Monday, May 2, 2011

What all do you usually get free?

Are there things you just don't pay for? Rarely pay for? Have a maximum amount to pay?

I was telling someone the other day about what I don't usually pay for. Of course, there are some exceptions...if I reallllly need to roll my UPS or RR's...if I REALLLLY like a certain poduct...if it is requested by someone in my household..but generally, I don't pay (or pay BARE minimum OOP for):

body wash

I DO pay for it occasionally (but it's rare, and if I do, I pay very very little)  I also pay very little for make up, laundry detergent ($2 MAX!), toilet paper, pasta, condiments, hair color, styling aids, etc.

What do you stock up on free or almost free?

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