Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy...Wednesday, is it?

I posted several coupons on my Facebook page.

Sorry..I've been MIA. Sometimes I just get in THE most unsocialable moods!! I don't even know if I spelled that right.

Anyway, like I posted on FB, if you have the $5 Schick Hydro coupon from this weeks paper, use it at Walgreens. The razor is $7.99 with a $5 RR. You will pay $2.99 OOP and get $5 back.

My little transaction went like this:
1 Schick hydo $7.99
1 6pack Charmin Ultra (I needed it) $3.59
1 candy .34 (filler)

Used $5 Schick coupon
$5 previous RR
$1 previous RR

paid 1.64 (including tax, which is on the pre-coupon amount)
got back $5

It wasn't the BEST route, but I needed that toilet paper, so at least I got something I needed.


I got my free box of Kraft macaroni coupon in the mail. It was the one where you get it for being a fan on FB. Facebook is really rolling coupons out. Well, I guess Facebook isn't doing it, but it's a great avenue for them. If there is a product you really like, see if they have a fan page!

Don't forget the $4 Nivea coupon from the week before last gets you free Nivea at Walmart! They were out when I was there the other day. :( I'm going back tomorrow, so I hope they've gotten some in!

I found some Reynold's wrap recycled aluminum foil at Food Lion for $1.88. I found $1 Reynold's wrap coupons in store, and got them for .88 each

There was also a $2 FL coupon on chicken when you bought a Deluxe Kraft mac and cheese plus another item: Stove Top, Velveeta Mac and cheese, or Shake and Bake. The macs at my store are $1.58, so I bought 2 and chicken that was $2.47. I used that coupons and 1 .55 on Velveeta mac. The manager had to punch something in because the coupon is coded to the Kraft Deluxe, not the chicken. In the end, it was $3.08 for all of it.


Be sure to look for coupons everywhere. The blinkie machines, tearpads, etc. Often there will be a fantastic sale on the items the blinkie machines are for JUST after they take them down, so don't be afraid to take a few extra and hold on to them.


Have a great shopping day!


  1. Thanks for the reminder about the Nivea - I need to try to get back up to WM!

    oh - maybe the anti-social mood is a Wednesday thing - I certainly have been grumpy today!

  2. Keep checking if you don't find them. There was only one at mine today.
    Thanks for the smile.