Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Walmart, little Walgreens

There probably won't be any pictures today unless I manage to get some on later. I am having trouble with my desktop wanting to load my pictures lately, and the laptop is in the room where my husband sleeps during the day. (He works overnight.) I will look into it later. :)

I made a little money at Walgreens today.

I bought
1 pkg Scunci 18ct no damage bands- $2.00
1 Schick intuition razor...came with trial sized Dove shampoo and conditioner clearanced for $2.39-$3 coupon
1 Jane eyeshadow stick, clearanced for $2.39- $2 coupon
1 Edge shave gel $2.99 - $1 coupon

Total (with tax) was $4.36 and I got back $5 in RR.

Now, I totally could have done more transactions and rolled my RR, including the Dove/Degree etc, or the Chapstick that is free after RR, but I didn't for 3 reasons:

I am overstocked on soap and deodorant as it is, most of the trial sized was gone, and I was in a hurry. I may or may not go back and do the Dove anyway because I need to buy a few more things for my ham rebate, but I just did not have time today.


Walmart was a great trip!

I won't list everything because I bought some things w/o coupons *gasp*, but here are the deals I got:

1 Leapfrog baby learning disc clearance for $5 - $5q = FREE
1 Leapfrog baby learning disk clearance for $3 - $5q (yes, I got overage! I love that cashier!) = FREE + $2 profit! (these coupons came from link to the left)
1 Crunch and Munch $1- .50q = .50
2 Glade Lasting Impressions $10 - (2) $4q's = $2/both
1 Oil of Olay facial cleaning mousse Clearance for $2 - $1q = $1
1 Oil of Olay anti aging something- Clearance for $2 - $3q (overage ) = Free plus $1 profit!
1 Durex Play tingling $4.24- $4q = .24
1 Dentek floss $1 - $1q = FREE
1 Good Life cat food $4.77 - $2q = $2.77
1 Viva paper towel $1.18 - $1q = .18
1 Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara $6.47- free coupon= FREE
1 Rimmel foundation Clearance for $1 - $1 coupon = FREE
2 Taco Bell taco kits $3.84 - (2) $1q's = $1.84/2
1 McCormick seasoning .88- .25q = .63
4 Vitamin waters $4 - (4) $1q's = FREE

They also had Honeysuckle White turkey breasts on sale for .98/lb, so I bought one. I don't know if it was leftover from Easter or that's the sale price or what.


I hear a lot of Kamrts will be doubling coupons again next week! Email them at their website and ask if yours is!


Kroger has been running John Morrell polish sausage BOGOF for a while now. I use one pack of these for all 5 of us. I put a little oil in my large skillet, add diced potato (I leave the skin on) and let it cook a little while, stirring occasionally. When they are about halfway done, I add diced onion. I then cut the sausages first into slices, then cut the slices in half and add them to the potato mix when it is nearly done and cook it the rest of the way together. It makes a lot. We eat it alone, or sometimes I scramble some eggs to go with it. It's a nice, cheap meal!


Have a great shopping day!

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