Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Batteries at Rite Aid .24 to .49?!

IF you can find them, Duracell 10 packs of AA batteries (UPC 4133304864) and AAA batteries (UPC 4133317064) are ringing up $2.24. Get a price check before you buy anything. They aren't marked and they aren't that price at all stores. Use the $1 coupon from the P&G insert this weekend, and if they have them, the $1 RA peelie on them to get them for .24

Also, there are 20 packs AA (UPC 4133375864) and AAA (UPC       
4133301548) ringing up $3.49, use the same coupons and get back a $1 UP, making them .49 Again, maybe you can find them, maybe you can't, but if you can, it's a fantastic deal!)

Editing to add that it seems finding the 10 packs on sale is more widespread than finding the 20 packs, so check both sizes.

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