Monday, November 3, 2008

November already!

I hope you had a great Halloween. We were busy, busy, busy!!!

I had a nice run at Kroger yesterday. They are having a mix and match sale, and if you buy 10 items, you get $5 off. Some of the items were Betty Crocker boxed potatoes...since they will double up to 3 like coupons, I was buying 3, and lo and behold, there was a peelie on them for a free box of Hamburger Helper when you bought 3!

NOT included in the deal, but on sale nonetheless, was Jimmy Dean sausage. It was on sale for $2.99. There was a blinkie machine under them for $1 off of the sausage, making them $1.99 and on the rolls I got (not all rolls had them) were peelies for free links or patties if you bought the sausage. I got 2 rolls of sausage, 2 packs of links for $4. I can do that because the $1 coupons were on the rolls, and the free coupons were for the links...buying the rolls was just a requirement to use the coupons on the links. Make sense?

All in all, I saved 58%

Walgreens is slightly disappointing this week, but there were a couple of good deals. Celestial seasonings tea is 2/$3, and there is a $1/2 coupon in the Easy Saver book. If you still have the $1 off Celestial Seasonings tea coupons, then they are free.

Schick Quattro and Quattro for women disposables are on sale, $5.99. There are $3 EasySaver coupons, bringing them down to $2.99. If you have BOGOF coupons from the paper, then you get 2 free. (easy saver will come off twice). If you don't, check and see if you have $2 off any Quattro razor or refill. Those will work, making one pack 99 cents, which is still not bad. Be careful not to buy the sensitive, they are ringing up $8.29

I also got my 2 free Almay mascaras. They are BOGOF, at $6.99. There is a rebate in the rebate book for $6.99 (limit one). Buy 2, get the rebate back on one, and you have 2 free. If you want, you can buy the mascara and something else, but I stuck with mascara.

CVS has 3 ECB wyb 4 coke 12 packs, limit 4 12 packs 4/$12 (limit 1 ecb)

5 ECB wyb 2 Olay body wash, ribbons, botanical or quench lotion @ 2/$12 There were $2 off coupons in this weekend's P&G insert.

Crest-pro health whitening toothpaste 4.2oz $3.49 get $3.49 ECB FREE AFTER ECB. The limit MAY be 4.

$9.99 ECB wyb Nova Max $9.99 Limit 1 Free after ECB

Spend $10 get $5 ECB on ice breakers ice cubes sugar free gum 10ct $1.00. Use 5 of the $1/2 coupons from the beginning of Sept, and get 10 free after ECB

Free after ECB items are a great way to roll your ecbs.

There are Glade candle holders out in holiday displays..they are the holder only. No candles inside. Candles have been running on sale everywhere, so if you have some, or plan on getting any, these holders are running $2-$2.50 at Walmart and Kmart. There are blinkies at some stores for $2 off any holder...making these free or 50 cents each. May be good for holiday gift baskets as well.

I'll put up Rite aid deals tomorrow.
Have a great day!

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