Saturday, August 29, 2009

Writing companies again..

So, I posted a few posts a while back about writing companies, then I kind of abandoned it for a while. Since my plans for today fell through, I decided to take some time to do that today. I sat down and wrote several companies, I will keep you updated on what they say or send. Some I have heard from already!! Remember, I do not ask for coupons. It's just my preference, because I think some will not send them if you ask..odd, but true. I give feedback on the product, positive or negative. Sometimes I even try to interject humor into it. Here's who I wrote today:

Betty Crocker- Suddenly Salad- this was a question...I can't find the Chipotle Ranch anymore. I was informed of a product locator. Thx Betty Crocker.

Breathe Right Strips- positive- they really help during allergy season!!

Glade- both positive and negative. I love the new Fragrance Collection candles, but really don't like the reed diffusers...I can't really smell it!

Purex- both positive and negative- the regular Purex, I have no problems out of, the Naturals doesn't clean well at all.

Chef Michaels (dog food)- positive- dog loves it, wish Walmart sold it. I was promised coupons and informed WM would not be carrying it in 2009.

Kibbles n Bits- positive- dog loves it (she's really not that darn picky, so I can say that about a lot of food)

Snausages- oh...guess...the dog loves them. Got a thank you and they are sending coupons.

Meow mix- the dog doesn't care for it, but the cats love it!

Uni Ball- husband loves the pens

Paper Mate- I love the pens (both uniball and papermate sent thanks...from the same CS dude. Oops)

Mead- Negative- my son's brand new 5 star binder is splitting..he's used it 2 weeks.

Post its- I post it everything. It's sad, really. I expect when I die, instead of a tombstone, they'll just post it the grave- got a thanks

Domino sugar- love it

Greased Lightning (cleaner) Love the way it cleans my kitchen

Reynold's wrap- love it, listed some things I use it for

Hefty pans (those throw away baking pans)- use them for freezer cooking a lot.

Lean Cuisine- negative- the last few I bought had ice crystals all in them..gross

Cole's Bread- that's just good stuff

Old orchard juice- like a lot

Sally Henson- love the way polish lasts

Sister Schuberts- honest..the best yeast rolls. Ever.

McCall Farms- love products, hard to find

I expect to hear from most Monday, so I will keep you updated. I'm going to make a list of more to write. Think people will look at me funny if I wander around the grocery with a notepad taking notes?


Just a little off topic note...I have had a LOT of jalepenos from my garden. I have frozen a lot, but today, I cut them in half, scooped out the insides (I wore gloves!) and filled them with cream cheese. Then I baked them. Guess what I found out? I can't quit eating them. Maybe I should write Tums...


Have a great shopping day!

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