Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mega sale!

Awesome news! Kroger is having another mega sale. This time it's buy 10 Kraft and/or Nestle products and get $5 off! I love these mega deals...included in the deal is:

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shave Lunchmeat
Lunchable Fun Pack
Meat Wieners
Meat Bologna
Fully cooked Bacon

Package Foods:
Nestle toll house morsels
Jell-o Gelatin and Pudding
Jell-o (Sugar free)
Triscuit crackers
Wheat Thins Crackers
Nabisco Oreo and double stuff
Nabisco Premium crackers
Kraft dressings
Velveeta shells and cheese
Kraft deluxe mac and cheese
Kraft mac and cheese shapes
Kraft easy mac cups
Velveeta shells and cheese cups
Kraft bistro
Stove top stuffing mix quick cups

Pet Foods:
Purina Carvers dog snacks
Purina One cat or dog food
Purina Fancy Feast
Tidy Cats litter
Chef Michaels Canine Creations
Purina Beneful adult dog food
Purina Busy Bone
Purina Beggin Strips
Purina Cat Chow

Frozen Foods:

Kraft Bagel-fuls
Digiorno pizza
California Pizza kitchen pizza
Hot pockets and Lean pockets sandwiches
Lean Cuisine entree
Stouffer's entrees
Haagen Dazs pints
Nestle drumsticks
Nestle eskimo pie
The Skinny Cow treats
Edys products

Nestle Baby Ruth fun size
Nestle Butterfinger fun size
Nestle Crunch fun size
Wonka candy
Planters peanuts
Powerbar Protein plus bar


Nestle Coffee-mate powder
Coffee creamer
Nesquik powder and ready to drink
Nestle Juicy Juice
Kool aid jammers juice drink
Capri sun juice drinks
Crystal light drink mix
Nescafe tasters choice instant coffee
Starbucks coffee
Maxwell house coffee
Seattles best coffee
Ice mountain brand natural spring water
Perrier sparkling natural mineral water
Boost nutritional energy drink
Kid essentials

Dairy and refrigerated:

Kraft natural cheese
Kraft singles
Philadelphia cream cheese
Buitoni refrigerated pastas and sauces
Velveeta pasteurized prepared cheese product
Jell-o refrigerated ready to eat gelatin and pudding snacks

There is a $5 coupon for the Kids Essentials here. Using your back button, you can print 2.
There is a $1 coupon for Bagelfuls here.
Get a Nestle rebate booklet here.
Wheat Thins coupon here.
Toll House morsels coupon here.
Buitoni here. (register)

Be sure to check your past inserts...there are a LOT of coupon match ups and you get get some great deals!

Have a great shopping day!

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