Thursday, December 3, 2009

I had a great Walmart trip today!!

I haven't been doing a ton of coupon shopping because I've been up to my eyeballs into getting deals for Christmas gifts. I went to do a long trip to Walmart today and it turned out great!

I got:

2 5 packs of Kraft mac and cheese- $2.82 each. I used free Capri Sun wyb the 5 pack coupons, so I also got 2 of those free. ($5.64 for all 4)

1 pack of 3 candy angels for the boys' stockings ($1)

2 Dove conditioners- they were on sale/clearance/rollback or something for $2 each. I used 2 $1.50 coupon ( .50 each)

1 Pantene Beautiful Lengths, also $2 and I had a $2 coupon

2 Listerine Total cares, also on the $2, used 2 $2 coupons

2 Blue bonnet margarines .65 each

1 Frigo light string cheese $2.98, used a $2.50 coupon (.48)

1 large bag Frigo string cheese $5.88, used a $5 coupon (.88)

1 Great Value sliced cheese $2.08

2 Bar M franks .87 each

8 reach flosses- these are .97 each. I used 2 buy 3 get $5 off and 1 by 2 and get $3 off coupons (5.24 overage)

1 Puff's tissue $1, used $1 coupon- FREE

1 Angel Soft 4 pack $1.24

1 MeatyBone dog treats, used a buy Meaty Bone get Canine cuts free MB- $2.37, CC $1.33

2 SeaPak Shrimp poppers $1.58 each, used 2 $1 coupons (1.16/both)

1 Christmas present $3

1 Sam's Choice Diet Dr Thunder $2.48

2 Gift bags $2

1 Johnsonville Brat pack, marked down to $1.73, used .55 coupon (1.18)

1 Success Brown Rice $1.74- $1 coupon on package (.74)

1 Mahatma brown rice $.92- $.50 coupon (.42)

bananas .80

2 cans Old Roy $1.00

cough drops $1.98

1 Sally Henson nail polish $2.48- $5 coupon (they sent for writing them) (2.52 overage)

*please read past post on overage

Subtotal before coupons $69.65, subtotal after $24.83- a savings of $44.82!!!

I'm a happy girl.

Also, I have been eyeballing this 9 ft green garland at Walmart, but they are $4 each, and I wanted 2. I went to Dollar Tree looking for multi-vitamins and found 15 ft there for $1 each!


This Friday, my Kroger will be running Keebler and Kelloggs 50% off. I have some coupons, and I will be looking for the ones to get the $10 back in rebates.


Get 2 years of Redbook for $5! Amazon is running this special. It says $10, but there is another $5 off at checkout.


One of the RR items at Walgreens is Dentek floss or picks. They are $1.99 w/ $1.99 RR back. There was a $1 coupon in Smart Source from Oct, or there is a $1 printable here. Make a $1 profit!

There is also a $4 Natrol Acai product w/ a $4 RR back. There is a $3 printable here. $3 profit!

Complete Muti purpose solution (contacts) $7.99 Free after RR (if you have the 10/25 RP $1 off coupon, this is a $1 money maker)

Goody Ouchless Hair accessories $2 Free after RR

Soft and Beautiful Botanicals $5, Free after RR


Be sure to check (link to the left) for new coupons


I've been cheating at lasagna. Now, I make a killer lasagna, but it's time consuming and not cheap, so I've been making this little casserole as a substitute for a while. I get a box of pasta (penne, bowties, whatever) a container of cottage cheese (you can also use ricotta, but it's more expensive and my husband likes cottage cheese better), a can of Hunt's spaghetti sauce, a can of tomatoes, and a package of mozzarella cheese. I also use sausage instead of ground beef, it has more flavor.

I brown the sausage- depending on my mood, I may add some onion. I mix in the spaghetti sauce and the tomatoes. I boil the pasta until al dente. I then layer in a 13x9 dish a little sauce (so the pasta doesn't stick) 1/2 pasta, 1/2 sauce 1/2 cottage cheese. Repeat the layers then put mozzarella on top and bake until it's hot and the cheese is melted. It takes hardly any time at all!


Coupons will be good this weekend. Get extra!


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Have a great shopping day!


  1. Where did you get all the awesome, high value Frigo Qs from? Great blog.


  2. A while back, I had written them and told them how much I enjoy their products, and they sent me coupons. I also requested to be on their mailing list. So, about a week ago, I got a post card with the 2 coupons on them and an offer for a Frigo head keychain with proof of purchase. It always helps to get on the mailing lists of the products you use most! :)