Thursday, July 2, 2009

Clearance at Walmart and such

Well, I DID go to Walmart yesterday, but I didn't use many coupons. Now, get your jaw up off of the floor...I know the shock is a lot to take in.

I went, set to do my normal every week shopping...I had my coupons...I had 2 of my kids and my mom..I was set. Now, I only allow myself a certain amount every's the magic amount RIGHT before my husband, I start looking for deals. As I walk around the store....there it is....the boys clearace rack...everything is $3!!!!! Even complete outfits! Here's where the kids come in..."MOM! I like this!" "MOM!!!! LOOK!!!!!!" Well, honestly, since I went on a tossing it out binge when we switched their rooms, they could use a few new things and who in the heck can resist $3? So, I bought some clothes.

I DID use a $3 coupon on pet it from, and made a 4lb (?) bag $1.77. I also bought the new All You and since there was a LONG Walmart line, I flipped through...there was a .50 coupon ON All You! So, I ripped that bad boy right out of there and used it on what I was buying!

IN the All You, there is a $3 Adams Flea and Tick product coupon, and the flea collars are $.97. It will make nice overage if you can get it. (And let me sneak in a word about overage....the matter what they try to tell you....will get reimbursed for the entire amount of the coupon. If you use a $3 coupon on a .97 item, it really doesn't matter if they adjust it down to .97 or if they take off the entire $3, they are going to be reimbursed the $3 plus .08 from the company. Coupons go to clearing houses and are sent in bulk to the manufacturer, and the payment goes back to Walmart the corporation, not the individual store, so they cannot lose money letting it go through at $3. Now, this may not get you anywhere with your cashier, but who knows. If not, smile at your free .97 item. At least it's free.)

There were also $3 coupons for Neutrogena make up and $3 on Rimmel foundation. Nice.

Hefty One Zip storage bags are marked down to $1 at Walmart. Good deal, especially if you have the $1 coupons from May.


Don't forget Old Navy flag t-shirts are supposed to be $1 tomorrow.


Here are some mac and cheese coupons for ya!


The coupons on as well as the loadable coupons from Cellfire and Shortcuts should be reset for July by now. You can get to by using the link to the left.


Long John Silver's is have a free Baja Fish Taco day on July 14th until 2:30 pm.


Get a great coupon book here, while supplies last:


Have a great shopping day and a great 4th of July weekend!

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