Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Food Lion trip today

I love this BOGOF sale!!! I had a great time!

Here are some of the deals I got: (remember BOGOF rings each one up at 1/2 price)

First, I wanted to use my 2 $5/5 Kraft coupons, so I got:

4 Philly Cream cheese (the soft ones) .94 each =$3.76
2 Kraft cheese slices-$1.19 each= $2.38
4 bags shredded cheese $1.39 each= $5.56
Total: $11.70, used 2 $5 coupons, making all if it $1.70 :)

I also bought 5 Kraft macaroni and cheeses for .38 each. I had a coupon to get a free Capri Sun wyb a 5 pack, so I decided to try it with buying 5 seperate ones, since that was what was in a 5 pack and it worked. There is a deal to get $5 off of your order wyb 5 items: Capri Sun, Jif, Smuckers, etc. So I used the Capri sun toward that deal.

(If you have a $1 off Jif and Smuckers you can also use those coupons, but I didn't have it in my box)

I got 2 Jif ($2 each) 2 Smuckers jelly ($2 each) and 1 Capri-sun ($2.07/free with coupon) The total there was $8, got $5 off, so $3 for all of it

Planters Flavor Grove nuts are BOGOF, making them $1.74 each, and I used .75 coupons.

2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch (my 6 year old's favorite) $3.70 for both (BOGOF), used a $1/2 coupon, so $2.70 for both or $1.35 each.

Ritz Crackers 3 for $5.76 (BOGOF), and there was a tear pad to get $2 off of 3, so $3.76 for 3 or $1.25 each.

Kraft Miracle Whip $3.98/2 (BOGOF), used a $1/2 coupon, so $2.98 for both or $1.49 each

Cream of Wheat Cinnabon $3.79 (not BOGOF) Used $2 printed coupon I had. $1.79

Food Lion snack mix $2 (not BOGOF), used $1.10 FL coupon from tearpad $.90

3 Taco Bell dinner kits (BOGOF) $4.47, used (3) $ .75 coupons (on product)= $2.22/3 or .74 each

2 Ronzoni penne (BOGOF) $1.40/2, used $1/2 coupon= .40/2 or .20 each

2 Ronzoni spaghetti $1.12/2 (BOGOF) used $1/2 coupon = .12/2 or .06 each

Nilla Wafers BOGOF $1.59. Used a $1.00 off wyb Nilla and Jello gellatin or pudding. It was .99, so I'll just count it as free pudding. :)

2 Ore Ida fries $4.50/2, used a $1.00/2 Food Lion coupon, so $3.50/2 or $1.75 each

Kingsford Charcoal (our grill is gas, but we use this at picnics sometimes) $3.49 (BOGOF) Used $2.50 coupon, so .99

Perdue popcorn chicken $7.99, free coupon from SheSpeaks, so FREE

Also things I bought at BOGOF: green peppers, small carrots, boneless skinless chicken breasts, picnic ham

I did the Glade deal:

4 Glade candles, used 2 BOGOF coupons and 1 $1.50/2 coupon (The bogof coupons are getting a free one because I'm buying one, the other is off of the candle I'm buying to get the free one) This required a manager key, but it took. It's up to the cashier usually if you can use the other coupon, but most stores take them that way. Not all. Total: $6.08, get $3 off instantly, total $3.08, got back (2) $2 Catalinas, making it a .92 money maker.

(I also noticed 2 packs of scented oil are $4.99, buy 2 and use a BOGOF coupon, then the $3 will come off and you will pay $1.99 for 2 twin packs. No catalina, but cheap if you can use them)

I also did the biscuit deal again that I posted before.
6 small packs Pillsbury biscuits .69 each = $4.14, use (2) .75/3 coupons =$2.64, get back a $3 cat.

I also bought Louana canola oil $1.99-.50 coupon $1.49

After also buying a few other things I needed, the total was around $239 before MVP card, $139 after the mvp card, and my final total after coupons was $84.94. I got back $7 in catalinas, making my total after $ back $77.94 :)

I feel good about it! :)

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