Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Is summertime keeping you busy? It has me hopping, man!

My husband and I took the kids shopping for school clothes on Friday. I am proud to say we got some really really good deals. We stopped at a K&G store and they were having a HUGE clearance sale, and then 33% off of the clearance prices. They were all name brand clothes, and I got my oldest son practically a whole wardrobe for $100! We hit lots of great stores: TJMaxx, Ross Dress for Less, Macy's (because what is a shopping trip without going to Macy's?!), heck, we even went to the Goodwill. (We were having trouble finding pants to fit my middle one) It's a great time to shop!


I also managed yesterday to can my spaghetti sauce and my plain tomatoes. I love having tomatoes in my garden. Unfortunately, some of the other things aren't doing as well. Looks like next year, we will have to get a good pesticide. :( I did have a good green bean crop. I still have more hope for my cucumbers and maybe squash, but we'll see.


I haven't been shopping for groceries a ton, but I did make it on Saturday. I really REALLY hate shopping on Saturday. A lot. Kroger has P&G products (certain participating ones of course) buy 4 get $4 off. I still had the P&G coupons that expired on the 31st, so I got quite a few things. If you go to Kroger's website, you can also load digital coupons to your card, and they can be combined with paper ones. It gets a lot of things really, really cheap, and maybe free.

Some of the Cover Girl, like the brow pencils are $1.87 before the discount. Take $1 off for the discount and $1 in a Cover Girl coupon and get a tiny profit. I also got a eyeliner sharpener for something like .18 this way.

Crest is 10 for $10, so free after your .50 coupon doubles. I do not believe these count on the $4 off sale, but it's still free toothpaste.

There is a $2 digital coupon for Downy. Combine it with the $1 coupon from this week to get it for .99 after the deal. There is also a $2 coupon, but I think it is for a larger size than is in the sale.

There is a $3 digital coupon for Charmin, as well as a .25 paper coupon that will double from this week's P&G. There are Charmin bonus packs in the stores, and you will get it for $2.49 after the deal.

If you're lucky enough to find the Gillette Body wash (my store was wiped clean!) it is free after the coupon from this week and the deal.

Checkout the deals closely on Olay, Venus, Pantene, CoverGirl Last blast, and Secret. There's a $10 rebate wyb $30 worth here.

Trust me on this: when you load your digital coupons, print out your list. There's no way you will remember how much off you have when you get to the store with your coupons. I may make a quick run later this week, and I'll let you know how I did.


Kids are eating free from 4-10 pm at IHOP all August long!!


Please check out Target's store coupons. You can use them with manufacturers coupons to get some really really good deals. I do not normally shop at Target because they are kind of far from me, but if you have one, I want you to get the best deals. Here is a site to get you those.


Look for a Kellogg's Fuel for school rebate form. They put them out every year at this time. They start running great deal on Kellogg's/Keebler products and then you get a rebate in the form of a $10 check. There are also coupons here. You will need to register at both links.


Rite Aid. Oh, my. I'm not sure what's going on there. First, you had to get a wellness card (for free) for the best deals. No biggie. We have Kroger cards/Food Lion cards...why not? Now, they have started a program to go along with your cards called +UP. From what I can tell, it works similar to CVS's extra care bucks. Coupons will print at the bottom of your receipt for future purchases. You have to keep these coupons, they will not be on your card.

From what I understand: you will not get multiple rewards for the same deal on the same transaction. I don't know if this will continue though, since some people are getting more than one. Meaning, if they say XX razor will give you $1 up reward, then if you buy 2 XX razors, you will not get $2. However it will not stop you from getting rewards for other deals. If anyone gets more than one reward for the same items, please let me know.

You can use coupons and still get your up deals. You can roll them (example: using your $1 XX razor reward to buy another XX razor, and getting a new XX reward) You can use more than one reward to pay (this comes from the corporate office), but you cannot go over, and it will not pay for tax.

Really, it looks like they are copying ECB's from CVS, so if you are a CVS shopper, this should not be new to you. I'm thinking of trying it out.


I'm trying to decide the direction I want to go with this blog. It's a lot easier to post things on my Facebook page, but I can't post anything too long there. So, I can either keep it like I have it, and post daily things on the FB page, and the longer deals here, or I can post everything here in seperate blog posts and link to them through FB. If you have any opinions which you would like best, I am happy to hear them. You can message me on FB or you can email me at dimestretchermom@gmail.com

Have a great shopping day!

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