Friday, February 5, 2010

I have a problem..

I'm moving, see...and Kroger just keeps calling me in with that mega sale. I've made 2 more trips and really, I need to stop. Half of our boxes are going to be food!!!

Trip 1 (the coupon match ups can be found in the last post)

2 Franks hot sauce
3 Nature Valley nut clusters (don't forget the Cellfire and Shortcuts coupons as well as paper coupons on these)
6 Kraft cheese
3 Philly Cream cheese
8 Kraft mac and cheese (buy 3, get one free coupon)
2 Purina Beggin strips (cellfire on this, too)
Sargento cheese
2 I can't Believe it's not butter sticks
1 I can't believe it's not butter tub
1 Finish Detergent
3 Hunts Tomatoes2 New York toast
1 Velveeta
1 Claussen pickles
3 SoBe lifewaters
1 Sara Lee Cheesecake bites
2 Velveeta shells and cheese (free Kraft bbq sauce coupon wyb 2)

Saved 66%

Trip 2 (coupon match ups for most in prev. post)

2 Quaker Granola bars ($1/2 coupon)
3 Pepsi product 2 liters
3 Philly cream cheese
1 Claussen pickles
1 New York toast
1 Poppycock (.50 coupon, doubled)
2 Green Giant Steamfresh (.40 coupons, doubled)
2 Franks Hot sauce
4 Propel
3 I Can't believe it's not butter sticks
4 Kraft cheese
2 Nature's Valley nut clusters
Pedigree dog food (canned)
1 Krusteaz Cookie Mix ( $1.00 coupon)

I also got a large box of Honey Nut Cheerios using one of my General Mills/MyBlogspark coupons. I found Kroger brand cleaner with bleach and glass cleaner for .49 each on closeout. Soft Scrub scrubbing pads were $2.09 on closeout and I had a .50 coupon that doubled.

I bought some steaks and other things we needed, and saved 60%

**************************** (link to the left) has some great coupons right now, including for some Hasbro games. There are some for Monopoly and Picktureka, too, which may be able to be used for travel editions to get them for next to nothing. The coupons say A monopoly game. It doesn't specify.


If you haven't signed up for the newsletter...or you have changed emails ;), sign up for the Eat Better America coupon book.


Dove coupon here.


Books A Million coupons here.


There will be several inserts this weekend. Get extra papers if you can.


I got a coupon in the mail today for $1.00 off of Charmin. I love surprise coupons. :)
I'm at a stand still with writing companies. I am reluctant to write them before we move, because what if they send me coupons and I'm GONE!!! :-O I will pick it back up when we move.


My kids are changing schools. I'm a little concerned over it with the younger 2 (ages 10 and 5). My 10 year old, by far the emotional child, is a bit sad. I pointed out to him that he would make new friends. He responded that he didn't want new friends. My five year old piped up, "Well, I want new friends! My friends are LAZY!" LOL! You never know what will come out of that kid's mouth.


I hope you have a great shopping day!

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