Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Things have gotten hectic with the boys now out of school. The oldest is getting his own room and the youngest is moving in with the middle. We have been cleaning, moving and organizing!

I did go to Kroger yesterday. I got a Boston Butt for .90/lb!! It was marked down because it was going out of date in a couple of days, but I had that sucker tonight. I put it in the crockpot, covered it with onion and bbq sauce (one of the free ones from Walmart) and several hours later...voila!

Kroger has the Kraft shredded cheese (as well as blocks and slices) 3/$5 which makes them cheap if you have the $1/1 (2%) or the $1/2 coupons.

DiGiorno flat breads are running about $2.77 and here is a $1.50 coupon: http://www.flatbreadmelts.digiorno.movies.msn.com/

Lysol products are 50% off and there were recent coupons out as well as the ones that are printable from their website.


Well, Kmart is crap. They sent out emails to the people who asked saying all Kmarts would be doubling coupons this week, and now they have backtracked and they only have select ones doing it. Thanks, Kmart. Thanks for being a pain in the rear.


ok, Purex has this thing....this NEW thing...some kind of 3-in-1 sheets....you put them in the WASHER....it has the soap in it...then put them with the clothes into the dryer. These are on sale at Walgreens for $5.99, plus there is a $1 coupon here: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qehibpm7391110&bt=vi&o=56539&c=PX&p=6xDl5JFy AND you get $2 in RR back. So, for $2.99, that's not bad. There is also a satisfaction guarantee here: http://www.purex.com/pdf/purex_guarantee_form.pdf

Also at Walgreens I have noticed a LOT of stuff on clearance around office supplies...and I mean CHEAP. Check yours out!


Here is another loadable coupon site for your shopping cards:


Have a great shopping day!

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