Monday, September 14, 2009

What a trip!

This morning, I got a tip that Triaminic allergy strips UPC 3004363831436344045 at Walgreens was giving out DOUBLE RR! Now, the deal is supposed to be 2/$10 get a $5 RR. So, I go out there and BOOM!!!! There are 3 boxes, so I snatch 2. I used 2 $1 Triaminic coupons I had AND a $2 Walgreens coupon (in the Healthy Savings all Season Long book at the store- this will come off twice, one for each box)), got 2 boxes for $4 and got back $10RR!!! I can not guarantee this will work all week long...or even all day long, so be prepared. I also heard that the Nightime COld and Cough syrup is working..UPC 300436344045

I also picked up one of the True North Almond Clusters for $3, used a $1 coupon and got $3 RR back.

There's also a deal if you buy 2 Reeses candy bars, you get a 20oz Coke Zero free. If you have BOGOF coupons still, this is a nice deal.

I ended up spending $5.17 oop and got back $13!!!

If your WG has the large Symphony bars on clearance, they are part of the buy 2, get $1 RR, so you COULD get them free.

AND if you have the Gihardelli on clearance for .65 or so at your WG, print $1/2 coupons at the All You site, combine them with the $1/2 coupons in the Sept WG coupon book, and get them free with overage. You will need to buy something to take up the overage...a .75/2 coupon should print at checkout, and you can do the deal over.


I did the Kroger deal today, and I don't think there is a limit per transaction again. I did it 4 times on my transaction. I found some coupons from an older issue of Kraft Food and Family magazine, as well as some from the current issue. There were also $1 peelies on the snack crackers at the store. I got quite a few good deals. I even had a lot of coupons that Kroger had sent me. I ended up with:

1 container Edy's Ice cream (used $1 coupon)

2 12 packs Big K diet cokes with lime (on sale for $1.88!)

4 packages of Jello (used 2 .50/2 coupons that doubled)

2 Capri-suns (used a .75 coupon and a $1 coupon)

Purina cat food (used $2 coupon)

2 packages Kraft cheddar cheese ($1/2 coupon)

4 Kraft singles ( .75/2 coupon and a $1/2 coupon)

1 Lunchables ($1 coupon)

3 Oscar Mayer hotdogs (used a $1/2 coupon and a $1/1 coupon)

3 Lean Cuisines (used $2/3 coupon- All You magazine)

1 Healthy Choice meal ($2 coupon)

2 Kraft Bagelfuls (2 $1 coupons)

1 school glue (.35 coupon)

1 Bumble Bee tuna (.50 coupon, doubled)

1 Kraft dressing (.55 coupon)

2 Beneful soft foods (BOGOF coupon)

2 Philly cream cheeses ($1/2 coupon)

1 Ritz, 1 Wheat Thins, 1 Triscuits (all had $1 coupon each)

3 Kroger frozen pizzas (on sale for .88 each)

6 Easy macs (used .55/3 coupon and .75/3 coupon)

1 Velveeta mac cup (.55/1 coupon)

2 Kraft Deluxe mac and cheese ($1/2 coupon)

1 Kraft BBQ sauce (free wyb 2 Kraft deluxe coupon)

1 pack Energizer batteries (1.00 coupon)

Chicken breast tenders $3.23

Kroger green beans (dented .49)

2 Margaret Holmes peas (1.29 each - 2 1.49 coupons- got in the mail from them)

Ronzoni Smart Taste spaghetti (.50 coupon, doubled)

1 Charmin (.25 coupon, doubled)

1 Angel Soft (.50 coupon, doubled)

Bounty paper towels (.25 coupon, doubled)

Kroger tortilla chips (.65 Shortcuts coupon)

3 Bunny Breads (3 .25 coupons, doubled)

Purina Chef Michaels dog food ($3 coupon)

potatoes (managers special 2.99)

my total was 53.09, saved 63%


I got some more coupons in the mail today..from Ken's dressings (who makes Sweet Baby Rays):

1 free bottle Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce

$1 coupon for Sweet Baby Ray (I think these are on sale at Kroger for $1!)

$1 Ken's Marinade

$1 Ken's Dressing

I also got $1 on Nanako Rice Vinegar and a lot of recipes.


Get a sample of Honey Nut Cheerios here.

Get a free Nestle Carnation Holiday Recipe guide here.

Free samples from Flexitol here.


Earn money back from spending at Rite Aid! Details here. Save your receipts and earn money back Sept 13th through Oct 17th. This is a great thing to use along side rebate items and that sort of thing!!


Have a great shopping day!

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