Monday, April 13, 2009

I had a good day!

My Kroger trip!
ok, Kroger list:
1 package Colgate Wisp- $1.00- 50 cent coupon (doubled)= free
1 package bluegrass cheesy mettwurst- $3.99- free coupon sent by Kroger= free
1 package Oscar Mayer Deli creations $2.50- free coupon from Kraft First Taste-= free
1 Private selection vanilla ice cream- $1.99
2 packages Perdue chicken thighs- $3.04 (99 cents/lb)
1 4 pack Fiber One yogurt, closeout for $1.09= 9cents
2 packs Eggo waffles, closeout $1.75 each, - (2) $1.00 coupons = $1.50/both
3 Johnson's Buddies soap $1.09 each - $3/3 coupon = .27/3
1 package of Green giant lima beans and 3 pkg GG corn $1.00 each - (2) .50/2 coupons = $2/4
Sargento potato finishers $2.50-$1 coupon=$1.50
Ragu-$1.58-.30 coupon (doubled)= .98
Smart Taste thin spaghetti $1.49-$1 coupon= .48
Peter Pan PB $2.19- $1 coupon= $1.19
McCormick grill mates grinder $1.00-$1.00coupon = free
1 pkg Reeses pb eggs (11.4oz)- sale $1
3 pkg Hersheys eggs- $3.60- $1.50/3 coupon = $2.10/3
3 pkg Hershey's Bliss (easter)- $1 each- (3) $1 coupons = 3 free
2 Kraft mac and cheese- $1.06
1 Capri sun Sunrise $1.79- $1 coupon= .79
1 Kroger cheddar $1.34
4 packages Nerds bumpy jelly beans $2.88/4- (2) $1 coupons= .88/4
I don't think I missed anything. My total was $19.41

Not bad for all of that. It made me happy, anyway. My receipt says I saved 75%.

The Suave deodorant is also $1 each, so if you have any of the .50 or $1 coupons left, they are free. I don't. I used all of mine the last time they were on sale.


In the new issue of All You (only at Walmart or by subscription) there is a form to send in to get a free coupon book wyb $25 in participating items, AND there are coupons for those items. Hopefully, they will be high dollar coupons.


Redbox code today:



There is a rebate for Reynold's 100% recycled foil, a free roll, on Earth day only (April 22nd) It says quantities are limited and it's available for download at 4:22 EDT


On Sunday, Home Depot will be giving away CFL lightbulbs (1 per customer) 14w. No purchase necessary.


Walgreens has 3 Free after Register Rewards this week.

Colgate Max White Or Max Fresh Toothbrush ( $3.29)
Scunci Elastics 18 pack ($2 sale price)
Fiber Choice 10 ct ($2.49)


I took pictures of the Easter baskets, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I'll get to that soon.


I want to share my PB cookie recipe with you. My friends ask for it all of the time, and it's so simple.

1 cup peanut butter (creamy or chunky, doesn't matter)
1 cup sugar
1 egg

Drop them by spoonfuls on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 until the edges are brown. That's it! Easy and cheap!


Have a great shopping day!


  1. i wish we had a Kroger around here! i dont even know where the closet one would be!!

  2. They are also Dillons, Fry's, King Scoopers, and City Market, according to the back of my Kroger card. ;)