Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Company replies

I'm going to post yesterday's shopping trip a little later, but I thought I would update you on the company responses that I wrote this weekend:

Betty Crocker (posted before) Got a thanks, and offered a product locator

Breathe Right- a thanks

Glade- sending coupons

Purex- sending coupons

Chef Michaels- sending coupons

Snausages- thanks, sending coupons

Uniball and Papermate- thanks

Post its- thanks

Domino sugar- sending recipes and coupons

Reynold's wrap- thanks

lean Cuisine- sending coupons

Sister Schuberts- sending coupons

McCalls farms- told I could request stores carry products

Those are who I have heard from so far. I will keep you updated, as well as let you know where else I intend to write this week!

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