Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walgreens is looking good!

Walgreens has a lot of FREE after RR this coming week. Some are all week, and some start on Wednesday.

Here are some that might be a good deal for you:

Dulcolax Balance is $10 with a $10 RR, use this coupon for a $4 profit!

Dove Hair Care is $4, with a $4 RR. Use this coupon for a $2 profit!

Denteck Floss and Simply Saline are both free after RR and there have been recent $1 coupons out on both, making them moneymakers as well.

One a Day vitamins are free after RR

On Wednesday, Revlon Fantasy Lashes will be $5.99. There is a $1 coupon out and a $5 coupon in the April coupon book available at the store, making it FREE.

Who doesn't love free stuff? And who doesn't REALLY love to be paid for taking things out of the store?!


I'm not totally impressed with Kroger this coming week. I'm not sure it's a "rush out there" week. There is a lot of meat on sale, so if you need that, go for it.

I did notice Sister Schubert's dinner rolls are on sale 2/$5, and there is a .50 coupon out today which will double and make them $1.50 each. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these.


The week after this one is spring break. My kids will be home during the day, so my thought process might be hindered a bit. I hope that I can still come up with good grocery plans and execute them. I am used to having some alone time. :) They don't go with me to the store so I will have to settle for that. I am the kind of gal that NEEDS some alone time, and I thank God for it, because it makes me a better mom.

I need to comment on something that has been bothering me today. There are several different approaches to parenting. If mine isn't the same as yours, that's ok. Each person is different, each child is different. I love my kids dearly, and they are happy, healthy children and that's all that matters. I think it's a shame women need to sit back and pass judgement on each other a lot of the time. We (most of us) are women, we should be lifting each other up and offering support and love, not trying to make someone feel bad because they don't do things like you would do them.

In our house, we try to tackle a lot of things with humor. We fight, we make up, we joke, we love, we spend time together, and we spend time apart. My goal in this life is to raise happy, well-adjusted, God loving, family loving, independent children. And if they're thrifty, well, all the better.

I know this isn't normal for my blog, but I am one of those gals that needs to get things off my aging chest. You all are special people, and I thank you for being a part of my life and my blog. :)

Have a fantastic shopping day.


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