Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I love shopping..

Ok, on the surface, it seems like I've been a bad girl and just abandoned you all, but this is not the case!!! My son had emergency surgery last Sunday (not the one that just passed) and I was dealing with that. He had his appendix out (in the middle of the night!) and he is fine now, thanks to some great and efficient doctors.


SO, I had 2 really great Walgreens trips last week right before that, and now all of that is over, so there's not a big point in telling you that. However, this week, I had a $10 RR that was expiring Sunday that I needed to do something with, so I went Sunday afternoon. I bought the SoftSoap body wash that is free after RR for $3.99, 4 Starbucks drinks- they are on sale with the in-ad coupon again 4/$5 and I also had 4 $1 coupons, making them $1 for all 4, 3 packs of papermate pens at .49 each, and a Maybelline Great Lash mascara for $3.99..you get a catalina for a free one wyb one. It was $10.49 plus tax...I used the $10 RR and got back a $4 RR and one for a free mascara.


Last week's trip to Walmart was pretty decent too. Some deals:

2 J&J first aid kits .97 - $1 coupons

2 Kellogg's special K (smaller boxes) $1.68- $1 coupons

3 Glade small candles - free coupons (I got extra inserts for these, I'm just going to spread them out!!)

2 small Transformer toys $4.97 each - BOGOF coupon (coupons.com)

2 Ziplock freezer bags $2 each - $1.50/2 coupon

4 2packs of Colgate toothpaste, clearanced for $1- $1 coupons (FREEEEEEEEE)

3 2 packs Reach toothbrushes clearanced for $1 each - $5/3 coupon ($2 overage!)

3 Chinet lunch plates $2.54 each- $2 coupon

Rolaids 3 pack $1.32 - $1 coupon

Reach floss $1- $1 coupon

Not bad huh?
I'm going back tomorrow.


Kroger is doing a buy 10 select items, get $5 off. I am going to go through coupons and see what deal I can come up with. :)


Have a great shopping day!

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