Friday, May 14, 2010

odds and ends...

Well, today I was on the hunt for these bracelets for my kids...they're called Silly bandz and they were featured on CBS news last night. My middle son was in here watching with us (really he was playing his DS) and he said a lot of kids at school have them and he wished he did. He's 10, by the way. So, I tell my husband later on that I want to get him some because he never asks for things like that, and I'd just like to surprise him. Supposedly, they sell for $5/pack. Ugh. Anyway, I went to Walgreens...sold out. Rite Aid...sold out. Kmart...they don't have them. Claire's..sold their last ones yesterday...she suggests Hibbett Sports. I walk down there...sold out yesterday. Guy said they had like 100 of them and they can't keep them. So, out of desperation, I call my favorite toy lady at Walmart and she says they have them...for $1 a PACK!!! I almost cried. I rush over there and they have them! The brand was different, but they are the exact same thing! I bought 2 packs for him and 2 for my youngest (who will be 6 in June) because he will have to have them if his brother does. I felt so good about it! And....he got home from school and now thinks I am the BEST MOM EVER!!!
It's been a good day.


I went to Walmart yesterday and I got so irritated. They were marking down a lot of clearance, but just barely. $5.24 down to $4.97 or $4 that sort of thing. So, I bought very little. I found one bottle of Nivea, so I got it, then I just decided to go get me some socks and sports bras. I know...I still have my JCPenney one, but I like sports bras for weekdays. I mean, what if I'm out and just wanna take off jogging? Ok, it probably won't happen, but you never know. I could be chased by a raid dog or something and it would be a shame not to have the right bra on for running away.


I got my Cover Girl Simply Ageless Bzzkit yesterday, too. If you aren't signed up for BzzAgent, you should!! You get free products to try and all you have to do it try them, then tell them how you like them. They're called "Bzz Reports" and you get rewarded for those, too! I'll let you know how I like these as soon as I try them out.


Here's a neat little deal. Bring a wrapper from Kraft cheese to a minor league baseball game at Tuesday night home games and get a ticket FREE when you buy one. Read about it here.


I am going to post a recipe for my layered dessert probably sometime tomorrow or Sunday. It's so're sure to love it! Have a great shopping day!

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