report except that due to previous coupon trips, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.


Yesterday, I made trips to Kroger, Food Lion, and Walgreens. At Walgreens, I bought:
2 mini Glade candles (used free coupons) got back $1 RR
1 large Glade candle (used free coupon) got back $2 RR
2 large Symphony candy bars ($2/both) got back $1 RR
1 detergent and 1 fabric softener (WG brand..$1.99 each)
Paid with a $5 RR


Kroger deals were pretty much the same as last week..the sale was the same. I got:

5 Dr Pepper, etc..the deal was buy 4 at 4/$12 and get a free one. Used a $1 coupon I had.

6 packages Keebler cookies...the deal was buy 3, get free milk. I used 3 $2/2 coupons and paid $6 for 6 packs of cookies and 2 gallons of milk. The coupons were stuck to the cookie packages.

2 Yoplait yogurt...marked down to $1.09 each, used 2 .50 coupons that doubled, making them $.09 each

I got 2 "announcement" catalinas that said: Buy any Pillsbury refrigerated Grands or Grands jr biscuits..all count sizes...between 9/7 and 10/14

buy 3 get $1 OYNO
buy 4 get $1.50 OYNO
buy 5 or more and get $2 OYNO


Purchase any Old El Paso taco shells, dinner kits, SEASONING, refried beans, or heat and serve side dishes between 9/11 and 10/4

save $1 on your next chicken or beef purchase wyb 3
save $3 on your next chicken or beef purchase wyb 6


Now FOOD LION! I am so excited! A guy was marking down Jennie-O stuff while I was there and I had lots and lots of coupons. Here's what I got:

1 4lb bag Chef Michaels dog food...$3.50- $2 coupon ($1.50)
2 Glade Mini candles $3.19- free coupons (free)
1 large Glade candle $4.50- $3 coupon ($1.50)
3 Chef michael canned dog food - 1 free coupon and 1 $1/2 coupon (.78/3)
family pack sirloin tip steak- marked down to $3.65
4 packs Jennie-O italian seasoned ground turkey $1.07 each - 4 $1 coupons (.28!!!!)
6 packs Jennie-O turkey sausage patties .75 each (4.50)
1 Food Lion small pack Walnuts $1.52- $1 FLIP= (.52)
1 Smithfield polish sausage 1.99- $1 coupon (.99)
4 packs Jennie-O ground turkey 1.07 each - $1 coupons (.28!!!!!!!!!!)
2 10 lb bags chicken leg quarters 3.99 each - $5 coupon - this was $5/20 meat dept coupon ($2.98)
4 Hershey bars .45 each (rounded..they were bogof at .89)
1 Toberlone .75
1 carton eggs- .82
total with tax (on candles& dog food) $21.30

I have a lot of meat in the freezer!


I am still getting coupons in from my last round of letter writing. I just got:

2 $2 off Purina pet foods

$5, $3, $1 Sally Henson coupons

*************************** is offering a $25 gift certificate for $1 using the code NINETY. Look and see what is near you and read the terms.


Have a great shopping day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Quick update...

I got some more coupons from the companies I wrote in the mail today.

Hefty sent me a free product of my choice up to $5

Cole's sent me 1 free product to $4 and 2 .30 coupons

Sister Schubert's sent me a free product coupon

Domino sugar sent me 2 .25 coupons

Not bad!


Sunday, Walgreens will be having a buy the 2oz Glade candle, get $1 RR if you still have free coupons. There will also be a $2 RR wyb the Lasting Impressions, Sense and Spray, 3 wick candle or reed diffuser. I will be using my free coupon I wrote for for that.

Buy $15, get $5 RR or buy $10, get $2 RR Starbucks Ice cream pint $3
Buy 5, use five $2 coupons from June 21st's paper and get all 5 free after RR. (You will pay $5 out of pocket, and get $5 back.) These coupons expire the 13th. If you don't have them, you might check ebay or a clipper service, but hurry!)


Get a $3 coupon on Purina Pro plan cat or dog food. You have to complete the survey. Here.


Have a great shopping day and a fabulous holiday weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I may have too many plates...

Well, I did my Walmart shopping for this week, and honestly, I am starting to notice a disturbing trend. I had a lot of those $2 Chinet plates coupons, and I have been buying some every week...I like to spread it out, so not to freak out the cashiers...ANYHOW..I brought home another 6 packs today (because with the $2 coupon, they are only .54 a pack) and now I have no where to stack them. I think I may have to rearrange my stockpile shelves. Oh, well.....I love a good deal.

I also FINALLY found the Glade mini candles there...they had been out since the free coupons came out..and they are the only ones that carry the purple ones. I bought 6 of those, as well.

2 packs of Colgate Total were still on clearance for $1, and I bought 3 with $1 coupons.

Purina cat chow was $4.77- $3.50 coupon found here.

Cascade powder was on clearnace for $3. No coupon today. :(

I bought 4 Johnson and Johnson floss's for .97 each minus $1 coupons.

1 12 pack of Schick razors $1.97-$3 coupon

My total for:

6 Chinet plates
6 Glade mini candles
1 pack birthday invitations
1 Men's tee
1 pack special birthday candles
1 Spy Gear flashlight (clearance)
1 6-pack women's underwear
1 box Cascade
3 2 packs of toothpaste
1 box of butter sticks
1 pack dog treats
1 washcloth (I buy 1 or 2 a week until I get as many as I want..I'm weird)
4 floss's
1 box trashbags
1 cat chow
1 12 pack of razors

After I left Walmart I went over to Food Lion. My husband's birthday, as well as our anniversary is this weekend, so I wanted to get something to make for dinner one night. I still had a $5/$20 meat coupon, so I got some steaks...ribeyes that were $25.45 before MVP, and $13.37 after minus the coupon...$8.37.

I also got 2 lbs of white american Land O Lakes cheese from the a pound, get one free, and used a $3/$10 Deli FLIP. It made it $3.17 for 2 lbs.

5 packs of kitchen towels were on sale for 75% off...$1.75 each

I bought 4 medium sized Glade candles $5.99 - 50% off - $3 coupons...all free

2 Glade mini candles with free coupons (I MIGHT have too many Glade candles as well)

1 Family pack chicken thighs $2.95 closeout

6 Food Lion 2 liters marked for quick sale at .25 each

1 pack of Crayola 3-D sidewalk chalk on closeout for 75% off $1.25

1 Food Lion water .27 (they keep them by the checkout in a cooler :) )

AND one Toblerone... .75

Total $21.38


There are NO coupons this weekend since it is Labor Day. I know, I'm sad, too.


Wear sports related apparel to Chick-Fil-A on Monday (Labor Day) and get a free chicken sandwich.

Become a TGIFridays fan on Facebook, enter your email in the burger tab, & get a free burger if they hit 500k by 9/30


Have a great shopping day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coupons, deals and Swagbucks

First things first... Swagbucks has a new toolbar you can download and will even send codes to your toolbar to earn Swagbucks. If you haven't joined Swagbucks, you can even set them to your default search engine and have the opportunity to win Swagbucks when you search! You can then trade them for prizes or gift cards!


I got some of my coupons from the weekend in the mail already! Today I got a FREE muti wick candle or reed diffuser from Glade. I also received several coupons from Purex... a free bottle up to $4, .50 off of Purex Soft fabric softer or sheets, .50 off Soft Scrub, .40 off Renuzit (except candles), .50 liquid or dry Purex detergent, and .50 off Zout stain remover.


One of the coupons I received recently from Food Lion was $5 off $20 from the meat department. This coupon is BEFORE your MVP card, so with BOGOF, etc, it is a GREAT coupon. The deals I got there this past week were:

Chef Michaels dry dog food.. one sale 2/$7- $3 coupons = .50 each. (I bought the 4 bags they had)
Jenni-o had ground turkey, already seasoned BOGOF at $4.29 (making them $2.15 each) - $1 coupon = $1.15
From the deli, canadian maple ham was BOGOF (lbs) and I bought 2, using a $3 off $10 deli coupon (price before MVP!)
I bought 2 packs of split chicken breasts and one family pack of ground beef for my $5 coupon
Dove visibly smooth was BOGOF and I used 2 $2 coupons from their website to make them approx .15 each
I used a $1 Guiding stars FLIP on dried great northern beans to get them for .18
I bought several Glade Fragrance collection candles using either free or $3 coupons, and paid for none of them..
I used a $1 Hawaiian rolls coupon (FLIP) on the small pack that is $1.29 to get them for .29

My total:
4 bags dog food
2 Jennie-o packs ground turkey
2 packs split chicken breasts
1 Hawaiian rolls
2 Dove Visibly smooth deodorants
3 Glade mid-sized candles
3 Glade mini candles
2 lbs deli ham
approx 4 lbs ground $20.41


At Kroger, some of the things I got:

5 packs of Diet Dr Pepper..they are on sale 4/$12 and you get 1 free wyb 4
6 packs of Simply potatoes .98 each - 3 $1/2 coupons
Kroger breakfast sandwiches- I had a $1 coupon Kroger sent me and a $1 Shortcuts coupon making it .99
Hefty one zip freezer bags $1.25 each - $1 coupons
Kroger popsicles $1.99- .75 shortcuts coupon
Schick Intuition $9.77- FREE coupon (from writing) - $1 shortcuts..
3 Ronzoni pastas $1.50 each minus 3 .50 coupons (doubled)
2 Sister Schuberts rolls $2.50 each minus 2 $.55 coupons
There is a promo for free milk wyb 3 participating Keebler/Kelloggs/Sunshine products. I bought 6 packs of cookies that had $2/2 coupons on them..I paid $6 for the cookies and the milk
Dial hand soap $1 - .35 coupons (doubled)
2 Hunts Ketchup $1 each..minus $1/2 coupon

I bought a few other things, but those were the best deals.


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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Company replies

I'm going to post yesterday's shopping trip a little later, but I thought I would update you on the company responses that I wrote this weekend:

Betty Crocker (posted before) Got a thanks, and offered a product locator

Breathe Right- a thanks

Glade- sending coupons

Purex- sending coupons

Chef Michaels- sending coupons

Snausages- thanks, sending coupons

Uniball and Papermate- thanks

Post its- thanks

Domino sugar- sending recipes and coupons

Reynold's wrap- thanks

lean Cuisine- sending coupons

Sister Schuberts- sending coupons

McCalls farms- told I could request stores carry products

Those are who I have heard from so far. I will keep you updated, as well as let you know where else I intend to write this week!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Writing companies again..

So, I posted a few posts a while back about writing companies, then I kind of abandoned it for a while. Since my plans for today fell through, I decided to take some time to do that today. I sat down and wrote several companies, I will keep you updated on what they say or send. Some I have heard from already!! Remember, I do not ask for coupons. It's just my preference, because I think some will not send them if you ask..odd, but true. I give feedback on the product, positive or negative. Sometimes I even try to interject humor into it. Here's who I wrote today:

Betty Crocker- Suddenly Salad- this was a question...I can't find the Chipotle Ranch anymore. I was informed of a product locator. Thx Betty Crocker.

Breathe Right Strips- positive- they really help during allergy season!!

Glade- both positive and negative. I love the new Fragrance Collection candles, but really don't like the reed diffusers...I can't really smell it!

Purex- both positive and negative- the regular Purex, I have no problems out of, the Naturals doesn't clean well at all.

Chef Michaels (dog food)- positive- dog loves it, wish Walmart sold it. I was promised coupons and informed WM would not be carrying it in 2009.

Kibbles n Bits- positive- dog loves it (she's really not that darn picky, so I can say that about a lot of food)

Snausages- oh...guess...the dog loves them. Got a thank you and they are sending coupons.

Meow mix- the dog doesn't care for it, but the cats love it!

Uni Ball- husband loves the pens

Paper Mate- I love the pens (both uniball and papermate sent thanks...from the same CS dude. Oops)

Mead- Negative- my son's brand new 5 star binder is splitting..he's used it 2 weeks.

Post its- I post it everything. It's sad, really. I expect when I die, instead of a tombstone, they'll just post it the grave- got a thanks

Domino sugar- love it

Greased Lightning (cleaner) Love the way it cleans my kitchen

Reynold's wrap- love it, listed some things I use it for

Hefty pans (those throw away baking pans)- use them for freezer cooking a lot.

Lean Cuisine- negative- the last few I bought had ice crystals all in them..gross

Cole's Bread- that's just good stuff

Old orchard juice- like a lot

Sally Henson- love the way polish lasts

Sister Schuberts- honest..the best yeast rolls. Ever.

McCall Farms- love products, hard to find

I expect to hear from most Monday, so I will keep you updated. I'm going to make a list of more to write. Think people will look at me funny if I wander around the grocery with a notepad taking notes?


Just a little off topic note...I have had a LOT of jalepenos from my garden. I have frozen a lot, but today, I cut them in half, scooped out the insides (I wore gloves!) and filled them with cream cheese. Then I baked them. Guess what I found out? I can't quit eating them. Maybe I should write Tums...


Have a great shopping day!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What does $33 get you?

Well, at Kroger it got me a lot! I love the buy 10 get $5 off sales. I got:

3 Betty Crocker fruit shapes
2 Betty Crocker brownies
2 Go gurt
2 Toaster Strudel
2 Tuna Helper
1 Chicken Helper
1 Betty Crocker potatoes
2 Fruity Cheerios
1 Kroger cat food
2 Kraft cheddars
1 All Bran fiber bars
2 Yopliat 4 packs
1 Fiber One yogurt
3 Warm Delights
1 Betty Crocker cookie mix
1 bagged salad
1 Kroger vegetable medley
1 Kozy Shack ready grains
1 Kroger fries
6 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
2 Pillsbury biscuits
1 pack Tyson Chicken
2 Big K 12 pack sodas

After paper coupons, shortcuts, cellfire, clearance, Kroger plus deals...grand total: $33 even.


Take $5 off of $25 at Walgreens using the coupon found here:

The $25 must be after all coupons.


Get a $5 coupon for Zantac here: Look in the upper right corner


Next week there are some free after RR at Walgreens:

Rembrandt Toothpaste
Colgate 360 ActiFlex toothbrush
Carefree Pantyliners
Men's Zone 6 Blade Razor System

There are coupons out for the toothbrushes, and a Carefree coupon here:

Also, Breathe Right nasal strips will be .99 after RR. The coupons on their site isn't for the right size, so I will keep an eye out.


Have a great shopping day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kroger, Walmart and make some cash!!

I had a fantastic shopping day yesterday. It exhausted me, but it was great. First, with the Kroger buy 10, get $5 off...if you lack some coupons, check out (link to the left) because they have a lot to match up. Also, don't forget to load cellfire and shortcuts coupons to your card.

Here's what I got (I believe the prices are all correct...I'm doing this from the receipt):

2 Betty Crocker brownies - .75/2 paper coupon and .75/2 Shortcuts coupon .74 each
2 Old El Paso shells (soft and hard) - $1 on refried beans wyb 2 OEP products (refried beans also on the deal) - OEP shortcuts coupon .99 each
Old El Paso refried beans free w/ above coupon
Quaker Quakes - .50 coupon (doubled) .31 overage
Yo-plus yogurt- .50 coupon, doubled $1
2 Go-gurt - (2) .35 coupons - .80 Cellfire coupon .89 each
Toaster Strudel- .50 coupon (doubled) .49
Quaker Oatmeal squares cereal - $1.00 coupon .49
Quaker True Delights bars - $1.00 coupon .99
Betty Crocker Spiderman fruit snacks- .40 coupon (doubled) .69
Betty Crocker Transformers fruit snacks - .40 coupon (doubled) - .40 Cellfire coupon .29
2 BC Warm delights - (2) .50 coupons (doubled) , 1 .50 shortcuts coupon, and 1 .50 Cellfire coupon .39 each
2 Macaroni grill chicken marsala meals - $1.00 coupons $1.49 each
3 Hamburger Helpers- .75/2 (sent by Kroger) - .75/3 Shortcuts - 1 free wyb 3 Betty Crocker potatoes .29 overage (register took off regular price!)
3 BC potatoes - .40 Shortcuts .86 each
Betty Crocker Sugar cookies - .40 coupon (doubled) - .40 cellfire coupon .29
2 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls - .40 shortcuts - .40/2 coupon (doubled) .39 each
3 Grands Biscuits -.40/3 coupon (doubled) .72 each

A few other good deals- (3) Danimals crush cups clearanced .89 - $1 coupons .11 overage each
Tyson fresh chicken $2.44-1 coupon = $1.44
Simply Potatoes .98 each - $1/2 coupon = .96/2

I ended up with a cart full of food for $34.89 Total savings (coupon, bonus coupons, and Kroger plus- $72.67)


My Walmart trip went like this:

Easy mac cups .76 each - .55/2 = .97/2
3 Glade candles - free coupons
Bounce dryer bar 3.97- $2.50 coupon = $1.47
3 Birdseye steamfresh corn $1.78 each - $1.50 coupons = .28 each
4 Chinet plates $2.54 each - $2 coupons = .54 each
3 Reach flosses $1 each - $1 coupons = FREE
Buffalo chicken jerky something or other $7.67- free coupon
2 Schick razors 12 ct $1.97 each - $3.00 coupons = $1.03 overage each
And my favorite...the Jennie-o turkey in the little pans are $3 each. I bought 2, used a $5 Jennie-o coupon and got them both for $1

Not a bad trip!
Walmart here is also resetting toys so a lot are going on clearance!


Pinecone research sign ups are open...these are rare. Each survey (not household questions...they prequalify you for surveys) is paid $3 and I usually get a lot of product tests, too! You can be paid via Paypal


Walgreens is offering 20 free 4x6 prints today only with this code: 20FREE4ME


Have a great shopping day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I love shopping..

Ok, on the surface, it seems like I've been a bad girl and just abandoned you all, but this is not the case!!! My son had emergency surgery last Sunday (not the one that just passed) and I was dealing with that. He had his appendix out (in the middle of the night!) and he is fine now, thanks to some great and efficient doctors.


SO, I had 2 really great Walgreens trips last week right before that, and now all of that is over, so there's not a big point in telling you that. However, this week, I had a $10 RR that was expiring Sunday that I needed to do something with, so I went Sunday afternoon. I bought the SoftSoap body wash that is free after RR for $3.99, 4 Starbucks drinks- they are on sale with the in-ad coupon again 4/$5 and I also had 4 $1 coupons, making them $1 for all 4, 3 packs of papermate pens at .49 each, and a Maybelline Great Lash mascara for $ get a catalina for a free one wyb one. It was $10.49 plus tax...I used the $10 RR and got back a $4 RR and one for a free mascara.


Last week's trip to Walmart was pretty decent too. Some deals:

2 J&J first aid kits .97 - $1 coupons

2 Kellogg's special K (smaller boxes) $1.68- $1 coupons

3 Glade small candles - free coupons (I got extra inserts for these, I'm just going to spread them out!!)

2 small Transformer toys $4.97 each - BOGOF coupon (

2 Ziplock freezer bags $2 each - $1.50/2 coupon

4 2packs of Colgate toothpaste, clearanced for $1- $1 coupons (FREEEEEEEEE)

3 2 packs Reach toothbrushes clearanced for $1 each - $5/3 coupon ($2 overage!)

3 Chinet lunch plates $2.54 each- $2 coupon

Rolaids 3 pack $1.32 - $1 coupon

Reach floss $1- $1 coupon

Not bad huh?
I'm going back tomorrow.


Kroger is doing a buy 10 select items, get $5 off. I am going to go through coupons and see what deal I can come up with. :)


Have a great shopping day!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Food Lion, Walgreens and oh my!

First, I want to say I rarely shop at Food Lion...reason being, they don't double coupons and that breaks my they are kind of out of the way from me. BUT, after doing some deal reading, I headed over yesterday.

Trip one: Food Lion had buy 1lb of Smithfield roast beef in the deli and get a pack of Kaiser rolls free. I went to combine this with a $3/$10 FLIP (Food Lion internet printable. If you sign up on the website, they will send you 4 random printables every week.)

Also Stella brand romano cheese in the deli was .99! It said $4 something regular.

My Kaiser rolls didn't come off but the manager refunded it...she was nice.

I bought some tortillas for $1.69 minus a $1 Guiding star FLIP (Guiding stars are on lots of things in the store, on the tags. This flip was god for anything with the stars on it)

I bought foil for .99 using a $1 360 (Private brand) Flip

Flushable wipes at $1.68 minus a $1.50 wipe flip

I also found that the Glade 3 wick candles are BOGOF and that made them $4.50. I have a bunch of $3 coupons, so I got them $1.50 each, plus they have new ones votive size for $3.19, so I got one using the same coupon. I'm going to go get more. I wasn't sure if there was a same coupon limit like Kroger, but when I asked the manager while she was refunding my Kaiser rolls, she said there wasn't!

I found 3lb ground beef shortdated and marked down to $3.13, a family pack of pork chops for $3.67, and 2 2 packs of steaks marked all the way down to $1.51 and $1.57. They were originally $8 something each.

I ended up spending $27 because I got some other things I just needed, but I ended up with 4 steaks, 3 lbs ground beef, bread, bologna, roast beef, kaiser rolls, 3 packs of tortillas, 2 romano cheeses, flushable wipes, aluminum foil, sour cream, 2 3 wick candles, 1 votive candle, and a family pack of pork chops for that price.

Trip 2 today:

2 Stella romano wedges (.99 each)
1 lb honey baked turkey (6.09)
1 lb honey baked turkey (5.93)
2 Glade 3 wick candles (8.99 each BOGOF)
4 smaller glade candles (5.99 each BOGOF)
1 Aluminum foil (.99)
1 Whiskas 4lb bag (3.50)
2 reeses whips bars (.89 BOGOF)
1 zero bar (.89 BOGOF)
360 flushable wipes ($1.68)
FL spaghetti, 2 lb ($1.99)

I used:
$1 360 flip
$1.50 wipes flip
$3/$10 deli flip
$1 Guiding star flip
$2 Whiskas IP
(6) $3 Glade

She subtotaled before I gave her my card and it was $40 $13.32


Walgreens has a list of items in their ad that if you buy 8, you get $10 RR. There are Dove bodywashes, etc...but one item that caught my eye was Suave Deodorant. It was 25% off. I bought 8, and a bottle of Vitamin Shampoo that is free after RR. I used a .75/2 coupon for the deodorant (wish I had more, but it was a Redplum insert coupon and I don't get many Redplums, mostly Smartsource) and a previous $1 RR. My total was a little over $13 and I got $14 in RR back.

Another option I have not tried is to take the coupons for Dove from this past weekend and buy 4 Dove deodorants, 4 Dove body mists. Use 4 Dove BOGO and 4 $1.25 coupons (the $1.25 coupons are for the deodorants and with the BOGO coupon you get the mists free, so you are attaching those coupons to the mists, not the deodorant). This should bring your total to around $9 and get $10 RR back. The issue with this is whether your cashier will accept all 8 coupons or not.

There are also booklets in the photo dept on clearance, some as low as $7 that have a kit in them to make your own postage stamps. You send off for them with a picture of your choice and they are mailed to you. They get you .44 stamps for .30 some-odd cents. AND if you are a member of U-promise, you can do it through them and get $8 deposited in your account.


Kroger had P&G items buy 4, get $4 off. You can also load P&G e-saver coupons on your shopping card to use with paper coupons. You can get to that site through the Kroger website.
I went and double dipped shampoo, etc, but now that I have the new P&G booklet, I will go with my Covergirl coupons and use those. Use the $2.50/2 coupons to make them free or even money makers, depending on the makeup you get!!!


If your child has a Leapfrog toy, sign up for the learning path and get a book free!


Want free food? Schwans is offering $10 in free food to the first 500,000 new customers to sign up. It will be delivered to your door! Go here:


Go to the Kelloggs website and print off the rebate form that says Fuel for School. Buy 10 Kelloggs items, get $10 back, plus a $70 Dell code. Kelloggs are on sale everywhere right now. There are also coupons on (link to the left!) for Kelloggs products.


Hopefully I will get back on a normal track soon..the kids go back to school on Wednesday! WOO HOO!! Have a great shopping day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RUN don't walk!

To KROGER!!! AMP Energy drinks are part of the buy 10, get $5 off sale. They are .99 after discount. When you buy TEN, a catalina prints out for a $10 gift card. Take it to customer service and get your gift card....FREE AMP!!!!

ALSO, at my Kroger today, Velveeta Shells and cheese are $1.63 each. On each was a peelie for free Kraft bbq sauce wyb 2 shells and cheese. I used $1.50/2 coupons found here: When you buy 4, you will get a $3 catalina back, and when you buy 2 bbq sauces, you will get $1 catalina back. So, buy 4, get 2 free bbq sauces, pay $3.52 OOP and get back $4 OYNO coupons. You just made money on 4 mac and cheeses and 2 BBQ sauces!

5 packs of mac and cheese are now $2.79 and they still have free Capri Sun peelies on them. You get $1.50 back on the 5 pack. $1.29 for 5 boxes and a box of Capri Sun!!

Here's what I did for my mega deals today:

10 AMP- free after GC

2 Diet Coke 2 liters (used $1 off wyb 2 2 liters and $4 from meat/deli/or produce dept)

2 Sunny D smoothies (used 1 .55 coupon and 1 .25 coupon- .25 doubled)

6 Philly cream cheeses (assorted soft/flavored and bricks- used 3 $1/2 coupons)

6 Sargento cheeses (assorted- used $1/2 coupons)

2 Betty Crocker brownie mixes-(used $.75/2)

3 Popsicle brand popsicles (used 3 $1 coupons)

3 Kroger pizzas

1 A1 steak sauce (used $1 off beef wyb A1)

2 Kelloggs cereals (used 2 $1 off- found inside specially marked boxes..they will say $5 in coupons inside and I have noticed the coupons are different in various boxes)

1 Welches Jelly (used .50 coupon doubled)

1 Glade candle tin (used $1.50 coupon)

1 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers (used $1)

I also found some short-dated Laura's ground beef rolls marked to .99 (1 lb) and used $1 coupons printed from their website.

I found jars of roasted red peppers marked down to .29 each, cans of baby corn marked to .25 each, and 1st Nat'l bagels for .59 each. I got a steak for $2.31 and used a $2 catalina that had printed for me last week. I will use it for fajitas.

Lipton Golden onion soup mix was on closeout for $1.40 and I used a .55 coupon

AND Kraft reduced fat mayo with olive oil was on closeout for .99 each! I had $1/2 Kraft mayo peelies from when I bought a bunch at sales earlier in the year and used different coupons, so I got them for around .50 each! I bought 4. :)

When all was said and done, I saved 62% (not counting coupons/gc I got BACK) and I got a HUGE cart full of groceries for $58.78, and got $15.50 back in gift certificates and coupons, for a total of $43.28!


Walmart has 6 packs of Nestle water on the $1 aisle. Get $1 coupons here:

Should be able to print 2 by using your back button.

*********************** has $1/2 Bic stationary products. A great coupon to have this time of year. Print 2. Access them through the link to the left.


Get $1.50/2 Ziplock products here:$2rh


Bushnell weather radios are $50 at Walmart..get a $50 rebate here:


Use the $3/2 flushable wipes coupon from the last weeks inserts on the $1.64 Huggies Clean team wipes at Walmart and get them for .14 each.


Have a great shopping day!