Monday, August 3, 2009

Food Lion, Walgreens and oh my!

First, I want to say I rarely shop at Food Lion...reason being, they don't double coupons and that breaks my they are kind of out of the way from me. BUT, after doing some deal reading, I headed over yesterday.

Trip one: Food Lion had buy 1lb of Smithfield roast beef in the deli and get a pack of Kaiser rolls free. I went to combine this with a $3/$10 FLIP (Food Lion internet printable. If you sign up on the website, they will send you 4 random printables every week.)

Also Stella brand romano cheese in the deli was .99! It said $4 something regular.

My Kaiser rolls didn't come off but the manager refunded it...she was nice.

I bought some tortillas for $1.69 minus a $1 Guiding star FLIP (Guiding stars are on lots of things in the store, on the tags. This flip was god for anything with the stars on it)

I bought foil for .99 using a $1 360 (Private brand) Flip

Flushable wipes at $1.68 minus a $1.50 wipe flip

I also found that the Glade 3 wick candles are BOGOF and that made them $4.50. I have a bunch of $3 coupons, so I got them $1.50 each, plus they have new ones votive size for $3.19, so I got one using the same coupon. I'm going to go get more. I wasn't sure if there was a same coupon limit like Kroger, but when I asked the manager while she was refunding my Kaiser rolls, she said there wasn't!

I found 3lb ground beef shortdated and marked down to $3.13, a family pack of pork chops for $3.67, and 2 2 packs of steaks marked all the way down to $1.51 and $1.57. They were originally $8 something each.

I ended up spending $27 because I got some other things I just needed, but I ended up with 4 steaks, 3 lbs ground beef, bread, bologna, roast beef, kaiser rolls, 3 packs of tortillas, 2 romano cheeses, flushable wipes, aluminum foil, sour cream, 2 3 wick candles, 1 votive candle, and a family pack of pork chops for that price.

Trip 2 today:

2 Stella romano wedges (.99 each)
1 lb honey baked turkey (6.09)
1 lb honey baked turkey (5.93)
2 Glade 3 wick candles (8.99 each BOGOF)
4 smaller glade candles (5.99 each BOGOF)
1 Aluminum foil (.99)
1 Whiskas 4lb bag (3.50)
2 reeses whips bars (.89 BOGOF)
1 zero bar (.89 BOGOF)
360 flushable wipes ($1.68)
FL spaghetti, 2 lb ($1.99)

I used:
$1 360 flip
$1.50 wipes flip
$3/$10 deli flip
$1 Guiding star flip
$2 Whiskas IP
(6) $3 Glade

She subtotaled before I gave her my card and it was $40 $13.32


Walgreens has a list of items in their ad that if you buy 8, you get $10 RR. There are Dove bodywashes, etc...but one item that caught my eye was Suave Deodorant. It was 25% off. I bought 8, and a bottle of Vitamin Shampoo that is free after RR. I used a .75/2 coupon for the deodorant (wish I had more, but it was a Redplum insert coupon and I don't get many Redplums, mostly Smartsource) and a previous $1 RR. My total was a little over $13 and I got $14 in RR back.

Another option I have not tried is to take the coupons for Dove from this past weekend and buy 4 Dove deodorants, 4 Dove body mists. Use 4 Dove BOGO and 4 $1.25 coupons (the $1.25 coupons are for the deodorants and with the BOGO coupon you get the mists free, so you are attaching those coupons to the mists, not the deodorant). This should bring your total to around $9 and get $10 RR back. The issue with this is whether your cashier will accept all 8 coupons or not.

There are also booklets in the photo dept on clearance, some as low as $7 that have a kit in them to make your own postage stamps. You send off for them with a picture of your choice and they are mailed to you. They get you .44 stamps for .30 some-odd cents. AND if you are a member of U-promise, you can do it through them and get $8 deposited in your account.


Kroger had P&G items buy 4, get $4 off. You can also load P&G e-saver coupons on your shopping card to use with paper coupons. You can get to that site through the Kroger website.
I went and double dipped shampoo, etc, but now that I have the new P&G booklet, I will go with my Covergirl coupons and use those. Use the $2.50/2 coupons to make them free or even money makers, depending on the makeup you get!!!


If your child has a Leapfrog toy, sign up for the learning path and get a book free!


Want free food? Schwans is offering $10 in free food to the first 500,000 new customers to sign up. It will be delivered to your door! Go here:


Go to the Kelloggs website and print off the rebate form that says Fuel for School. Buy 10 Kelloggs items, get $10 back, plus a $70 Dell code. Kelloggs are on sale everywhere right now. There are also coupons on (link to the left!) for Kelloggs products.


Hopefully I will get back on a normal track soon..the kids go back to school on Wednesday! WOO HOO!! Have a great shopping day!

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