Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We've finally moved!

And it was CRAZY!!! I didn't have internet or cable for 2 days, and I almost had a nervous breakdown. I am not afraid to admit to being an addict!

I have done some shopping and I am ready to let you in on it!

Let me start with today's Kroger trip- they are having a cart buster sale and some things are really discounted nicely.

Here are some of the things I got:

Colgate toothbrush .78-.75 coupon= .03

Colgate toothpaste .78-.75 coupon= .03 (I really should dig out more of these)

Banquet fruit pot pie .89- free coupon (came as a catalina when I bought 2 reg. pot pies and a fruit one the last time and used the buy 2 pot pie, get a fruit one free coupon)

Old Elpaso refried beans and 3 OE tortillas..$1 each...used a $1/4 coupon= 4/$3

Ester C- $5.39-$5 coupon- .39

2 Energizer batteries $1 each- 2 $1 coupons = FREE

2 Romano's Macaroni Grill meals $3.50 each - 2 $1 coupons and 1 $1 Cellfire coupon= $4/2 (and I LOVE the chicken marsala

1 Secret deodorant $1.88- $1 coupon= .88 (yes, I paid for deodorant when I have a drawer ful of free ones, but I LOVE Secret, so I'll take the hit)

3 Betty Crocker pouch potatoes .67 each- 3 .40 coupons- Cellfire .40- Shortcuts .40= .80 profit (paper coupons will only double up to the amount, so it was .40 and .27)

Gorton's Fish- $3.49- $1= $2.49

3 Green Giant steamfresh $1.28 each- 3 .50 coupons= .28 each

1 Betty Crocker frosting $1.50- .50 coupon= .50

3 Oscar Mayer deli select meats $2.50 each- $1.10 coupons (found at store)= $1.40 each

Lunchables sub sandwich $1.50- .75 coupon= .75

I also had a $5 credit for playing the instand win game at the Kroger website. Check that out if you haven't!!

Look on (link to the left) for a lot of these coupons.


Food Lion is pretty good today, too. Since we moved, I live basically around the corner from it, and it's dangerous. I keep wanting to slip over there. Here's what I got there today:

2 Food Lion eggs .82 each- $1/2 coupon from Food Lion email (FLIP)=.64/2

2 Hefty One Zips $1 each- .20 coupons= .80 each

6 Mighty Dog cans= 3.60- $2 coupon, got a $1 OYNO coupon back= $.60/6

2 5-packs of Kraft Mac and cheese $2.99 each- 2 .50 coupons (OH! How I wish FL doubled!) $2.49 each

1 Capri-sun $2- $1 coupon= $1 (the Kraft coupons were found in an Easter Seals coupon book in store)

Pedigree jumbone $2.50- $1 coupon= $1.50

Barilla spaghetti BOGOF (no coupon, just a good deal)

Cucumbers, green grapes and green onions, used a $1/$3 green produce FLIP

Bel Gioioso mozzarella (fresh) .99 each

(they also had several other cheeses marked to .99 so, I bought a lot the other day. Short dated, maybe?)


ok, you coffeholics...and you know who you are- Free sample of Dunkin Donuts coffee-


There is an Amish store a little ways from here and they have all kinds of delicious stuff. They also have scratch and dent, etc. I bought SO much cheap candy there the other day. Never shop when you're hungry. I also bought some fresh bread. It's fresh, and I didn't have to make it. Sounds like a winner to me. Check and see if you have something similar in your area. They usually have yummy stuff!


New Hasbro coupons have arrived!!! (warning- each one will print on a seperate sheet)


Have a great shopping day!

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