Friday, October 15, 2010

shopping this week

It's been a little nutty this week with the kids home from school for fall break. I haven't done a ton, but I did get in on a few deals:


4 Kotex liners .94/each, used (2) $2/2 coupons= .24 overage
1 pkg Avery labels $4, used $5/1 coupon= $1.00 overage
Olay bar soap $2.48- $2 coupon (sent to me from someone) $.48
Garnier Herbashine Haircolor, clearance $3.50, used $3 coupon= .50


1 Halls Refresh $1.00, got $1 RR
1 Noxema razors $3.99, used .75 coupon= $3.24, got back $3 RR
2 Nivea bodwashes for men $9, used (2) $1 coupons and 1 previous $3 RR= $4, got $4 RR (needed filler)

Then I took the $2 coupon out of the razors and did that deal again.

Rite Aid: Yep, I went.
Some of the Sinful nail polish was ringing up .99, some $1.99, although it was all marked $1.99. Nail polishes are BOGO1/2 off, so the .99 ones were ringing up one at .99 and one at .50, but you got back $1 in UP rewards for every one purchased. I bought several and received an UP for each one. I went back today, but I kind of screwed up.
I decided to buy the colors I wanted, clearance or not, and picked up 6. I also picked up 2 bags of M&M's Fun packs. (2/$4, with $1 UP back) I forgot one of the colors in the basket though. In the end, I bought 5, 2 M&M's. I used (2) $1 M&M coupons, and 7 $1 UPs, paid $1.55 OOP and got back 6 $1 UPS

Food Lion:
The best deal I got there this week were the Ronzoni Garden Delights pasta on sale for $1 each with the $1 blinkie in front of them. All were free.

Have a great shopping day!

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