Saturday, January 8, 2011

yesterday's shopping trip

I hit up Rite Aid, Walgreens AND Kroger.

Rite Aid:

6 Trident Layers $1.00 each
2 Air Wick large I-motions $13.99 BOGOF
2 Air Wick small I-motions $9.99 BOGOF
1 spray pine cleaner (clearanced to .50)
4 packs of Pilot pens $2.29 each
2 packs of Wet Ones $1.99 each

The Airwicks gave $3 UPS for buying 2, the Wet ones produced $1 UPS for every 1, the Trident $1 for every 2, and the Pilot pens gave $4 UPS for buying 2

I used (2) $1/3 Trident layers coupons and a .50 Trident gum RA coupon from the video values, making them 6 for .50 after coupons and UPS
I used (2) $1 Wet Ones coupons, making them free after coupons and UPS
I used (2) $4 off the large i-motions, making them $2.99 for the 2 after UPS and coupons
I used (2) $3 coupons on the small i-motions, making them .99/2 after UPS and coupons
I also used (3) $1 off Rite Aid coupons from the video values (where you get RA coupons for watching videos)
Paid with UP rewards and $3.38 OOP ($2.26 was tax, which UPS will not cover) and got back $19 in UPS



I've been running low on RR since I cashed out around Christmas and bought a bunch of junk. So, I had to start all over, really. The other day, I bought the Oscillococcinum Childrens 6 pack for $8.99 (used a $2 coupon) and the Theraflu that was $4.99, used a $4 coupon and got back $1, plus a $9 from the Oscillococcinum. I also received 2 coupons for FREE boxes of Breathe Right nasal strips

Yesterday, I went back in, bought Omega 3 Factor for $10 (used a $3 coupon from inside the box), Salonpas patches for $5, 2 boxes of Breathe Right (used the FREE coupons), and Pill Glide spray (monthly deal) for $5. I used the RR from the above shopping trip, paid $9.97 OOP, and got back a $10 RR for the Omega, $5 RR for the Salonpas, and $5 RR for the Pill Glide



I loaded my P&G coupons to my card before I went! The buy 4 P&G participating items, get $4 off sale is still going until the end of today.

I bought:
Charmin 12 pack double roll $ 5.99 after $1 off, used a $3 e-coupon and a .25 paper coupon that doubled, making it $2.49
Oil of Olay cleanser $3.94 after sale, used a $2 coupon and $2 e-coupon, making a .06 profit
Dawn Hand Renewal $1.69 after sale, used .50 e-coupon and .50 paper coupon that doubled, making it .19
2 Old spice reg. deodorants .79 each after sale, used $1/2 coupon, making them  .58/2
1 "better" Old Spice deodorant $1.29 after sale, used a buy deodorant, get bodywash free. Bodywash was 2.50 after sale, making them both $1.29
Downy, $3.99 after sale, used a .50 e-coupon and a .50 paper coupon that doubled, making it $2.49

I also found a few other goodies. I had a $1 off Vitamin water coupon, and they were on sale for $1
I had a FREE Sierra Mist 2 liter coupon. They were on sale $1 each, and if you buy 4, you get one free. I also had a $1/4 coupon. I paid  $2 for all 5
CoffeeMate liquid creamer $1.09, used a $1 coupon, making it .09
Fresh mozzarella cheese, marked down to $2.49 used .30 coupon on the package, making it $1.89
Red Gold tomatoes 3/$3, used $1/3 coupon making them $2/3
Also found a bunch of pork sirloin chops marked down to $1.74/lb and bought a LOT of those
After a couple of other odds and ends I needed, I bought $49.77 of groceries, and saved $41.78. Since at least $15 was meat, I feel pretty good about it. :)

Have a GREAT shopping day!

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