Sunday, February 21, 2010

I have to admit..

I haven't been on top of things lately. We're moving, and I've spent a ton of time packing, etc. I've tried not to buy too much because I know I will just have to pack it. Hopefully, it won't take long to be back in the swing of things.

I also had a wisdom tooth cut out Thursday, and can I just say OW? I'm doing much better now, though the stitch in the back of my mouth is driving me nuts because I can feel it with the back of my tongue and it feels like I have a hair in my mouth or something. Not cool.

I may head out to Walgreens this week because the Venus razors and the Gillette Fusion razors are on sale for $8.99 and you get a $4 RR back. If I get the Fusion, I can use a $4 coupon, and only have a final price of .99, or if I ge tthe Venus, I can get a free Olay body wash with it. These coupons came from the lat P&G insert. If your store will let you use them both (some will and some will not) you can also use a $2 Venus coupon.

If you have 4 of the $1 Hershey's coupons from the end of January, Hershey's pieces are on sale 2/$ get a $5 RR wyb $10 worth. SO, buy 4, use 4 coupons, pay $6 and get $5 back. Might be good for Easter baskets!

Goody's ouchless elastics are $2.99 with a $2 RR

Excedrin Menstrual is 2/$5. Use the $2 coupon at (link to the left) and get a $2 RR, making it a $1.50 money maker. :)

There is also an in-ad coupon for Hunts tomoato sauce .39 each. Go here and get a coupon. Play the little game, click on the Hunts lady for the $1/3 coupon.


On the Kroger website, they have digital coupons that download to your card, just like Shortcuts and Cellfire do. There are some for All detergent and Wisk detergent. Download these for sure. There was a $2 All coupon recently, and they are on sale for $3.49, so you can get at least one bottle for .49!! Similar goes for Wisk, but the coupons varied by region, so some people got $1 and some people $2, so the final price may be different, but either way, it's cheap detergent.

Kelloggs has a deal for some of their cereals. It's:
buy 3, get $1 coupon
buy 4, get $3
buy 5, get $4

The cereals are: Corn Pops, Cocoa Krispies, Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, Honey Smacks, and Apple Jacks. These have to be 10+ oz, and the deal for the milk says 12+ oz, so watch for that, but I'm thinking most of their reg. sized boxes are 12 oz.

Also, this week, if you buy 4, you get a free gallon of milk. If you have coupons, this makes this even BETTER!

Is there any reason NOT to love Kroger?


Anyway, I hope to get some deals done this week, so I will let you know. :)
Have a great shopping day!

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