Thursday, September 3, 2009

I may have too many plates...

Well, I did my Walmart shopping for this week, and honestly, I am starting to notice a disturbing trend. I had a lot of those $2 Chinet plates coupons, and I have been buying some every week...I like to spread it out, so not to freak out the cashiers...ANYHOW..I brought home another 6 packs today (because with the $2 coupon, they are only .54 a pack) and now I have no where to stack them. I think I may have to rearrange my stockpile shelves. Oh, well.....I love a good deal.

I also FINALLY found the Glade mini candles there...they had been out since the free coupons came out..and they are the only ones that carry the purple ones. I bought 6 of those, as well.

2 packs of Colgate Total were still on clearance for $1, and I bought 3 with $1 coupons.

Purina cat chow was $4.77- $3.50 coupon found here.

Cascade powder was on clearnace for $3. No coupon today. :(

I bought 4 Johnson and Johnson floss's for .97 each minus $1 coupons.

1 12 pack of Schick razors $1.97-$3 coupon

My total for:

6 Chinet plates
6 Glade mini candles
1 pack birthday invitations
1 Men's tee
1 pack special birthday candles
1 Spy Gear flashlight (clearance)
1 6-pack women's underwear
1 box Cascade
3 2 packs of toothpaste
1 box of butter sticks
1 pack dog treats
1 washcloth (I buy 1 or 2 a week until I get as many as I want..I'm weird)
4 floss's
1 box trashbags
1 cat chow
1 12 pack of razors

After I left Walmart I went over to Food Lion. My husband's birthday, as well as our anniversary is this weekend, so I wanted to get something to make for dinner one night. I still had a $5/$20 meat coupon, so I got some steaks...ribeyes that were $25.45 before MVP, and $13.37 after minus the coupon...$8.37.

I also got 2 lbs of white american Land O Lakes cheese from the a pound, get one free, and used a $3/$10 Deli FLIP. It made it $3.17 for 2 lbs.

5 packs of kitchen towels were on sale for 75% off...$1.75 each

I bought 4 medium sized Glade candles $5.99 - 50% off - $3 coupons...all free

2 Glade mini candles with free coupons (I MIGHT have too many Glade candles as well)

1 Family pack chicken thighs $2.95 closeout

6 Food Lion 2 liters marked for quick sale at .25 each

1 pack of Crayola 3-D sidewalk chalk on closeout for 75% off $1.25

1 Food Lion water .27 (they keep them by the checkout in a cooler :) )

AND one Toblerone... .75

Total $21.38


There are NO coupons this weekend since it is Labor Day. I know, I'm sad, too.


Wear sports related apparel to Chick-Fil-A on Monday (Labor Day) and get a free chicken sandwich.

Become a TGIFridays fan on Facebook, enter your email in the burger tab, & get a free burger if they hit 500k by 9/30


Have a great shopping day!

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