Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have I mentioned I love shopping?

I have always loved it. Of course, now the game is "How cheap can I get it?" but still....


There is a battery deal. Duracell 4 packs are $1.88. If you buy 3 and use 3 of the .75 off coupons from P&G, they will be $3.39 and you will get a $2 coupon back for your next shopping order. If your Kroger doubles that high, it is a FANTASTIC deal. Remember all of those Christmas toys will need batteries. The actual deal is spend $10 worth and get the coupon, but it is going by regular price, not the sale price, so that's a nice little bonus.

Anyhow, I bought those (obviously), and I bought 2 of the I Can't Believe it's Not Butter sticks, used 2 $1 coupons and got back a $2 coupon. It's not as great of a deal on those as they had a couple of weeks ago, but I can use them.

I got 2 pouches of Idahoan potatoes ($2 for both) and used a .75/2 coupon, so it was $1.25/both

I got more Covergirl. I am loving the $3 coupons I picked up.
2 Eye trios, final price: .14 each
1 compact, final price: .21
(Cover girl is on sale for 33% off)

Kelloggs cereal...now, the deal from last week on the General Mill cereal is still there, but there was a display of Toy Story and Tony the Tiger bowls in front of the Kelloggs that said one free bowl with Kellogg's cereal. So, I bought 2 Fruit Loops, which were 2/$5, used 2 $1 coupons, and got 2 bowls. I'll add them in with my 2 younger kids' Christmas presents.

I also bought 2 Sister Schuberts rolls, on sale 2/$5 and used 2 .50 coupons, which doubled, making them $1.50 each. If you haven't had these rolls, you don't know what you're missing.

So, those were the best deals.



Oh, Walmart...I love you so. Keep in mind, I have one or 2 cashiers I go to, because they know what they are doing and they don't hassle me about my coupons. (I only use the second one if the first one isn't there :P) I want to remind you that if you buy a .97 item (for example) and the coupon is for $1...they SHOULD be put through as $1. Some cashiers don't want to take them, some will only take off .97..BUT, when Walmart turns those coupons in to the clearing house for reimbursement, they will get the FACE VALUE of the coupon, plus 8 cents. So, they will NOT lose money by putting the coupon through at the full amount. ANYWAY, here's what I bought:

I still have some buy a 5 pack of mac and cheese and get Capri-Sun free coupons, so I used one of those. It may be the last one I use. My kids are on those things like white on rice, and then they leave their empty pouches lying around. Capri-sun's future isn't looking too promising in this house.

Crisco oil $2- $1 coupon, FP (final price) $1

4 Kotex pantyliners $1 each- 2 $2/2 coupons, FP: FREE

1 sample pack Tide (.97)- 1 $1/any, FP: FREE (.03 overage)

1 travel size Olay body wash (.97)- $1/ANY, FP= FREE (.03 overage)

1 Dove deodorant, travel size (.97)- $1/any= FREE (.03 overage)

1 Endust Free $2.98- $2 coupon, FP: .98

Stay with me here...I have coupons for buy 2 reach flosses, save $3. They are .97 or so each. So, by buying 2, they are $1.94, meaning you get $1.06 overage each (assuming your cashier will allow overage, and they SHOULD, but it doesn't mean they WILL)..I bought 8. I used 4 coupons, for a total overage of $4.24. THEN, I bought my kids something for Christmas that was rolled back to $5, so at least in my eyes, I only paid .76 for it. :) That makes me really, really happy.


I also want to add that while all WalGREENS are different (apparently), the loss prevention distric person at my store told me that they DO allow overages, as long as you buy something to take up the overage. (They cannot owe YOU money) I personally wish all WG would get their act together and be like mine usually is.


Walmart is still running Jennie-o turkeys for .40/lb. Some of you may have grocery stores running them cheaper, but so far, I do not. I bought extra, because I can use the meat in several chicken dishes. It substitutes just fine.


Snapfish special today only!
100 Free Prints with any purchase of $5 or more. Expires midnight. Use code FREE5


If you have this weekend's USA today, there is a B1G1F coupon for some games. If your Kroger has them in stock, they are also B1G1F there. Depending on how the register's set up, you could get them both free, or at the very least, VERY cheap. I *think* they will also be B1G1F at Toys R Us on Black friday, but I'm not sure, and I don't know how their registers work, or if they take coupons.


Check Cellfire for new coupons!


Have a great shopping day!

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