Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It sure is hot!

I am totally not a summer gal!! 90's and high humidity do nothing for me. Thank God we have AC and a pool!

Trying to beat the heat, I've done some more shopping. Ok, that's an excuse, but I love to shop, what can I say?

I found Olay Total Effects bodywashes on clearance at Walmart for $4.55. I had a bunch of $4 coupons, so I bought a lot. My Walmart didn't have the Pampers wipes marked down below $2, but they had them for just slightly over, so I still got some really cheap wipes for baby gifts. (In case you missed it, P&G had a $2 coupon in the last insert they put out)

My receipts looked like this:

Pampers wipes x 2 = $4.48 - $4 (2 $2q's) = .48/2
garbage bags $1.73
Ortega Taco seasoning x 2= $1.16 - $1/2 Ortega products coupon= .16/2
Olay BW x 5 = $22.75 - $20 ($4 q x5)= $2.75
Fun pops (my husband has a popsicle addiction...yes, I said husband, not children)= $2.48

Total before tax $8.38/ with tax $10.12
Price before coupons: $32.60, not incl. tax

Receipt 2 is longer because I did our regular shopping, so I will give you the couponed items:

Kotex liners x 4= $3.76 - (2)$2/2 coupons= .24 overage
Pampers wipes x3 = $6.72- $6 ($2 q's x3) = .72/3
Bar M hot dogs x 2= $1.76 - $1/2q = .76/2
Lunchable Deli $2 - $1q= $1
5 pack Kraft mac and cheese, used a FREE Capri-sun wyb 5 pack coupon, so got those
Olay BW $4.55-$4q = .55
Noxema bikini razors $1.97-$2q= .03 overage

*keep in mind, not all cashiers will allow overage. The coupon will beep and ask "Valid coupon amount?" if they click yes, it will. Some adjust it down to the sales price. They SHOULD allow overage, because coupons go through a clearing house and they will get the entire value of the coupon back, plus .08. They are read by machine, so even if they write the lesser amount on the coupon, they will still get back face value. It's hard to convice some stores or cashiers of this.


Food Lion had put out $1/eggs coupons in their emails, and eggs here are .82/dozen, so everytime I got near the place, I got some free eggs. This week, they have $1/FL pasta, and that's going to get me some free or nearly free pasta. They also sent $2/FL chunk cheese which should be exceptionally cheap.


I got my free meal coupon from Zaxby's!!! Sign up at those restaurants!!


I need to spend some time writing companies again. Remember, you can write compliments as well as complaints!


Next week, Walgreens will have Gillette or Old Spice Body Wash free after RR. There are lots of coupons to pair with this, including BOGOF! You should be able to walk away with a profit or 2 free depending on the coupons you use.

Aussie and Herbal Essence shampoos are .99 after RR, and there are coupons out that could net you free (after RR) ones on these, too! (5/16 Red Plum insert)


Get a free All Bran 7 day promise pack here.


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Have a great shopping day!

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