Friday, November 7, 2008

Good news!

Double coupon days are coming to Kmart again.
Nov 12-16th will be double coupon days at Super KMart only. BUT November 30 to December 6th, ALL KMarts will be participating. Start collecting those coupons! This will be a great time to stock up. The last time, they doubled up to and including $2, limit 4 of each type of coupon, 75 coupons per customer per day. I assume this will be the same.

You can get a free 8x10 printed at using the coupon code FREEPIC. Pick up in-store.

My Walmart had Boo-berry Fruit by the Foot on clearance for $1 each. I used a 50 cent/2 coupon, and paid 75 cents a box. Not bad.

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