Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rite Aid, trip 2

So, I found out that I DID have the $6 coupons for the Tylenol Precise and the Motrin and back to Rite Aid I went. My store had plenty of Precise on the shelves. Please take note not to clear the shelves for other shoppers (unless, of course, there are only a couple of something. No need to go wild is what I'm saying.)
I got 3 Tylenol Precise patches $5 each ($15)
        3 Tylenol Precise creams $5 each ($15)
        4 Motrin PMs $3 each
        2 8 packs of Sharpies BOGO50%, so $8.99 and $4.49
        1 single sharpie $1.99

I used 5 $6/2 coupons for the Precise and Motrin, paid with ups and $14.92 OOP (I really needed to build up those ups!), got back 6 $3 UPs for the Precise, 4 $2 UPs for the Motrin, 2 $4 UPS for the Sharpie packs and 1 $5 up for spending $15 on the Sharpies, for a total of $39 in Ups. :)

Have a great shopping day!

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