Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RUN don't walk!

To KROGER!!! AMP Energy drinks are part of the buy 10, get $5 off sale. They are .99 after discount. When you buy TEN, a catalina prints out for a $10 gift card. Take it to customer service and get your gift card....FREE AMP!!!!

ALSO, at my Kroger today, Velveeta Shells and cheese are $1.63 each. On each was a peelie for free Kraft bbq sauce wyb 2 shells and cheese. I used $1.50/2 coupons found here: http://brands.kraftfoods.com/sharealittlecomfort/ When you buy 4, you will get a $3 catalina back, and when you buy 2 bbq sauces, you will get $1 catalina back. So, buy 4, get 2 free bbq sauces, pay $3.52 OOP and get back $4 OYNO coupons. You just made money on 4 mac and cheeses and 2 BBQ sauces!

5 packs of mac and cheese are now $2.79 and they still have free Capri Sun peelies on them. You get $1.50 back on the 5 pack. $1.29 for 5 boxes and a box of Capri Sun!!

Here's what I did for my mega deals today:

10 AMP- free after GC

2 Diet Coke 2 liters (used $1 off wyb 2 2 liters and $4 from meat/deli/or produce dept)

2 Sunny D smoothies (used 1 .55 coupon and 1 .25 coupon- .25 doubled)

6 Philly cream cheeses (assorted soft/flavored and bricks- used 3 $1/2 coupons)

6 Sargento cheeses (assorted- used $1/2 coupons)

2 Betty Crocker brownie mixes-(used $.75/2)

3 Popsicle brand popsicles (used 3 $1 coupons)

3 Kroger pizzas

1 A1 steak sauce (used $1 off beef wyb A1)

2 Kelloggs cereals (used 2 $1 off- found inside specially marked boxes..they will say $5 in coupons inside and I have noticed the coupons are different in various boxes)

1 Welches Jelly (used .50 coupon doubled)

1 Glade candle tin (used $1.50 coupon)

1 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers (used $1)

I also found some short-dated Laura's ground beef rolls marked to .99 (1 lb) and used $1 coupons printed from their website.

I found jars of roasted red peppers marked down to .29 each, cans of baby corn marked to .25 each, and 1st Nat'l bagels for .59 each. I got a steak for $2.31 and used a $2 catalina that had printed for me last week. I will use it for fajitas.

Lipton Golden onion soup mix was on closeout for $1.40 and I used a .55 coupon

AND Kraft reduced fat mayo with olive oil was on closeout for .99 each! I had $1/2 Kraft mayo peelies from when I bought a bunch at sales earlier in the year and used different coupons, so I got them for around .50 each! I bought 4. :)

When all was said and done, I saved 62% (not counting coupons/gc I got BACK) and I got a HUGE cart full of groceries for $58.78, and got $15.50 back in gift certificates and coupons, for a total of $43.28!


Walmart has 6 packs of Nestle water on the $1 aisle. Get $1 coupons here: http://www.everydayeating.com/specialoffers/default.aspx

Should be able to print 2 by using your back button.


Coupons.com has $1/2 Bic stationary products. A great coupon to have this time of year. Print 2. Access them through the link to the left.


Get $1.50/2 Ziplock products here: http://www.rightathome.com/offers/0907ziploc/?sid=email&cid=pfe200907ziploccoup&rid=349701&om_rid=AAjcyz&om_mid=_BKZa37B7ud$2rh


Bushnell weather radios are $50 at Walmart..get a $50 rebate here: http://www.bushnell.com/weather/


Use the $3/2 flushable wipes coupon from the last weeks inserts on the $1.64 Huggies Clean team wipes at Walmart and get them for .14 each.


Have a great shopping day!

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