Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free Pepsi and some other things...;)

Oops..I hit publish before I meant to.

Ok, here's my Pepsi happy. (and I don't even like Pepsi...I'm a Coke gal) At Walgreens today, there was a rebate form by the 2 liters of Pepsi...buy 4 get $5 back. Of course I snatch one. Pepsi 2 liters there are $1.84 (are you KIDDING me?) So, I go to Kroger...they are 4/$5 there, and you get 2 free wyb 4. So, I will be getting 6 free after rebate. You could also buy 4 at Walmart where they are cheaper and send in for the rebate, but I'm not SURE if they'll pay out the $5...they SHOULD.


Walgreens had a lot of clearance...I got 3 6.7oz bottles of KY Massage 2-in-1 on clearance for $3.19, minus $3 coupons from January...3 for .19 each! (yeah...now you think I'm a perv)

There was a lot of pens, folders, notebooks,etc on clearance as well.

There is a pink Revlon hair dryer ringing up for $12.99 in most areas, though the ad says $19.99 and is producing a $10 RR. Cheaper if you can use the $1 off any Revlon beauty tool.


Some deals I got at Kroger:

True Lemon for $2.59- .40 coupon (doubled) there was $1 off store brand bottled water peelie on it, so I got the water for $2.49

SuperPretzel $2.79- .50q doubled (from writing them) $1.79

Pack of Reisen chews on the clearance rack for .49!!

Kroger Deluxe Ice cream $1.99- $1.50 q (catalina print out) .49

Glade Clean Linen scented oil candle/holder clearanced $2.99- $2q= .99 (got 2 of these..there were lots of that sort of thing on clearance...the flameless candles and refills as well..RIP flameless candles)

Johnson Soft Lotion, clearance $2.51- $2q= .51

Peter Pan Peanut butter $1.79- $1q = .79

Glade Plug in refill $1.99- $1q = .99


Don't forget tomorrow is a freebie day at Arby's. The list is a few posts back.


June 5th, get a free donut a Krispy Kreme....also get a free one at Dunkin Donuts with the purchase of a drink.

Coupons.com (link to left) has reloaded. Get 'em while they're hot.

Cellfire had a few Kraft coupons on it...nice to use with the Kraft IP's!


Tomorrow (Wednesday) is free rootbeer float night at Sonic from 8pm-midnight.


Have a great shopping day!

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